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[WATCH] – Setting up a Static Page on WordPress

In this video, I discuss how to setup your blog with a static page.

Have a great day filled with profits and fun!

See you at the top!


Consistently Posting Content

I have almost screwed this one up…and I’m not out of the woods yet! I failed to post new content to my blog today….Oops!

And here I am trying to sell people on this whole 90 days to success thing….Hmmm….better get to it!

Secret to Successful Search Engine Results

You want to know the main secret to finding search engine rankings nirvana? [click to continue…]


How to Work at Home Blog Setup

Yes, I am setting up yet another blog and I am recording every little thing so that you can literally look over my shoulder and see how I set these WordPress blogs up.

Now, most of you that have been following me through the years know that I prefer to setup a WP blog over a regular HTML type of website and I mainly do this because I firmly believe that Google will give more attention and more love to a blog site than a regular non-blog type of site.

Why? [click to continue…]


How to Work at Home and Make Money Online

So you want to learn how to work at home and make money online, OK, no problem!

The secret to working from home and making money online is simple…

…and this is one secret I don’t mind sharing! [click to continue…]


Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Alright…I’m calling myself out on this one.

I’ve said time and again that you can find internet success within 90 days or sooner. I’ve even written an ebook about this…I’ll make that available pretty soon as I am rewriting it.

Anyway, wanted to create a quick video to let you guys know that I am serious about this, you can find success within 90 days or less and I am going to show you EXACTLY, Step-by-step how to do just that.

So, here is the first video with many more to follow.

I will also be posting many of the training videos that I am creating on my new channel, you can click HERE to access that information.

Have a question about it all or about the free training I provide then give me a shout, leave a comment, DO SOMETHING!

I’ll see you at the top!

90 Days to Internet Marketing Success Day 1 by mrandall66