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On Page SEO That Works

on page seo that worksYep, that’s right you guessed it from the title, there is “on page” SEO and “off page” SEO and since I’m not this big search engine optimization guru trying to show the world how freakin’ smart I am (I find that the case a LOT of the time), the only thing I am going to do here is tell you what I have found in terms of on page SEO that works and has worked for me.

Do I Know What I Am Talking About, How Do I Know About On Page SEO That Works?

Probably the very first thing you should question is me.

Could I be lying? Could I be throwing a bunch of junk out here on the net to try and promote myself as the next online oracle? Am I scamming you?

Anytime that you read a blog and especially one that offers up information about how to do something specific – like generate traffic or provide marketing tips like this one – you have to ask if the source, in this case me, really knows what they are talking about.

Admittedly, I am not the smartest guy on the planet, I don’t pretend to be, but I have been able to generate a little bit of traffic for my website and find some decent online success.

Now when I say a little bit of traffic I need to put this into context. My blog is about 7 months old (it’s older, but I started working on it in the middle of May, 2012) and I average between 600 to 700 views per day, which seems like a lot to folks that don’t know how or where to start, but is a figure WAY low to some really big time professional bloggers.

The good news is that my blog traffic, both unique and returning traffic, increases on a monthly basis, so you can decide right now if that’s good enough or not for your own purposes.

What is On-page SEO?

On page SEO is nothing more than the factors contained within a document that may influence the rankings of the search engines. These factors may include:

  • Hyper-relevancy to a product or subject
  • Title tag
  • Subtitle tags (H2, H3 tags)
  • Image alt text

Two other factors that you might want to consider even though they are not technically on page seo elements are:

  • Meta description
  • URL

Number One Factor of On Page SEO That Works: Relevancy

On page seo that works WILL have strong, even “hyper,” relevancy to a particular subject. Your document should focus on a very narrow subject or key phrase. If you are going to write about a specific traffic generation method then discuss that specific method. Don’t try to cram too much into your 700 word document – it just doesn’t make sense in the first place.

For on page SEO that works at getting the search engines to rank you well I suggest that you place the key phrase that you are looking to rank well for throughout the document approximately 1.5% of the time.

Is this a scientific number that I have come up with? No, just something I have noticed through the years. I have written many articles in the directories and on my blogs and I can tell you that my articles that are very relevant, having a keyword density of 1.25% to 2%, do pretty well. I certainly wouldn’t put too many key phrases in your document as many will look at this as being too “spammy.”

Title Tag

Next to relevant content, on page seo that works focuses on the Title of the document. In this article, I am specifically talking about on page seo that works, that’s the key phrase and that is the title of the post. The title tag is one of the first elements that the robots indexing your site are going to come across – hell, they are looking for this information! – so make sure you are making the most of it.

On Page SEO Factor: Subtitles or H2, H3 Tags

As the robots cruise through your site indexing away they will go to your H2 & H3 tags. You must remember that these bots are doing nothing more than following the instructions that were given to them by a programmer (algorithms) and seeking out these tags will help determine what your content is about and how important it is.

You want to make sure that you have at least one H2 tag and one H3 tag with your key phrases – the closer to the beginning of the subtitle, the better.

Setting the Alt Text of Your Images

No only is having images in an article important – (see How Images Convince People You Are Not Lying) – but images are very important to on page SEO that works.

Other than just putting up something pretty that people will psychologically enjoy, setting the alt text in an image you are putting in your post is just another area where those pesky robots check to get a better idea of what your blog post or article is all about.

On Page SEO That Works, Works Because You Take The Time to Make It Right

This really sounds obvious, but on page SEO that works does so because you take the time to focus on these factors and you make sure that all of your t’s are crossed and your i’s are dotted. It doesn’t take that long and pretty soon it will become a habit every time you write whether it be a blog post or an article you are putting on the directories.

Get in the habit of optimizing your articles as you go, this will save you tons of time and although it can be tricky to write for an audience as well as making sure your articles have good SEO practices built in, you can do it without sounding like an idiot. That’s how you develop on page SEO that works and that’s how you start to see your articles at the tops of the search engines results page.


All In One Profits Opportunity

all in one profits opportunityThe All In One Profits Opportunity – An Online Opportunity that Makes Sense

I have stumbled across a business opportunity that I believe is mad NOT to join and that is the All In One Profits Opportunity.

