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On the Lookout for Blogging Tips for Generating Traffic and Building an Audience

I scour the Internet quite a bit and read many different bloggers and online marketers and I am always interested in blogging tips for traffic and long-term audience development because…

…well…because I want to develop traffic and a long-term audience. Duh.

So how do we do this?

The following list will get you off to a great start.

10 Blogging Tips for Generating Traffic and Creating a Long-term Audience:

  1. Post links to blog posts in niche forums
  2. Write articles on high credibility/authority article directories with links back to your blog
  3. Sign up to facebook groups and post links to your blog articles/posts
  4. Post links on other social media sites
  5. Create web 2.0 sites with links back to your blog
  6. SEO – make sure your posts are optimized for the search engines
  7. Comment on relevant blogs
  8. Create content relevant to your niche
  10. Create good content that provides value (a lot of value)

There area  few other methods and techniques that I would incorporate, but the list above will be an excellent place to start and will provide a strong foundation for your blog to reach a lot of people within your niche and will help you become a recognized figure within your niche community.

Notice that in the above list #9 is in all caps and that is because consistency in your posting is extremely important. Not only will your consistent posting produce results with the search engines, but it will also give your readers a “schedule” of sorts, they will know that they can return every few days and find more information they can use posted on your blog.

Here’s an MP3 file that you can download that will go over just a few methods for generating a lot of traffic to your blog and developing a large, long-term audience that will (hopefully!) join you in business, buy something from you or subscribe to something you have!

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ZNZ Big Cash

znz big cashWhat is ZNZ Big Cash?

I have talked about the different ZNZ programs, ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash, and people are still wondering just exactly what they are.

Simply put, these ZNZ programs (ZNZ is short for Zip Nada Zilch) are referral programs where by a person that is qualified to promote these referral systems earn money each time someone they refer completes the sign up process. The commission for the ZNZ One program is $20 and the commission for the Big Cash program is typically $60 – $84 (depends on the monthly special).

Qualifying for the ZNZ Big Cash System

So how do you qualify for this money generation program? Simple.

Step 1 – Go to the site and select your prize. I recommend that you select PayPal.

znz big cash

Step 2 – You register for the big cash system by signing up to the program using an email address (I suggest you get an email address specifically for the znz programs)

znz big cash

Make Sure the Referral Id is 229355

Step 3 – Fill out your profile information. If you  have already signed up for another program like the ZNZ One opportunity then your information will auto-fill.

Step 4 – Select trial offers to try by going to the “offers” area of the site.

znz big cash

You can select the offers by cost if you are looking for the most inexpensive offers first.

znz big cash

This is it! Once you select enough offers to participate in that will provide you with enough credits to equal 1.00 credit, you are done! You must stick with the offer for 80% of the trial period, but once you do that, you can cancel your account. This tactic will enable you to sign up for the znz big cash program (or any other program offered by zip nada zilch) and become eligible for promoting this opportunity for free or inexpensively.

Marketing the ZNZ Big Cash Program

A lot of folks send me messages asking me how to market the ZNZ Big Cash program. Many people have seen different videos on the Internet and have seen different blog posts and articles where the marketer discusses how they are making thousands of dollars a week with a few classified ad posts.

This is a lie!

Marketing the ZNZ Big Cash program, for me anyway, is like marketing any other online income generating program. I typically will set up blogs, write articles and produce videos.

Yes, there are many ways to promote the ZNZ programs and I have at one time or another engaged in most of these techniques, but I still rely on the three main methods mentioned above.


Because they work! First and foremost, the methods I use work the problem most people have with them is that they are not designed for quick results plus you are going to have to promote these methods as well.

For example: If I produce a video then I have to push the URL for the video or my channel on the social media sites, with other articles or videos, where ever.

So why do I do this, why do I promote many different forms of media?

When using blogs, videos and articles to market the ZNZ Big Cash program I have a sales platform that will be around for many, many months or even many years! This is a big deal. The more of these types of things I have out there the more things I have out there passively marketing. Using this strategy I can make hundreds (or even thousands) of technological sales cogs in a rather large marketing/sales machine.

