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Are You Failing Enough?

I just wrote an email as part of an auto-responder follow up series for an opt-in page for the Business Success Alliance opportunity.

The reason that I am bringing this up  has to do with the topic that I chose, failure.

Why Failure is an Important Process to Your Success

Fail harder, you cannot be successful without failure – Robert Kiyosaki

OK, I’m not going to site here and say that you absolutely have to fail before you will ever be successful, that’s not the point.

The point is, however, that successful men and women don’t view their failures the way that many average folk view them. For the successful, failure often times represents a way that something does not work or does not perform well.

Other times, failure is seen as a stepping stone to that “next” level that so many of us are trying to get to.

The main theme here then is that failure, while isn’t the goal, certainly should be more warmly received than what many would think it should be.

The Famous Failures Out There

Imagine a world without Walt Disney, or Michael Jordan, Albert Einstein or Steve Jobs. Imagine a world without Edison and his lightbulb!

Most of us have heard the story of the young man that failed almost all of his life until he invented the light bulb, but most of us do not know about his failures. Edison is typically associated with his successes, but if he had not worked so diligently through all of those failures, learning along the way how not to design the lightbulb, we might still be reading by candlelight today.

Successful athletes embrace failure, it’s a part of the games that they play.

While “Babe” Ruth was the Home Run king for decades, most people do not know that George also led Major League baseball in strike outs as well!

Michael Jordan was cut from his High School team, but that was the catalyst that drove him to push himself even harder as a player. In his own words, “I have been willing to fail over and over and over and this is why I succeed!”

They Changed Music Forever, but Were Deemed to Have No Future

The Beatles are arguably one of the most, if not THE most influential bands ever. Whether you are a fan or not does not matter, the Beatles have sealed their place in music history.

However, in the beginning, things didn’t always go so well for the fab four.

Decca Records, huge in the 60’s turned them down saying, “We don’t like their sound – They have no future in show business.”

Can you imagine for one second how things would have turned out if those guys decided not to keep playing, if they decided to quit the music business?

Failure is a Lesson – Quitting is Forever

The wealthy have a different mindset, let there be no doubt and the way that they view failure might be a great starting point for many.

Think about it for a second, when you fail at something do you analyze what went wrong and then go right back to it again or do you pack it in and give up?

The only time that failure can ever win, can ever truly affect a person is when they quit.

Embrace your failures, learn from them and keep pushing forward. For the persistent will be rewarded no matter what the endeavor.

Now get out there…and fail!



What is the Millionaire Money Machine?

The Millionaire Money Machine Re-Defined

First, there use to be a Millionaire Money Machine out there that was a piece of  crap software site.

I believe it had to do with some sort of binary or day trading BS that was guaranteed to provide the user with profits. (At the start of these sorts of claims I am always left wondering why the owners would share that if guaranteed gains were actually a part of the program)

Anyway, at the same time, the very same day as a matter of fact, that I was coming out with the MillionaireMoneyMachine.com site, the software scammers came out with theirs.

The sites were very different, but I had the .com while they were using the .co

As you can imagine, with the bad software, many people started tracking me down asking for refunds thinking that I was the owner of the .co MMM site.

I ended up taking down my site after explaining to everyone that I was not a part of the scam that got them. I even wrote a blog post about the difference between the two sites, but…it was just better not to promote my site for a while.

Of course, as is the case with most BS websites, the site no longer exists. They got their money, now they are gone!

Isn’t that the case with so many businesses?

Most of my sites, the ones that I promote and put content on still exist. While I have had a few “dogs” or two in terms of marketing opportunities, I am still here and will stand behind everything I ever promoted from the ZNZ programs, which some of my students still promote, to the all in one profits program that I simply use as a marketing tool box. (More about AIOP in the future as I am using this program to help others set up marketing funnels)

Millionaire Money Machine Today

Fast forward to today and the Millionaire Money Machine site…the .com site…is doing quite well.

I use this site to market, promote and train entrepreneurs how to build the big-ticket program Business Success Alliance or BSA.

Millionare Money Machine

The Business Success Alliance Website

My MMM Website

One of the most satisfying aspects of Internet marketing for me is the training I get to provide new marketers coming online for the first time hoping to make their first dollar.

It may sound cliche, but I love helping other people generate incomes online. Big or small, doesn’t matter, if it’s what you need then I will be there to help you as long as you need.

The Millionaire Money Machine website does just this by being a platform to help others market online. I also use this site, mainly the URL, as a lead capture page for the BSA opportunity as well.

The MMM Landing Page

The Bottom Line for MMM?

As with any opportunity, program, service or whatever, the longevity of a site depends on the market. As long as people are looking for a way to generate a lot of money, easily and without putting in a ton of time then I will continue to promote the BSA opportunity – and maybe some other big ticket programs as well (wink, wink)!

I hope to continue to develop the Millionaire Money Machine site into something more grand than what it is today, perhaps a do it all, on auto-pilot type of program for those looking to work from home.

We shall see.

As for now, we will continue to be here serving our clients in the best manner possible.


Taking Small Steps To Big Goals

Hey folks!

Just sort of wanted to make a follow up video and blog post about the goal setting post I wrote about yesterday.

Setting goals is huge…goals become the guide by which you judge your journey and set your path.

You don’t have to have these extreme, lofty goals to make good use of goal setting either. As a matter of fact, especially at first, I would set very achievable goals.

The goal that I set for myself with regard to  a new program I am marketing is to make 1 sale per week. Now, this sale needs to be at the average sale (company wide) at $3500.

So…if I make 1 sale at the $3500 dollar level then I’m good. If it comes in lower, that’s fine too, but overall on average I want to generate $3500 per week.

So, I further broke that goal down into 7 actionable steps that I could follow on a daily and/or weekly basis…


Here’s the goal card itself:

As you can see, the goals are as follows:

1) Blog daily – this means write a blog post every day;

2) Video daily – or post a new video every day;

3) Paid advertising on a weekly basis;

4) follow up with prospects (MOST IMPORTANT);

5) Opportunity/Training calls – twice per week;

6) Education – continue to learn more about my craft!

7) Analyze what works and what does not work – weekly.

These goals require action, but, for me, are very do-able.

What are your goals? How are you going to implement this same strategy for you to achieve YOUR dreams and goals?


Setting Achievable Goals

Setting Goals

I don’t care if you have read the latest success book on some sport or life or success or what ever, most likely you have been told or advised that you needed to set goals.

Often times, you have probably also been told that you should set your goals high, the logic being that if you aim for the stars and only hit the moon, you are still way above the average.

This last philosophy is the one I usually subscribed to, but there was a problem…

…the problem was that in setting your goals too high, especially at first, it was more difficult to achieve them and most importantly, the perception created was that going after those lofty goals was a HUGE undertaking.

In this video I share a simple goal that I had and how I created a series of actions that would help me get there. Check it out!


[WATCH] New Program is Coming!

Hey Everyone!

Decided to make a quick video today and want everyone to know that a new program is coming and it’s awesome to say the least!

Seriously, I will document my step-by-step approach and show everyone just exactly how we do it all!

See you at the top!