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Driving Traffic to Your Website

driving traffic to your websiteHow are You Driving Traffic to Your Website?

If you are going to have any success what so ever with your online business, one of the key skill sets that you will have to master is driving traffic to your website whether it be a blog or a more traditional website. Often times you can build a website on a social site (like a facebook page) to promote, but you will still have to learn the methods for generating traffic to it the same as any other site.

So when it comes to driving traffic to your website, there are a few methods that I have used through the years to generate a steady stream of targeted visitors to sites.

First, I will typically use blogs to promote any product or service that I have an interest in – either business related or otherwise. Today, blogs are just very simple to set up and WordPress specifically offers many plugins that a novice can use to generate an attractive blog as well as have the flexibility to perform customized functions.

Now, with that said, there are a few methods that you can use when driving traffic to your website that I think you will be able to use with great success.

Driving Traffic to Your Website With These Awesome Techniques

  1. Article marketing
  2. Video marketing
  3. Blogging
  4. Forum posting
  5. Social media and social media tools

Driving Traffic to Your Website with Article Marketing

If it seems as if I am a bit “stuck” on this form of marketing, it’s probably because I am, but why would I be so hip on article marketing do you think? Probably because it really works!

Over the years I have written tons of articles, in both my name and quite a number of “ghost” author names, and I have generated thousands of views with those articles. The thing I like most about placing articles online is that these act as a 24 hour, 7 day a week sales force that you create one time and they continue to work for you for years.

Another great benefit of article marketing is that by placing your articles on credible and “authority” sites, you will get some decent backlinks back to your own site which will help you rank better in the search engines.

Video Marketing and Traffic Generation

Our culture, in North America anyway, is fascinated and attracted to video. A bit strange that so many want to document their every waking moment and personal details, but great for us that want to promote our brands and products and since there are so many folks that watch videos, it is imperative that you start making them today.

YouTube, MetaCafe, Vimeo and Dailymotion (just to name a few) hosting sites are free to join and it is very simple for anyone to use them and start getting those videos loaded onto one – or all – of these sites.

I highly recommend that you sign up for YouTube and start developing a channel, it’s free and like all things Google has a ton of traffic every single day.

There are a few things that you may want to check out when it comes to creating videos and posting them, I happened to have written a blog post not so long ago about promoting your YouTube channel and a post on video production/SEO. Click on the links to check articles.

Driving Traffic to Your Website With a Blog

Blogging, as you may have guessed, is a bit more than a hobby of mine. I have been making money online for a few years now and while there have been a lot of ups and downs, blogging is going to always be a big part of my marketing efforts, no matter what I’m putting out there.

Today, there are more blogs out there than ever before. WordPress is one of the easiest blog applications and most people find it very simple to install and use whether it is the free WordPress.com version or, if you own your own domain name, set up a blog using the WordPress.org edition.

Another great advantage of marketing yourself or your products with a blog is the fact that a blog is so much easier to rank well with. Because there is a “ping” feature that is built into a blog, you have a much better chance of having your site indexed by the search engines and, more importantly, having your new blog posts ranking quickly (sometimes within hours of posting them).

Make sure that you give blogging a shot, once you get the hang of it, you can create blog after blog after blog all working to provide a steady stream of prospects to your opportunity or products or whatever.

driving traffic to your websiteDriving Traffic to Your Website With Social Media

Let’s think about this for second…do you think that there are a few folks on facebook? Do you think one or two people “tweet?”

Social media is huge and just gets bigger and bigger and bigger. If you don’t have a facebook account, what the hell are you waiting for? There are millions and millions of people out there that probably have an interest what you have to offer, so quit messing around and get out there.

Seriously, Google and some of the other search engines really like links from these social media sites. The one thing that is better than a simple posting of a link on a social media site are those links that are shared and “liked” on these sites and it is becoming imperative that you go out there and promote your information on these sites.

The sites that I recommend you join right away is facebook, twitter, linkedin and google+ – I have promoted my blog posts and articles on these sites and have done very well in terms of ranking with no more promoting than with these sites.

Posting Links for Traffic

The bottom line is this – Post your links EVERYWHERE. This means posting in niche forums, classified ad sites, basically anywhere that there are folks around to see your information.