I have videos and articles that have been around for months or even years that are STILL promoting my sites, products and services and I promote not only the ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash programs this way, but EVERYTHING that I market online! That’s the key folks, that’s my secret!

What To Market

So now that you know how I market the ZNZ Big Cash program, what part of it do I market, that is to say, what URL or site do I promote?

znz big cashPrimarily, I promote my YouTube channel and a ZNZ capture page through a free marketing system known as the Internet Payday System. I have used the Internet Payday System for quite some time now and while I am not nearly satisfied as I would be with my own system, it IS free, which really means there is no immediate out of pocket expense.


…in the last month or two I have noticed changes with the IPS that includes a lack of notification of new applicants to the capture page. I have plenty of visitors still, but I am getting no indication of who is signing up and what their email address is. This is motivating me to develop my own system and to show others how to do the same.

As a new marketer though, what will you market?

I recommend that you market the Internet Payday System capture page and to do this by setting up a blog, setting up a video channel and making videos, writing articles, posting to social media and posting links in free classified ad pages like craigslist, backpage, usfreeads, etc. You can find a complete list by clicking here.

Does ZNZ Big Cash Really Work?

Does the ZNZ One and Big Cash programs really work?

They absolutely do! I have made a lot of money with these two simple programs and am continuing to generate income with both of them. The secret to all of this is being persistent and consistent with my postings and my content creation. I use a few marketing tools, but for the most part I stay busy promoting and creating content and you will have to as well.

Incentive To Sign Up For the ZNZ Big Cash Program – $30 Rebate to YOU!

Other than the initial incentive of generating an income from home, I offer an additional reason to sign up with the ZNZ Big Cash program with me (id 229355) and that is this:

For those that sign up to the ZNZ Big Cash program through my referral id number, 229355, and then go on to complete the trial offers to a point of achieving 1.00 credit with the program I will send $30 to through PayPal.

I will also make sure that I will provide some initial training that will allow you to start marketing your program online immediately following your qualifying to promote these programs.

So, you will receive the rebate along with the guidance needed to make money from home yourself…what else could be easier?

znz big cash

Sign up today and get going with ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash!


The Best Traffic Generation Tip I Can Pass On

People are always writing blog posts and writing an article or two about the best possible traffic generation tip or tips out there and while a lot of the information is spot on, much of it is a copied version of some other marketers observations or a creation out of thin air without very much research in support of it.

I have even produced content in this manner, but have spent the last few months observing what has really worked for me as a part-timer.


Yep, I had an opportunity to make quite a bit of money going “back to work” with some old partners of mine and I took it thinking all along that I would come back to my online business efforts in a few years and retiring somewhere secluded and beautiful with my wife (sounds like a tasty dream!)

With all of that said, I am happy to report on the best traffic generation tip that I have seen that has given me a leg up and helped keep me at the higher levels of traffic generation (my traffic stats have actually improved since I have been less active).

The Best Traffic Generation Tip Ever!

OK, the first tip that I can pass on, the one that really works, the one tip I can actually title the best traffic generation tip is…


I don’t know how else to say this, but if you are not creating content on a consistent basis then you may as well throw the towel in now.

With a new blog, you need to post an article, a video, an audio….SOMETHING….every few days – especially when you first start the blog. After you have been around a bit and have created some content on your blog then you may tone it down a bit posting once or twice a week, but whatever you do, do not stop creating and posting that content!

The search engines…and of course I am basically referring to Google here…love active blogs and websites and reward those of us that are active with higher rankings in the SERPs. That should be enough of a reason for you to get out there and post in a consistent manner focusing on getting something out there three times or more per week!

So I just wrote that you should be posting three times (or more) a week and it just occurred that some of you may want to actually have a schedule of some sort to follow, so here goes nothing…

Month 1 to 3 – Post 3 to 5 times per week every week! Make sure you do some keyword research in order to get noticed on the search engines.

Month 3+ – Make sure you are posting AT LEAST once a week, but 2 to 3 times a week would be better. The key at this stage is to make sure that your content is very good, very informative and very valuable to your readers. The first month or two was for the search engines, but now is the time where you need to really turn it up a notch for your readers and this is also where you want to start building up your audience.

