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Taking Small Steps To Big Goals

Hey folks!

Just sort of wanted to make a follow up video and blog post about the goal setting post I wrote about yesterday.

Setting goals is huge…goals become the guide by which you judge your journey and set your path.

You don’t have to have these extreme, lofty goals to make good use of goal setting either. As a matter of fact, especially at first, I would set very achievable goals.

The goal that I set for myself with regard to  a new program I am marketing is to make 1 sale per week. Now, this sale needs to be at the average sale (company wide) at $3500.

So…if I make 1 sale at the $3500 dollar level then I’m good. If it comes in lower, that’s fine too, but overall on average I want to generate $3500 per week.

So, I further broke that goal down into 7 actionable steps that I could follow on a daily and/or weekly basis…


Here’s the goal card itself:

As you can see, the goals are as follows:

1) Blog daily – this means write a blog post every day;

2) Video daily – or post a new video every day;

3) Paid advertising on a weekly basis;

4) follow up with prospects (MOST IMPORTANT);

5) Opportunity/Training calls – twice per week;

6) Education – continue to learn more about my craft!

7) Analyze what works and what does not work – weekly.

These goals require action, but, for me, are very do-able.

What are your goals? How are you going to implement this same strategy for you to achieve YOUR dreams and goals?


Setting Achievable Goals

Setting Goals

I don’t care if you have read the latest success book on some sport or life or success or what ever, most likely you have been told or advised that you needed to set goals.

Often times, you have probably also been told that you should set your goals high, the logic being that if you aim for the stars and only hit the moon, you are still way above the average.

This last philosophy is the one I usually subscribed to, but there was a problem…

…the problem was that in setting your goals too high, especially at first, it was more difficult to achieve them and most importantly, the perception created was that going after those lofty goals was a HUGE undertaking.

In this video I share a simple goal that I had and how I created a series of actions that would help me get there. Check it out!


[WATCH] New Program is Coming!

Hey Everyone!

Decided to make a quick video today and want everyone to know that a new program is coming and it’s awesome to say the least!

Seriously, I will document my step-by-step approach and show everyone just exactly how we do it all!

See you at the top!


(Video) Ready or Not, Here I Come!

Like the title reads, “Ready or Not, Here I Come!”

I’m back folks and I am BEYOND just being Excited…I am full of passion and ready to take on the world and show all of you that are ready to go yourselves, how to make this thing work for you!

Coming soon I will be showing you guys how to create a six-figure, multi-six-figure income from home EASIER than we ever have in the past.

And get this…

You don’t have to have any magical, super sales skills…we are going to do so much of this on Auto-pilot!

Stay tuned!

I’m just happy that I am back and am ready to start working with you guys again and spreading the abundance that I am experiencing as well. Lots happening, make sure you come back and check it all out!


Welcoming 2017

2017 New YearWelcome 2017! Make This Year “The” Year!

Every year people make the decision that they are going to change things, that this year is going to be different!

While a new year is a great time to focus our energies towards new projects and new goals, the reality is that most folks will work on their projects for a couple of weeks and then go back to their old ways!

Once again, with the new year and the new challenges, we are going to focus on what it is that we need to do to fire that boss, start our own businesses and replace our corporate slave incomes! [click to continue…]