Driving traffic to your website doesn’t have to be complicated. Just by creating quality content that is shared on a few reputable social sites will provide you with some quality backlinks as well as immediate traffic from the “friends” and acquaintances that you develop on these sites.


How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

how to promote your youtube channelSo You Want to Know How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

If you are not using YouTube to drive traffic to your site, you are missing “the boat.” More and more people are coming online to find information and/or to start an online business making video more popular than ever and with much more competition that ever before, learning how to promote your YouTube channel could be something that will increase the size of your wallet.

First, what is a YouTube channel?

Just about everyone on the planet that does anything regarding the Internet has heard of YouTube. A YouTube channel is nothing more than where you post your YouTube videos within your account. What is unique about the YouTube channel is that it is something that can be promoted by a variety of methods. You can look at your YouTube channel as just another website that you have out there that you can use to promote yourself, your products and your opportunities.

While there are many different types of marketing strategies that I use, video marketing is becoming one of my favorites and YouTube is obviously the leader of video hosting on the Internet and since it is a Google property, it’s probably a good idea to get something going with YouTube if you have not already done so.

With that said, let’s cover 10 methods covering how to promote your YouTube channel

  1. Keyword Research – Are you serious? Keyword research? What does that have to do with promotion? If you are asking that question then I can tell you one thing for sure and that is that you don’t know the first thing about promoting ANYTHING online. While keyword research is not a direct form of promotion and marketing, it is the very first thing you should do when developing a video in the first place. You must know IF there is a market for your opportunities and/or products and you must know where your market resides. Keyword research tells us these things and more. Before you start producing any videos at all, make sure that your research is complete.
  2. Search Engine Optimiztion (SEO) – Yep, here I go again, SEO is another non-direct sort of “marketing.” No, it’s not really marketing at all, but what I am trying to get across to you is that by making sure that all of your t’s are crossed and your i’s are dotted that you will have a much easier time in promoting your videos. Areas of interest in terms of good SEO are: Title, meta description and your meta tags. Make sure that this information is optimized for the keyword or key phrase you are attempting to rank for.
  3. Cross Promotion – Promote you videos with other videos and even with videos that you upload on other video hosting sites. There may be some people that, for whatever reason, find better results with other video hosting services and they can find your information there. Remember, you are always looking for folks that are interested in your niche and it doesn’t really matter where you find them, does it?
  4. Post on Your Blog – Post videos from your YouTube channel on your blog and if you don’t have a blog yet, go get one you dimwit! You can also post links back to your YouTube channel in your regular blog posts or you can even create a banner to put into your sidebar.
  5. Post in Niche Forums – I don’t know why people don’t do it that much, but posting the URL to your YouTube channel or a link to your latest video in a niche forum still works very well. If you are interested in a particular business opportunity or income generation method, posting in a forum where other people that are interested in your niche visit seems like a simple common sense move. What are you waiting for?
  6. Post Links in Articles – I love article marketing, simple as that. I get a LOT of visitors from my articles and because of that, I can send people over to my YouTube channel by placing a link to the channel in the “author’s resource box.” Most directories will allow you to post 2 links, generally one will go to my YouTube channel or a video and the other link will go back to a blog or capture page, depending on what I am promoting in the article.
  7. Emails – Most email accounts allow you to develop and create a signature file, make sure that you are placing your YouTube channel’s URL at the bottom of your emails. Remember that you need to be promoting yourself and your products constantly.
  8. Comments – Although everyone does not allow it, some folks will let you post a URL when commenting on a topic, this is a good place to put your YouTube channel out there.
  9. Offline – Business cards, vehicle advertising, business stationary, etc. it doesn’t matter what it is make sure that you are placing your YouTube channel’s URL in these locations as well. A lot of times people will go by “just to check it out” because they are curious about the site on a card or business envelope…don’t you do it?
  10. Social Media – Get busy promoting your videos and YouTube channel URL with your twitter, facebook and google+ accounts. I probably get some of my highest traffic numbers from promoting my videos on these sites as well as obtaining the backlinks from these sites which Google highly favors! All of those “likes” and “shares” from these accounts are becoming more and more crucial as you compete with other marketers out there for the same keyword driven space in the search engine results pages.

