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How to Work at Home and Make Money Online

So you want to learn how to work at home and make money online, OK, no problem!

The secret to working from home and making money online is simple…

…and this is one secret I don’t mind sharing!

how to work at home and make money onlineWhat is the Secret to Working From Home and Making Money Using the Internet?

The secret to learning how to work at home and make money online is…

That it is NOT a secret!

Yep, that’s right, no secret at all…no uber secret guru tips here…just the cold hard facts!

What cold hard facts, you ask?

I like to call it the truth.

The Truth About How to Work at Home and Make Money Online

Ok guys, here’s the truth…

Working from home is simply making a decision to do so and that may actually be the easy part.

Making money from your online efforts?

Well, let’s just say you aren’t the only one that wants to know how to make cash from your laptop in your recliner…and in your uniform of pajama bottoms or underwear…your choice.

The truth of the matter is that making money from home is NOT that difficult, but…

…you have to learn how to do so and there can be a very long learning curve here before you actually start seeing your first dollar.

And there will be work, plenty of work…and some of it you aren’t going to really be all that into.

For example, I suggest many different forms of marketing and promoting. Some of those methods are free and a lot of people think, “Yeah, free…that’s for me!”

The reality is somewhat different.

The freer something is, the more physical work you will have to do.

What about paid advertising methods?

Yes, they work and they work very well, but once again, we are talking about a learning curve.

So what’s the answer?

how to work at home and make money onlineHow to Work at Home and Make Money Online Tip #1 – Get a Mentor!

Probably one of the absolute best things that you can do to learn how to work at home and make money online is find someone that has already done so.

Yep, straight from the Tony Robbins book of tricks…model someone that is successful at something you would like to be successful with and you are likely to find success yourself.

Now, I know that there are a million folks out there claiming to be great coaches and mentors and I am sure that some of those folks are, but everyone is going to say that.

So let’s look at something else…like a track record…and I don’t mean a track record of awesome cash deposits into your PayPal or Bank accounts either.

Nope, what I am talking about is a track record of showing up and showing up not when you want to, but when you are needed.

And for those of you that are just getting started in this whole making money from home deal, do not be silent. You need to get information…or rather, sort through all of the information out there, but you don’t even know what is relevant and what isn’t.

Most people don’t know whether to start making videos, create a blog, or start finding friends on facebook


…who has the time to do all of that in the first place??? Which brings me to the second tip on online income production.

How to Work at Home and Make Money Online Tip #2 – Use Your Strengths

Using your strength when it comes to developing an income from home also means that you know what those strengths are.

Are you a good writer? Are you comfortable in front of the camera? Do you have time to write ads? How are your copywriting skills by the way?

Learning what you are good at and what you need help with is a very good trait to have and the one thing you will need to remember here is that you should leave your pride at the “door.” Not everyone can sit in front of the video camera and jabber on and on like I can.

Not everyone can write an article in an hour or so…or even ever!

Not everyone has the financial resources to place pay-per-click ads all over the Internet.

But I promise you one thing, EVERYONE can do SOMETHING and consistently and persistently doing something will get you to your goals.

Yes, you may actually have to exit that comfort zone and you may have to grow, but it’s your dream and you and you alone will have to decide if your dream is worth getting up off of your assets and doing something about it.

Are you going to feel some fear here and there? Especially with things you have never done before?

Maybe…probably, but like I said, it’s YOUR dream and you have to be the one to decide if it’s worth it or not.

The key here is to find out what it is that you are good at and capitalize on that.

If you can write awesome ads for pay per click, facebook or classified ads then that is what you should do.

If you can create a video everyday and post it to all of the video hosting sites out there then that is what you should do.

If you want to create a podcast site then you should do that.

If you are the queen of twitter or facebook, you should probably use that to your advantage.

There is something out here for all of us and while I would like to see you engaging in all different forms of media to promote your sites, products and opportunities, making sure that you are an expert in one area may be the best thing that you can do in the beginning of all of this.

Learning how to work at home and make money online is NOT as difficult a task as people may make it out to be, but there will be times you are ready to quit and if there is one thing that will be the end of it all for you it is quitting.

Staying on track when things are hard, when things aren’t as easy as you thought they were going to be is a character trait that either possess now or will need to possess later on down the road.

Online marketing and income generation is not that hard, but it’s not easy either.

Like I said, it’s all about your dreams. If you want to learn how to work at home and make money online then you will do just that if that is your dream and you are willing to follow that dream.




About the author: A passion for helping others, Mark started marketing on the Internet in 2005 with very little success, but with a little determination decided that he was going to go “all in” when it came to making money online. Since then he has been able to stay at home and build his Internet Empire from scratch. Mark enjoys helping other entrepreneurs be all they can be. Connect with mark on

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