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Google Sniping Technique part 2|Video

OK guys, here is the second video in the Google “sniping” or Exact Match Domain (EMD)  series.

In this video, I talk about getting the domain name that you need in order to start the whole process of building a site around a key phrase that gets a LOT of traffic.

Ranking well for these types of key phrases will insure that there is a ton of traffic coming your way.


Because Google wants to make sure that when people use their search engine to find information that the most relevant site comes up and with an exact named domain/site it’s almost a “shoe in” that you will find yourself at the top of the search engine for this exact phrase.

I am not going to tell you that you will not have to do any work, that is just not the case. There will be work, but with minimal work (depending on the popularity of the phrase) you should find your site at the top of the search engines.

Watch the video to find out more and if you have questions, just send ’em over and we will post them and answer any questions or discuss any criticisms that you have.

See you at the top!


Start a Home Based Business Online

Why Start a Home Based Business Online?

OK, so you have decided that you want to work from home and you think you may want to start a home based business online


…the first thing that you may want to ask yourself is why?

Why do you want to start a business online?

Are you looking to supplement your income? Are you looking to earn some money for your son or daughter’s college fund? Maybe you want to build a big enough business that you want to fire your boss and be an Internet entrepreneur. Whatever it is, make sure YOU know why you want to start this business.

Now, before you start dreaming of living in the wild with that new “Internet Marketing” lifestyle or spending all of the money that you are going to make from your awesome Internet business, there are some very specific tasks and skills that you will want to develop.

Start a Home Based Business Online with a Built in Customer Base

Seasoned Internet marketing professionals can generally have some idea as to the odds of their ability to generate income in a specific niche by doing just a little research.

What type of research?

Keyword Research and before you start a home based business online, you will want to fully develop this skill or at the very least have a solid idea what keyword research is.

So what is it?

Good question.

The very first action most people engage in when “surfing” the Internet is to go to their favorite search engine and type in a phrase that has something to do with what they are looking for.

The results show up and the surfer will then choose which sites are most likely to answer a question, solve a problem or provide a product that they are looking for.

Those marketers that work hard on SEO (search engine optimization) in order to help their content achieve higher rankings within these search engines are engaged in search engine marketing.

While I will not get into the ins and outs of on-page or off-page SEO, I would like to point out that while the search engines do a phenomenal job of information retrieval, they are also great at keeping tabs of just what people are searching for.

As a marketer, this information is huge and the more of this type of information we can get our hands on the better and when you want to start a home based business online you are going to want as much of this information as possible.


Because knowing how many people are looking for specific information or for a specific item to buy is huge and will – or at least should – help determine if you are going to get involved with the right business or opportunity.

In other words, this information can be used to measure whether or not you will make money at all!

Keyword research is all about finding and exposing those markets, those folks that are looking to get involved with you in business or determining if a market even exists out there.

For example, let’s say I came across a product that I wanted to get involved with that helped people relieve symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

The very first step I would take is to find out if there are people out there looking for plantar fasciitis products and I would do this by doing a little keyword research. For me, keyword research is easily done using my Jaaxy software. Below are a few screenshots.

start a home based business online

Above is a screenshot of the sign-in page for Jaaxy…

start a home based business online

Just looking at the image shows you that there are plenty of folks out there looking for information about plantar fasciitis. Does this mean we can do something?


You see, you want to make sure that you have something that people aren’t only looking for information about, but ALSO are looking to buy a product associated with that topic.

So even though there are a lot of people looking for information about plantar fasciitis, it doesn’t mean that there is a lot of money to be made.

The next step?

More research, of course!

start a home based business online

In the above image, we find that there are almost 800 searches per month with the phrase “shoe inserts plantar fasciitis.” This is a good thing, it means that there are folks out there looking for some type of a product – shoe inserts – that are directly related to plantar fasciitis.

This is also a pretty motivated market, if you have ever experienced the pleasure of this particular condition, you will know exactly what I mean.

When looking to start a home based business online, keyword research like that conducted above is crucial for your success.