Use the above strategies to promote your videos and channels and soon you will start seeing your videos out there at the top of the search engine results and pretty soon you will be asked those questions about how to promote your YouTube channel as well.

how to promote your youtube channel


Internet Marketing For the Part Timer

internet marketing for the part timerSo what is Internet marketing for the part timer out there?

There are so many folks that want to know the answer to this question and now that I am back in the work force (I’ve started up a new business venture based on some economic indicators I am seeing…you know people dangling money in front of my face to start my contracting biz up again!) I am in that unique position of being a “part-timer” in the Internet marketing game.

So am going to slack off and not post on my site?

Of course I am going to post articles, but you may see me start posting a few more videos and maybe even a podcast more here and there, but the main reason for this post is to really determine if Internet marketing for the part timer is as profitable as it is for the full-time marketer.

I suspect the answer to the above question is no. Yep, I still think that marketing online is a full-time job and those that can work full-time online will find it easier to hit their financial goals much more quickly than someone with a forty hour a week (or more) job.

This does not mean that if you are part time that you will not be able to find success, but I do believe that since there is a limit on your time that there are a couple of things you need to do to generate that income or keep your income at the same level.

First, continue to post in a consistent manner. I don’t care if you are posting twice a week, make sure that it IS twice a week. If you can write an article or produce a video and post that to your blog three or four time per week, that would be great too! No matter what is available to you in terms of time to work on your site or whatever, just make sure you are doing something consistently on your site.

Second, since we all know that time is a precious commodity you must learn to be very, very efficient and effective. Before I was marketing full-time online I was just like everyone else. I had a full-time job (about 55+ hours per week), but I still found ways to post my info every other day at the least.

I quickly figured out that I could write decently and I could get articles out about once a day without too much of a problem. Since article marketing is still very effective for me, I continue to write and post to different directories.

I also love blogging and since I find writing fairly effortless, I try to write something on my blog a few times per week. The question as to whether or not Internet marketing is viable for the part-timer and to that question I would have to say yes, it is although there may be some additional struggles. I recommend that you become organized and post something consistently.


Top 4 Post Penguin Link Building Tips – [Podcast]

post penguin link building tipsIn this podcast I discuss the top 4 post penguin link building tips that work very well for me and this blog



While starting a blog is not necessarily a post penguin link building tips of the highest priority, although I do believe that creating a blog is much easier to set up and maybe even more responsive in terms of how fast you can start ranking on the first pages of Google so, if you have not set up your own blog, do it now.


Blogs, active blogs (posting every 3 days or more), give you a huge advantage in terms of getting your information out there. If you are going to do something online, if you are going to build an online business and presence then you need to be active. Blogs rank well within the Google search results fast than a regular website.

Now that is out of the way, what are the top 4 post penguin link building tips that work for me?

  1. Write Epic Content
  2. Post articles to Credible Directories
  3. Use web 2.0 Sites
  4. Building Links from Social Media

Create Epic Content

You need to start creating epic content for your blog or website – stick with one niche and start writing, start creating videos, start making podcasts and post this content on your blog and promote it to your niche market.

So, creating epic content is an excellent strategy for link building?

OK, it’s not really a link building strategy per se, but information that is relevant and offers value is much more likely to be shared among those that are looking for

Posting Articles to Credible and Authority Directories

I love article marketing, most of you have already realized this, but more than ever it is important that you are posting to directories that have higher page ranks, are considered authority sites and are highly credible.

Sites like ezinearticle.com and articlesnatch.com are still very good directories to post with and more than ever you need to make sure that when you post an article to a site that it is still viewed by Google as being relevant and having a higher standard.

Stay away from the auto-posting software and services that have no editorial standards or guidelines as Google will probably start devaluing links from these sites which will negatively affect your own site.

Nothing like spending months or even years putting things together only to have your site de-indexed for posting to junk blog farms or using some similar posting method. Short term gains can end up being long term losers.

Web 2.0 Sites

Posting to web 2.0 sites used to be a no-brainer, but in their clean up efforts, Google has sort of knocked some of the sites down a notch or two because of the amount of bad content that was allowed to be posted on some of these sites.

While I will still tell people that squidoo.com is still a relevant site to work with, it is only because the folks over at squidoo have changed some of their own guidelines and seem to be providing those “lenses” that are active with higher rankings on their own site.

Once again, we are looking for relevant and active content to keep the momentum going.