Months 6+ – Continue posting at least once a week. Support your site with articles, videos and podcasts….basically anything that you can get out there that will offer value. Offer value in the content you post – that’s another traffic generation tip that I will go over in subsequent articles.

 Traffic Generation Tip Number Two: Be Active

Do you currently follow a blog of any sort? If so, don’t you like “new stuff” on there?

Of course you do, and YOUR audience, the one you are building are no different and this brings us to my traffic generation tip number two…BE ACTIVE! If you are building a site that you use to teach people a new skill or many skills then it is probably a good idea to put updated information on the site in order to maintain the interest of your current readers.

Yes, it’s great to continue to attract new audience members, but do  not alienate those that have been with you for a while already – make sure you are developing new content for your readers.

If you are going to talk about traffic generation then make sure you explain a new traffic generation method every week or two. Compel your readers to read and to follow you! One of the best ways to accomplish all of this is to stay active. Post, post, post.

You don’t have to write a new article every single day, but post something that is worthwhile…it could even be a link to another site that you have found discussing information that is critical to your niche.

If you produce a new video, post it on your site as well as your channel.

Simple Methods to Stay on Top

A traffic generation tip like those listed above seem pretty simple, but I have found that simplicity is the best rule of thumb when it comes to marketing. Keep it simple. There is no need to complicate things.

People want information and they want it in a convenient and consistent manner. Give your audience good information they can use and try to over deliver in that area as well.

If you follow the two steps above when getting your blog started, you WILL see results within a few weeks in the numbers of folks that come by as well as the results you will start to see in the SERPs. Keep it simple…a traffic generation tip that really works.



Update on Where I’ve Been!

OK, I’ll admit it… I’m getting a little bit lazy!

Yep, that’s right, I haven’t been posting here as often as I have in the past, nor as often as I should be!

So I wanted to throw out right quick what is going on with the marketing training, my own marketing, znz and some other “stuff!”

First, I am currently working on version 2.0 for the Elite Marketing Systems Group (EMSG). I will be putting up a LOT of training with videos and will (hopefully!) be conducting some classes pretty soon as well!

EMSG is a very important part of what I am attempting here on the Internet and I am still pretty psyched about where we are headed. I am working on some other products and training packages, so I may have something along those lines pretty soon to offer folks – watch out for it all!

Next, I obviously have slacked off a bit on my own marketing and part of that has to do with the fact that I had some people that provided enough temptation (yes, money) for me to go back into the offline world and do that whole plumbing contractor thing. What can I say? Money talks…sometimes very loudly!

I promise that I am not done here, I love marketing online and I enjoy having money show up at my mailbox or PayPal account!

ZNZ is still going very strong and I am currently putting together a site that will encompass a sign up process, a training process that will show members how to create their very own marketing systems! Who knows, maybe I can change some personal economies out there!

Other programs are still in the works and I will be releasing info soon, but for now… Stay tuned for the next phase of EMSG and get started today on your own thing! Remember to be consistent.

See you at the top!



How to Market Anything Online

how to market anything onlineOnline Marketing Is Available to All

Hopefully, this post isn’t going to take up a lot of space, but I did want to write something for people that are always asking how to market anything online…well, not anything, but folks from various programs and opportunities always call me up asking how they “get people to their links,” which is the same thing.

First, you need to understand that when marketing online – no matter what the program, product or opportunity – is work. Remember that the word “work” is the first word in the phrase “work from home.” Marketing online is not for sissies!

Marketing Strategies

Believe it or not, I usually only work a few different strategies to get the numbers and the sales that I get online and I recommend all of them for someone wanting to learn how to market anything online.

For EVERY program that I work online there are three main things I will focus on every single time. These marketing techniques are article marketing, blogging, video marketing and social media posting. While I may include other methods to this repertoire, like posting to classified ad sites or press releases, I stick to these four methods no matter what.

