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Getting Started with American Bill Money

I made a video yesterday about getting started with the American Bill Money program, or ABM.

While you can bring a horse to water, you can’t make him drink is the adage that plays in my mind when I am promoting work from home opportunities, this one especially gets to me.


Because people SAY that they are looking for an easy opportunity and this, by far, is one of the easiest residual programs I have EVER seen.

*Approaching 15 years in business….15 years!!!

*The company does the selling

*You do NOT need to possess computer skills

*Send out postcards weekly to build your business

*Easy, Easy, Easy!!!

Check out the American Bill Money getting started video on my YouTube channel by clicking HERE!

american bill money


American Bill Money | Promoting ABM Online

american bill moneyHow to Promote the American Bill Money Program Online

In this blog post, I am going to talk about how we promote the American Bill Money program, or ABM, online. Now I have been promoting and marketing things online for a long time. Some times I have been successful with my campaigns and at other times I have been left wondering, “What the hell happened!”

While things have changed and evolved through the years, the one thing that has never changed is the fact that we always get what we give and giving is the name of the game when you are wanting to get any type of traction when it comes to online marketing.

What in the world does that mean?

I just started working the American Bill  Money program…actually started in the middle of August, but am just now able to really start promoting it…so…

…what all of that junk up there means is that when it comes to starting a campaign or getting something off of the ground online, is that you want to put out as much “stuff” as you possibly can to show people what it is that you are doing.

Now, admittedly, I haven’t been the best blogger in quite some time…and I could give you a host of reasons or excuses, but I’m not into that, so let’s just say that I’ve been tied up…


I have not been a great blogger, but am now back to promoting using my Mark Graham Marketing site.

With that said, the question how to promote the American Bill Money program online will go something like this:

Promoting ABM Online: Develop a strategy!

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

I don’t know who said the statement above first, don’t care, but it rings with a bit of truth.

The first thing we need to do when marketing or promoting our ABM program – or any program – is to develop a plan.

I will first decide what “free” things I will post information to….such as press releases, free classified postings, free video postings, facebook postings, etc.

Now comes the “real” stuff…the paid stuff.

My plan is to create a webinar using my webinarjam software and advertising that webinar with using fb ads and YouTube advertising.

Now, I have conducted many fb advertising campaigns and feel pretty good about all of that, but I have NOT paid for any YouTube advertising so I’m sort of excited about that and ready to give it a whirl.

I think with those two platforms, I should get enough visitors to the webinar…my goal will be 100 participants!

I will also mail out invitations to ever single person on my mailing list…about 1200 people (yes, I was slow to the idea of making a list)

So…can I get 100 people to watch me on this webinar?

I hope and think so, but we shall see….It doesn’t matter.

I will be able to use the replay version of this webinar for a very long time.


For other folks on the team that want to promote the American Bill Money program, they will be able to use the replay video as well.

However, I do want to make sure that I can put some new things out there as well.

Bottom line.

As always, with ANY program, you must be very aggressive in your marketing. I don’t believe in a subtle, tippy toe approach. If you believe in something you shout it out to the world. If you are unsure…well…why are you doing it in the first place?

I believe in the American Bill Money opportunity and will make sure that everyone I come into contact with knows it!

First things first, we must take action and get some things a goin’.

See you at the top!

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Just a Nice Guy Violating Community Guidelines

That’s right…I am now in the business of violating YouTube community guidelines. That’s what I do…I am a bad, bad boy.

Seriously, I did apparently violate one of YouTube’s guidelines and they have punished me with a “strike” against my account, which super sucks!

Anyway, how did I do this???

I really don’t know. And that’s the problem!

You see, if they would have let me know what I violated then I could have fixed the problem right away, although I’m not sure that would have done anything to satisfy. To me, that is one of the problems of this whole community violation….well…community.

Nice Guy Rewarded and a Process that Works!


YouTube has a process now where you can rebut the charge and, I am assuming this, have someone from YouTube itself review your video to find out if there really is a violation or not.

This is fantastic news for many 0f us since before there was never a way to find out, or as in this case at least get your video back online.

And since I have been dealing with the hall monitor trolls again on YouTube and elsewhere, (see my blog post: http://markgrahammarketing.com/online-scam-busters-aka-self-righteous-know-alls/), I am starting to wonder if one of those pond scum dwellers flagged my video.


Because just today YouTube has re-posted my video!

Wanna see what the fuss was about?

I’ll put it in below….See you at the top!



How to get 1000 subscribers to your YouTube channel

How do you get 1000 Subscribers to Your YouTube Channel?

1000 subscribers to your YouTube channel is….well….awesome I would assume

OK, the truth is that I have not hit 1000 subscribers on YouTube, but…

…as always I love a challenge and so my next little challenge, while I’m doing this 90 day challenge, is to get 1000 subscribers in this next 90 days.

Develop a Strategy for 1000 subscribers to my YouTube channel

So first, let me  develop a strategy for generating the sub list.

Hmmmm….where to start….I know….YouTube!

As always, I love a little YouTube research and getting 1000 subscribers to my YouTube channel will start with a search of that topic on the site itself.

And after watching one or two….or maybe a few more….I’ve come up with a little bit of a game plan.

My strategy for Getting 1000 Subscribers to my YouTube Channel

Now, first of all, I will post daily for AT LEAST 90 days!

Second, I will submit my videos to my facebok page and personal account. I may even boost the posting just to get some more love!

Third, I will comment on other peoples videos WITHIN my genre – work at home business or home business opportunities.

Fourth, even though some of this material is stale and can be boring….I will do what I can to make it interesting. I’ll always try to be me…was given a hell of a compliment today by someone that simply said, “I can see you have integrity and honesty…”

Love that!

Fifth, ASK for your viewers to subscribe! This may be the easiest way to get some YouTube love, but so many times people, including myself, miss the boat here.

Must be a pride thing.

My girlfriend would say it’s a “man” thing.


Bottom Line

To be honest, I would love to build up my YouTube following and subscriber base, but what is really important to me is that my content get better and be more relevant to those looking to start or build an online business from home.

It’s always been my goal to develop systems and opportunities for the average person to make some money and to make that process easier and easier to implement for the AVERAGE person.

With that in mind, while I would love to get 1000 subscribers to my YouTube channel, I first want to make sure that those folks that are coming and checking things out get what THEY need first.


….if you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel go ahead and do so now.

Make sure you click the “like” button and leave me a comment either below or on one of my videos!

If there is something you would like to see then let me know.

Until then…see you at the top!


[WATCH] Why are challenges always 90 days?

Admittedly, I should probably do a LOT more research on this topic because I know it to be true. I can almost always help someone find success online if they are willing to create content and promote their programs for 90 days or longer.

While the results will vary, they are always positive and profitable!

Check out the video!