Most of the time I can determine if I am going to make money with a product like the one above just by conducting this quick research. With the above example I could probably sell 10 units a month, which isn’t setting the world on fire, but is a good start.

And remember…

…the income that will come in from this one product…an income of about $200 a month or so…is passive. That means that once your site is set up with the right affiliate program or with a manufacturer that supplies the inserts, your income virtually arrives without any additional work!

When you are looking to set up a home based business online, automation and passive income are Kings!

Can You Start a Home Based Business Online in Any Niche?

Let’s say you have no interest what so ever in serving the world via foot care.

No problem

If you are like me, I love helping people discover ways to make money online or start businesses online as well.

In such a case, you will still conduct research, just research based on your specific niche or business model.

start a home based business online

A quick search using my Jaaxy keyword tool again shows that there is a key phrase that receives almost 4000 searches per month, home based business income.

You can also see that there are a .net and a .org available to purchase each for less than 12 dollars per year. This would allow you to gain excellent exposure for this exact key phrase by purchasing this domain name, setting up a blog site using the domain name and placing some decent content on the site.

*Note: if the domain name is not available, it’s probably because I have purchased it!

Start a Home Based Business Online is Easily Done

One of the greatest things about starting your home based business on the Internet has to do with the fact that it is so cost effective.

For those of you that have started other businesses, online or offline, in the past, you know exactly what I am referring to!

Typically, starting a business online is very inexpensive, this allows more accessibility for more people. There are no guarantees though and you shouldn’t think that there will be.

There are skills that you will have to develop, there are investments that you will need to make, but compared to a typical, traditional offline, brick and mortar business starting a business online is significantly less expensive.

A domain name may run you $10 or $11 dollars.

A hosting account may run you a few dollars a month.

You can create digital products for pennies. You can even get involved with an existing referral or affiliate business for a few thousand or even a few hundred dollars and be able to operate your business in the “black” in a very short period of time.

There are many, many good reasons to start a home based business online and cost is just one factor, but maybe the biggest one for any would be entrepreneur. There are many other factors to consider, but with the cost of starting an online business at a more than reasonable level, skill development and additional costs to purchase tools or training are within the grasp of anyone ready to get started.


Easy Way to Generate Tons of Leads!

Who Wants to Generate Tons of Leads?

Are you looking for an easy way to generate tons of leads?

Who isn’t?

Well, I’m about to embark on a whole new training series that I think many of you, especially some of you folks new to Internet Marketing, are going to love!

For those of you that do not know this, Google, and many other search engines, will give priority to sites with keyword or key phrase specific domain names.

For example…

…if I wanted to find a site that dealt with WWII Model Airplanes and that was the search term I used, the site http://wwIImodelairplanes.com would have a better chance of ranking well than just about any other site out there.

Of course, my site would need to have quite a bit of information about World War II model airplanes, but as long as the content was relative to the the domain name itself, that domain should find its way to the top of the heap more quickly than a site with a more obscure name.

Marketers that use this information and create sites with exact match domain names can do very, very well. This technique is called “sniping,” and is nothing more than doing some research and finding a key phrase that gets a generous amount of traffic, registering that domain (the exact key phrase or keyword matched name) and creating relative content.

With just a little work – and maybe a couple of weeks – you will find yourself at the top of the heap for the key phrase or keyword.

So now when people go to Google and they type in WWII Model Airplanes…you site, http://wwIImodelairplanes.com will be at the top of the search engine results page or SERP.

You Still Have to be Consistent and Persistent

Now, understand that this tactic works, but only if you are consistent with your content creation and consistent activity!

If I have a site out there that is key phrase specific, I’m not just going to automatically rank well.

However, if I actually do some work on the site, write a couple of new articles and post them every week then yes, I will probably start seeing some good results and that makes me happy!

Now, there is some more good news here.

Watch: Generate Tons of Leads With a Simple Technique

First, I’m making the video series on this technique and am posting the first part right here and right now! It’s the video below!


