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What is All In One Profits

What Is All In One Profits About?

You may not have heard of the All in One Profits program, but this is an opportunity that many can benefit from and everyone that is currently marketing a program online needs.

So just what is All in One Profits?

All in One Profits, or AIOP, is a couple of things.

First, AIOP is a suite of marketing tools that helps marketers promote their businesses by providing a splash page builder, hosting account to host your own unique domain name, a double opt-in autoresponder, text and banner advertising, tracking tools and much more.

Just the tools mentioned above are well worth the cost of the basic membership!

What is All in One Profits? An Opportunity!

The All in One Profits program is also an opportunity.

One of the reasons why I like AIOP as an opportunity is the fact that the cost to join is very affordable and this is key when you are still trying to learn how to promote your program…you are not going to have to fork over another $200 or $300 dollars while you are developing your skill set.

Anyone that is seriously considering building a business can afford $11.50 per month.


The pay plan that is in place is incredible. What is all in one profits? A leveraging machine!

The compensation plan for AIOP is awesome and with your very first referral, your earning $10 per month every month. This also brings your basic membership a paltry $1.50 a month – (admin costs).

So for $1.50 a month you will have a hosting account for your domain name – at least a $4 dollar a month savings

An auto-responder – $15 dollars a month on average and there is so much more.

You cannot even begin to find a better deal anywhere.

Learn While You Earn

One of the things about the All in One Profits that I like the most is that, mainly due to the price point, you can actually learn to promote a program while you are involved with it virtually risk free.

I use the All in One Profits program to teach those new to the Internet how to promote programs and products online using different techniques, mainly free traffic generation methods such as blogging, social media posting and video marketing.

What is All In One Profits? Leverage!

There are tons of opportunities online and offline. I have been involved in quite a few, both small ticket programs and big ticket programs and while I believe there is a place for both, the one thing that I ALWAYS consider when looking at a program is a factor of leverage.

When I am talking about leverage, I am referring to a programs ability for me to create a passive income.

I like to be in a situation where I don’t have to always trade my time for income, but rather do the work once and get paid for it for life.

The AIOP compensation plan is designed for immediate leveraging by using an “even up” model.


what is all in one profits




what is all in one profits

This “even up” system allows for infinite potential and has the ability to produce a tremendous amount of income with very little risk.

If you are interested in getting more information on the All in One Profits program, click on the link HERE and take a tour.

What is All in One Profits? The ship of opportunity that you may have been waiting on. What happens from here on out is up to you!


Key Phrase Research and On Page SEO Video

When preparing to write an article or create a blog post taking the time to prepare properly is key as to whether or not your post or article will either hit the top of the search engine results page or lag behind somewhere else.

The first thing that you need to do is proper keyword or key phrase research.

In this video, I show you exactly how I find good long-tail key phrases to write about as well as how to properly structure your article or post so that the crawlers coming from the websites will index your articles correctly and for the key phrases you have optimized for.

See you at the top!

Key Phrase Research for Blog Post by howtoworkathome


Developing a Success Mindset in 7 Steps

If you are serious about creating wealth, or succeeding online then you either possess the proper mindset or will need to start developing a success mindset as soon as possible!

In this post, I will list 7 steps you can take to start helping you develop that success mindset and for sure get you on the right track. [click to continue…]


[WATCH] – WordPress Blog Setup – Plugins video

Every time I set up a new blog I go on a search to find the right plugins that will allow my site a certain functionality tailored specifically for me!

In this video I discuss the plugins I want to use for my How to Work at Home.net site.

If you haven’t had a chance to use some of these videos, you may want to take a look…

Remember to leave a comment or two if you have a question or find something you like!


7 Days into the Program

90daychallenge90 Day Marketing Strategy Update

Ok folks, I just wanted to give a quick update on the “90 day marketing strategy” that I am pushing.

For whatever reason, I thought I posted last night, but didn’t…not a computer error, a human one.

So, that means that I will post twice today, once this morning and once tonight.

I will be making a new video tonight on the continued construction of my newest website www.howtoworkathome.net and show you how things have been going.

I haven’t made any posts on that site just yet, but for the remainder of the 90 day challenge, or whatever I am going to call it, I will be making a new post daily. One post on this site and one on the other.

I will be promoting those posts using social media and some other simple and inexpensive methods that I have found to work over the years to include video marketing and article marketing, but mainly pushing these sites on different social media and bookmarking sites.

If I get some additional help, it will be from UAW Pro and I will go into that strategy as well.

Consistently Pushing the “Little” Things

This is not rocket science guys and it’s not magic. If you really want to learn how to start generating traffic to your site without spending a fortune then this strategy will be for you.

You don’t have to be some fancy Internet guru marketing person either, you just need to have a desire and be willing to take the action necessary to do this little things on a DAILY basis to find success. ANYONE can do this, but very few will…I guess for some it’s just a whole lot easier to stay comfortable in the environment that they are used to.

If you are different, however, if you want something more, if you are motivated to live a life and own a lifestyle very few achieve then this challenge and this information is for you!

What is the key?

The “key” or “secret” to all of this is doing the so-called little things on a consistent basis.

I will continue to post on my blogs, I will continue to make videos and create articles. While I won’t write as many articles as I normally have in the past, I will probably still write 2 or 3 per week and post them on different article hosting sites.

In the past I was a HUGE supporter of article marketing, but I feel that social media and video are much more efficient and much better in the short and long term.

I may still post some press releases on those sits as well…we’ll see.

The main point is that you do something on a daily basis. This consistency, over time, will create a tremendous amount of content on your site and will get the Google love that it deserves, BUT…

…make sure that you are posting quality content and not junk.

Results So Far

Want to show you a quick screenshot of the results so far for the site.


This is an image from my cPanel awstats. As you can tell, there isn’t a lot of activity, but it is start to go up with the addition of content (I’ve been creating pages) and videos linking back to the site.

This is how it all starts out. By this time next month, these numbers should be significantly higher…I am thinking over a 100 visitors a day.

By the end of my 90 day marketing period, I should have even more significant numbers than that as well as a consistent flow of leads for my business opportunity.

Not bad guys and so far I’ve spent under twenty bucks!

So…keep checking back and keep pushing for your own dreams!

I’ll see you at the top!