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Mark Graham Marketing

Keeping it Simple

I made this video real quick from my hotel room…in the video, I discuss keeping your efforts simple….there are 3 basic steps that you need to master and once that is done you can then move on and find additional ways to market your business opportunities or products.

See you at the top!


Just Getting Started

I know when you are just getting started with your Internet marketing efforts things can seem a little bit overwhelming…

In this video I discuss some things that a new marketer really needs in order to get their online business off of the ground and headed into the right direction!


Passing of an Honest Man

My father, John Graham, died this week.

He was, without a doubt, the nicest man I have ever known. A man of integrity, honor and good humor. My father was a man that many loved simply because he was such a soft spoken, mild mannered, genuinely “nice guy,” and how many of those nice guys are really out there?

I will miss my father, but I will also be happy for the legacy that he has left my brothers and me…my kids….my nephews….

My father was an honest man, a good man and he will be missed.


Coming Back!!!

Coming Back Soon!Hello Everyone!!!

Been gone a while…had some things to take care of and a friend that needed some help, but I am posting now to let everyone know that I am coming back…and in a big, big way!

For those of you that are still with the All in One Profits program….I just want to let you know that I am revamping the elite marketing systems group website – elitemarketingsystems.org – and making it an all out training site where just about anyone can come by and jump onto the ground running. I am creating videos for splash pages, email marketing campaigns, video seminar presentations and a lot more.

The EMSG site will be a perfect place for those that do not have a lot of experience marketing online, so check it out and let me know what you think.

I am also proud to announce that I am going to be promoting a new program, the Millionaire Marketing Machine…you can check it out by going to http://internetprofitscenter.com

You will want to check this program out as I have already gotten some good results in just a few hours, but that isn’t as much as the popularity of the program as it is the information that I am learning on advertising and marketing…well worth the cost.

I will be doing a review of the millionaire marketing machine in a few days, so be on the look out for that.

I will be also pushing my whole 90 days to freedom information and training…Remember, consistency is EVERYTHING!

I am super excited to get back folks…I am ready to take our marketing to the next level and beyond!

See you at the top! – Mark


Experimenting and Testing

Just wanted to sort of update everyone and let you know that I have been out here testing a LOT of methods of website/program promotion and there is some fantastic news!

If everything continues to go right, I will have a working system up within the month that ANYONE can use to start making some real money. If the numbers work the way the way I think that they should, you can generate a six figure income within just a few months working very little.

Now I know this sounds like a bunch of b.s., and you that know me know that I am not into hype, but I’ve re-discovered (I’m sure it’s not new) a way to generate tons of highly targeted visitors and convert those visitors with very, very little effort.

The system I am talking about will take about a day to set up…say 8 hours…and then after that will require about a 4 hour a week “maintenance” commitment.

This should revolutionize everything we do at the Elite Marketing Systems Group and insure that EVERYONE that gets involved will make money!

As I get closer to the “launch” date, I will send everyone and email!

See you at the top!