YouTube is also a fantastic site to receive backlinks from. Of course, YouTube is a Google property so does this mean that you are going to rank well on Google for using these Google owned properties?

Google says no, but I would certainly make sure that I have accounts with all Google properties such as blogger.com, YouTube and Google+.

Post Penguin Link Building Tips that Work – Social Media

Posting your links to social media sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin and others is becoming more and more important as Google and some of the other search engines adjust their algorithms to reward sites with content that is being shared and “liked.”

One strategy that I use frequently with a lot of success is to post to my article URL’s to my social media accounts using tools like Hootsuite or some other social media organizational tool.

I also like to post my links to different groups within my own niche.

It could be a network marketing group, affiliate marketing group or Internet marketing group of some sort, but posting this information within the groups that contain people within a specific niche is a great way to not only generate some immediate traffic, but also to generate a few new subscribers that will continue to read and go through the content you create.



Generate Income With Affiliate Marketing

generate income with affiliate marketingMany Want to Generate Income with Affiliate Marketing – What About You?

How many people would like to know how to generate income with affiliate marketing? A lot!

There are several reasons why affiliate marketing is an excellent method for generating a lot of income and while I’m not going to cover all of the reasons or even all of the methods that you can use to promote your affiliate programs, I’m going to show you a method that I have used to find quite a bit of success with not only affiliate marketing, but referral marketing, direct marketing, and network marketing just to name a few.

The way I like to generate income with affiliate marketing is by using a blog.

Why a Blog?

Here’s the deal.

When you use a blog to market one product what you are really doing is setting up a niche “market” or “store” of sorts. For example, if I am promoting products within a specific niche like food allergies, then I can set up a blog for that specific niche and market multiple products using that blog as my main platform AND I am promoting and branding myself as an expert along the way.

Branding? Yep, branding.

You have to understand first that you are not going to make a ton of money overnight – not when you are first coming online – just doesn’t happen.

Second, if you realize that your blog is your “store” or “business” in cyberspace now you can see that by creating this blog and promoting this blog over months and months, or even years, you will be developing your own product, your own identity online that you can continue to promote even when your latest and greatest product has long since vanished from the market.

If you get out there and push YOU rather than push some really cool “today” product then all of your efforts will be preserved in your blog.

That is to say that what you work on today will not be wasted later on when you are promoting a completely different product, service or opportunity. All of the articles and posts that you have created will still be relevant to your online business efforts. Yea!

With that point made (at least I hope so) how do you generate income with affiliate marketing using a blog.

Steps to Generate Income with Affiliate Marketing

Simple – I’ll go step by step here:

  1. Find a niche – A lot of times this can be the easy part. For me, I never knew what I wanted to do so it wasn’t that easy, but if there is a hobby you are interested in, a cause that you have a passion for then you can generally find some product or opportunity associated with it. The main point is to find something YOU are interested in – makes it a bit easier to write articles and create videos around something you have an interest in.
  2. Keyword Research – Conduct your keyword research and find key phrases that are associated with your niche. You can develop content around these key phrases. You can also use this research to find an exact match domain that you can use to set up your blog.
  3. Unique URL & Hosting Account – Now a lot of folks are going to tell you that you do not have to have your own website or blog to make money with affiliate marketing and they are right, but…I’m more interested in creating an online presence and therefore I will always tell people you need your own website, you need a blog. Before you set up a blog, you should get that unique domain name I was talking about. Yes, I know, you can get a free blog, but I’m going to tell you not to. Invest a whopping twenty bucks and get your own name with a hosting account. This will be a blessing a few months down the road.
  4. Set up a Blog – With the current status of the Google algorithms, I suggest that you create a blog. Blogs are very flexible platforms and pretty simple for you to set up. If you get a WordPress blog, there are several plugins that you can download for free that will help you with SEO and that’s a big plus for novice marketers and experienced marketers alike.
  5. Promote with Social Media – Right now Google loves social media, tomorrow they may not. With that said, promote your content on facebook, twitter and linkedin as well as all of the other social media sites out there that you can get involved with. Make sure that you also are posting your content (sharing your content) on Google+.

Learning to generate income with affiliate marketing is like creating an income for just about anything else. Your focus, as always, needs to be about promoting your content as effectively and efficiently as possible.