The reasons that I do not vary much when it comes to marketing something online is because that the four methods listed above actually work. I get quite a bit of traffic from these techniques as well as the fact that these methods have a “stickability” factor to them that keeps my information and my brand at the top of the heap!

You can write an article and it can be around for years, working to drive traffic to your site over and over. You can make a video and it too can hit the top of the search engine results for months and months. If you are building a blog and posting consistently, after a short while you will find it relatively easy to rank well for many different key phrases out there that people are searching for.

As far as the social media posting is concerned – and when I say social media I am really talking about Google+, facebook and twitter – these are methods that help my “stuff” get good backlinks and even generate some immediate traffic and followers. I also get folks on some of these sites sharing my content and that is a big boost to my content in terms of the search engine results pages or SERPs!

how to market anything onlineHow to Market Anything Online with Articles

Article marketing is probably one of my favorite methods (still!) to promote any of my opportunities online.


Like I said above, it works.

Articles are the one form of Internet mediums that have always worked. This is probably due to the fact the articles are still a great way to convey information on this “information highway” known as the Internet.

Articles, when done correctly, have been treated very well by Google and the other search engines. If you are posting your articles in the right places, you should be getting some good backlinks back to your blog or website and in turn, making money as people start clicking onto offers and ads on your site.

So what are the “right” places to post an article?

You can search for different article directories on Google by typing in the phrase “list of article directories.” As expected, this search will give you a list of many different article directories that you can post to for free.

Make sure that you are looking for the article directories and ranking them by their page rank, sticking with PR3 or higher sites.

how to market anything onlineHow to Marketing Anything Online with a Blog

No matter what I have going on out there in cyberspace, I probably have a blog that supports my marketing campaign and when

For some programs I have multiple blogs promoting my information and the reason I do is because blogs are simple to set up, easier to rank well on the search engines with and you can get started right away with a simple blog for a few bucks.

Do I have any “regular” or traditional types of websites? Yes, I do, but with a blog you do not have to have any specialized programming knowledge and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

What do you do with a blog?

Blogs, or weblogs, are basically the same thing as a regular site with a few minor exceptions. You will be “posting” articles and videos to your blog site and these will be listed in chronological order with the most recent article listed first. Older blog posts will be further back in your blog.

When you are looking for ways on how to marketing anything online, this is one of the top methods to get out there and get involved with.

How to Marketing Anything Online with Videos!

People that want to know how to market anything online need to consider video marketing very hard.

More than ever many folks are gravitating to YouTube and other video sites looking for information. While article marketing is still tops in my marketing toolbox, video marketing is running neck and neck and I must report that I get a tremendous amount of traffic from my videos.

Videos Are Easy to Make

You don’t have to be Steven Spielberg to produce an attraction marketing video. Remember, people are coming to these sites looking for specific information (or at least you target audience is!) and the main thing is making sure that you have the information included that folks are seeking.

You can also make a video promoting other articles or videos that you – or someone else – has created helping you get some additional visitors as well as some very high quality backlinks.

how to market anything onlineHow to Marketing Anything Online with Social Media

When you first come online to market a product, you probably aren’t going to have any kind of a list to market to making facebook an invaluable resource for targeted visitors.

It is easy to learn how to market anything online using facebook.

First, facebook has hundreds of millions of subscribers. Second, facebook has a list of groups out there of people looking for what it is that you have to offer. You simply search out the groups of people interested in the niche you are a part of, join the group and post your information within that group. (Make sure you will have posting privileges for each group).

Try to focus on groups of one thousand members or more when searching out the groups.

Other Social Media

Since Google is The Premier search engine, make sure you have a Google+ account and that you use it! More than ever the search engines (of course I mean Google) are using the results of social media sites like g+, facebook and twitter to rank your website. The more shares and retweets, the better your chances for higher rankings.

Summing it All Up

When learning how to market anything online make sure that you do keep these four main methods at the top of your own list, but you also have to make sure that you are engaging in what is best for you.

If you are someone that likes social media then spend most of your time on your social media sites. Set up facebook pages, set up g+ business pages. Do what works for you.

Ultimately, learning how to market anything online comes down to working hard and being consistent.