Great video and all, but isn’t this post suppose to be about generating tons of leads?

It is and here’s the deal.

If you can create a good, informative website for a very specific, very targeted audience and generate a bunch of traffic – in this specific case I’m talking over a million visits per month – and then place an opt-in form in the side bar or on the page then you are going to generate a whole bunch of leads….

In other words, find what the crowd wants and build it for them.

When they come, your job is to make sure that you provide them with quality content and maybe a free ebook or marketing course. Something.

Just keep checking back for the next installment in the series…you will see EXACTLY what I am doing, step-by-step.

And, hey, if there is a problem, just let me know. You can leave send a message to me via email at mark@markgrahammarketing.com or you can comment below…whatever works best for you!

No matter what, go ahead and give me a comment or two…I’m always looking for some good back and forth!

Anyway, if you are interested in generating a ton of leads or just making money online, you will want to start watching the series.

See you at the top!



Online Marketing and Ethics

I wrote an article just the other day about a so-called watchdog site that reports on “scammers.” The name of the site, realscam.com.

Now, I for one do not think that the folks over at this particular site are really concerned about the public’s well-being.

Nor do I believe they are doing a service for anyone. As a matter of fact, I do think that the folks over at this site may be actually hindering a great number of people in their quest for opportunity and disguising their efforts as being a watchdog sort of site against all of the “evil” marketers, programs, opportunities and sites out there on the Internet today.

While I may share in some of these ideas about the need for marketers to be honest in their representations of their products, programs and anything else they are marketing, I’m not sure that these folks are really acting that ethically in the first place either.

I’m not going to get into any playful or not so playful banter with anyone over at RS, but all of this got me to thinking about the responsibilities that we have as marketers…and I mean responsibilities of an ethical nature.

online ethicsMarketing and Ethics 101

For whatever reason, we as an industry are constantly having to defend our positions to many people out there that wish to attack our integrity based on an assumption that because we are promoting a MLM program or some other type of business opportunity program then we must be scammers or at least in the business of talking people into things that they do not need.


Yep, so many people believe that if you are promoting a business model that they disapprove of (and I’m NOT talking about gifting here) that you must be in the business of lying and taking money from seniors that have saved all of their pocket change during their entire life.

The truth of the matter is rather different.

For the most part, the people that are here online trying to earn an extra bit of income or even replace their incomes entirely, are good people. These folks are typically hard working, they set and often times achieve goals, they are ambitious and enjoy helping others.

These types of marketers want to take responsibility for their own lives and for their own economic outcomes.

When it comes to online marketing and ethics, most of the people that fall within this category are spot on and possess high levels of honesty and integrity. We may join a program or business opportunity that some would see as a scam of some sort and make it work for us and help others make it work for them.

We will offer our services for free. We provide free training to those that get involved with us.

We know that the “best way” is by helping and serving others.

The only litmus test that is required here in terms of ethics is whether or not the marketer in question is living by the “Golden Rule,”

Treat others as you would have them treat you

Is there anything wrong with that?

Of course not.

It’s Really Pretty Easy When You Think About It

If we sign someone up into our business opportunity and they are not successful with the business, does that mean we have somehow scammed someone?

Is that person even a victim?

How much responsibility does the prospect own when it comes to their own success and failure?

I would say that they have quite a bit of responsibility as we all do…


…I also firmly believe that we, as marketers, have an obligation, an ethical obligation, to make sure that they prospect or new member gets honest information as well as the most up to date training that you can possibly give them.

In other words…

…people that join your team, your opportunity, your program have every right to expect good and honest information from you as a mentor.

After that, the burden of failure or success is with the prospect.

After all, you can drag a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink and while you may promote the best opportunity and provide the most comprehensive and accurate training ever developed, you will never be able to insure or guarantee the success of anyone else.

The only thing you can ever do is be as honest, up front and as helpful as anyone could possibly expect from you.


Pocast: Being Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I just wanted to make a quick podcast recording for everyone and hopefully give you something to think about…

Happy Holidays to you and yours!