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(Video) Ready or Not, Here I Come!

Like the title reads, “Ready or Not, Here I Come!”

I’m back folks and I am BEYOND just being Excited…I am full of passion and ready to take on the world and show all of you that are ready to go yourselves, how to make this thing work for you!

Coming soon I will be showing you guys how to create a six-figure, multi-six-figure income from home EASIER than we ever have in the past.

And get this…

You don’t have to have any magical, super sales skills…we are going to do so much of this on Auto-pilot!

Stay tuned!

I’m just happy that I am back and am ready to start working with you guys again and spreading the abundance that I am experiencing as well. Lots happening, make sure you come back and check it all out!


Welcoming 2017

2017 New YearWelcome 2017! Make This Year “The” Year!

Every year people make the decision that they are going to change things, that this year is going to be different!

While a new year is a great time to focus our energies towards new projects and new goals, the reality is that most folks will work on their projects for a couple of weeks and then go back to their old ways!

Once again, with the new year and the new challenges, we are going to focus on what it is that we need to do to fire that boss, start our own businesses and replace our corporate slave incomes! [click to continue…]


Marketing and Advertising Online – the Truth

OK…time for the truth…

I got off track…WAY off track…

…and I apologize.

It’s the easiest thing for a person to do, including myself, and one of the things that will keep people from achieving a higher level of success online is simply by not committing to your program and to your online business.

Why would someone do that?

Because it’s easy!

I hate that!!!!

Yes, I too am a product of something “easier,” but is it really?

You see, for me, starting up a business again – a brick and mortar business, that is – was “easier” in terms of a quicker return on my money. I could go to work today and start seeing the income come in around a week or so from my start date. I am a plumber by trade, so getting out there and doing a couple of jobs in a short period of time can be very rewarding financially.

moneytreeI took the bait! The money!

That’s a huge incentive to keep going, to keep pushing away at your job or your traditional business, after all, you have to pay your bills and you have to eat.

What about the online world? Why can’t this be done there?

I’m not saying that it can’t, but typically online positive results come from weeks and even months of preparation and hard work.


I’m sure there are many reasons, but the main one is that there are so many people and sites out there that have to be sorted through and most people just give up on that process.

I’m not talking about people looking to make their fortune online, I’m talking about your potential customer or prospect.

Do you have a great product to sell?

Great! How are you going to market it?

So many people do not have a clue about marketing or even selling that this becomes a huge stumbling block.

I used to be able to rank just about any site I wanted on the first page of the Google search results very quickly, but right about the time you figure out how to do that, Google changes their algorithms again and you have to start all over again!!!!

Very frustrating. One day you are raking in the visitors and subscribers with your free search engine results and the next day you are on page 23 without a single view.

Does this mean that we were employing tactics and strategies that google wants to eliminate. I’m sure that falls under the “probably so” category.

Do we mean to “game” the system?

Not necessarily, most of us just want to find some success online.

So what do we need to do, what do we really need to do in order to find success online?

Mimic what is done offline.

Think about this…

…I have a program that I am going to promote very aggressively over the next 9 months (date for my traditional business exit strategy!) and it is an inexpensive $11.50 per month business.

Now, even though the program is $11.50 a month and when someone joins I will only receive a $10 commission….on every other person I bring to the table….I’m willing to spend $300 a month on advertising this business opportunity.


Because the opportunities structure allows for extreme leveraging and an extreme income when it is grown.

You still say, crazy? Why would you spend $300 bucks for a $10 return?

The same reason that Coca-Cola spends millions on advertising a $1.29 soda or someone else spends hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting a pack of chewing gum.

Advertising works.

So why not do this with our online businesses and opportunities?

Because many have been sold this idea that you can do all things online for free…or at least for a very inexpensive price.

What I found out this last year is that while it is possible for you to promote your online opportunity for pennies, it might also be very foolish…like stepping over a dollar to pick up a penny.

We have lives to live. We have work. We have family. We have commitments and obligations. We can’t all be sitting around our computers typing up two or three articles a day or making videos all night long to promote our products.

Whether you like it or not, you are going to have to invest in your business and promote it by purchasing some advertising with your offline dollar.

Do this with a good product and a simple marketing funnel on a consistent basis…and you just might find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


What is All In One Profits

What Is All In One Profits About?

You may not have heard of the All in One Profits program, but this is an opportunity that many can benefit from and everyone that is currently marketing a program online needs.

So just what is All in One Profits?

All in One Profits, or AIOP, is a couple of things.

First, AIOP is a suite of marketing tools that helps marketers promote their businesses by providing a splash page builder, hosting account to host your own unique domain name, a double opt-in autoresponder, text and banner advertising, tracking tools and much more.

Just the tools mentioned above are well worth the cost of the basic membership!

What is All in One Profits? An Opportunity!

The All in One Profits program is also an opportunity.

One of the reasons why I like AIOP as an opportunity is the fact that the cost to join is very affordable and this is key when you are still trying to learn how to promote your program…you are not going to have to fork over another $200 or $300 dollars while you are developing your skill set.

Anyone that is seriously considering building a business can afford $11.50 per month.


The pay plan that is in place is incredible. What is all in one profits? A leveraging machine!

The compensation plan for AIOP is awesome and with your very first referral, your earning $10 per month every month. This also brings your basic membership a paltry $1.50 a month – (admin costs).

So for $1.50 a month you will have a hosting account for your domain name – at least a $4 dollar a month savings

An auto-responder – $15 dollars a month on average and there is so much more.

You cannot even begin to find a better deal anywhere.

Learn While You Earn

One of the things about the All in One Profits that I like the most is that, mainly due to the price point, you can actually learn to promote a program while you are involved with it virtually risk free.

I use the All in One Profits program to teach those new to the Internet how to promote programs and products online using different techniques, mainly free traffic generation methods such as blogging, social media posting and video marketing.

What is All In One Profits? Leverage!

There are tons of opportunities online and offline. I have been involved in quite a few, both small ticket programs and big ticket programs and while I believe there is a place for both, the one thing that I ALWAYS consider when looking at a program is a factor of leverage.

When I am talking about leverage, I am referring to a programs ability for me to create a passive income.

I like to be in a situation where I don’t have to always trade my time for income, but rather do the work once and get paid for it for life.

The AIOP compensation plan is designed for immediate leveraging by using an “even up” model.


what is all in one profits




what is all in one profits

This “even up” system allows for infinite potential and has the ability to produce a tremendous amount of income with very little risk.

If you are interested in getting more information on the All in One Profits program, click on the link HERE and take a tour.

What is All in One Profits? The ship of opportunity that you may have been waiting on. What happens from here on out is up to you!


Key Phrase Research and On Page SEO Video

When preparing to write an article or create a blog post taking the time to prepare properly is key as to whether or not your post or article will either hit the top of the search engine results page or lag behind somewhere else.

The first thing that you need to do is proper keyword or key phrase research.

In this video, I show you exactly how I find good long-tail key phrases to write about as well as how to properly structure your article or post so that the crawlers coming from the websites will index your articles correctly and for the key phrases you have optimized for.

See you at the top!

Key Phrase Research for Blog Post by howtoworkathome