So why do I say that you are crazy if you do not sign up with this program? Simple…

…just by signing up to this program and getting one other person involved at the basic level, which is $10, you will break even. Yep! You will break even with your first sign up! The program costs $10 to join (at the basic level) and you earn $10 with your very first sign up! That’s what I call a “no-brainer!”

What is the All In One Profits Opportunity?

All In One Profits or AIOP is a company that was just started in 2012. The program provides a suite of essential web tools, products, services and advertising, including professional web hosting and an auto-responder.

What this means is that AIOP is a “One stop shop” for your needs as an online marketer and will assist you in promoting your current business or any other business online. Since the tools that AIOP provides are necessary to build a business online and essential for promoting your site on autopilot, it just seems to make sense to get involved with a service that provides these tools, but also allows you to promote the service AND earn a great income from doing just that!

That’s right!

You are ALREADY going to need these tools, so why not go through a site like AIOP, promote it and generate another income in the meantime?

All In One Profits Opportunity: Products

So, what are the products that the All In One Profits Opportunity promote?

Web hosting

Whether you are using your own unique domain name (you can get one by clicking here) or you are using a domain name provided by AIOP, All In One Profits provides a premium web hosting service that you would pay as much for – maybe even more – making your membership with AIOP a deal with access to the first product.


How much is a standard, typical auto-responder today? $15? $20?

I know that I pay $19.95 for my auto-responder, which I don’t really mind paying all that much, but with your membership to AIOP you will receive a professional, double opt-in auto-responder (spam compliant) for free! Are you starting to “get it?”

Splash Page Builder

Want to start generating leads? Why not build your own splash/sqeeze page with the AIOP splash page builder?

I used to have an account with another site that allowed me to make my own capture and splash pages and the cost was somewhere around $9 dollars a month. Not a big deal, but I didn’t make a dime when I referred others to it and you will need one if you are going to generate an income online – remember, the money is in your list!

This is another reason that the All In One Profits Opportunity is a complete opportunity for any marketer – newbie or veteran!

What other products or services comprise the AIOP system?

  • Tracking tools
  • Downline builder
  • Banner advertising
  • AIOP advertising rotator
  • e-library for training (eBooks, Videos and pdf documents)

And all of this listed above is the BASIC level membership!

All In One Profits Opportunity: The Compensation Plan

Why is the AIOP opportunity and compensation plan so good? Because it works for everyone!

The compensation plan is based on a “Even Up” system. That is to say that you pass up to your sponsor every even person that gets involved with you. The “Magic” happens when you are the sponsor and the odd members that you have recruited start passing up their even number recruits…to INFINITY!

Check out the Video below!

Why Join The All In One Profits Opportunity?

Usually, this is where the big sales push comes, but…

…I just don’t see the need for a big “sales” push. If you aren’t at the very least interested in getting more information then I don’t really want you to get involved with me.

When I say that this program is a no-brainer, that’s exactly what I believe that it is. If you are interested in marketing online you are probably going to need some, if not most, of these tools so why wouldn’t you purchase them through a program that will allow you to promote them and generate a significant income along the way? Like I said, a no-brainer!

You Next Step

I can go on and on about why you should get involved with the All In One Profits Opportunity, but you are going to have to decide on your own, just make sure that you click on the banner below and that you check things out before you make a decision.

Get The Tools, Make The Money!


Online Marketing Tips Podcast: The Online Jigsaw Puzzle

This is the first installment of the Online Marketing Tips weekly Podcast (that’s a mouthful!).

I will be providing online marketing tips for those of you that do not have time to sit down and read this stuff, but are interested in how you actually go about the process of successfully marketing a product service or opportunity online.

Some of the online marketing tips that I will be covering will be selecting a URL or unique domain name, setting up a blog, article marketing, video marketing, promoting your sites, social media and much more!

Download the podcast below and look for upcoming videos and articles.


On the Lookout for Blogging Tips for Generating Traffic and Building an Audience

I scour the Internet quite a bit and read many different bloggers and online marketers and I am always interested in blogging tips for traffic and long-term audience development because…

…well…because I want to develop traffic and a long-term audience. Duh.

So how do we do this?

The following list will get you off to a great start.

10 Blogging Tips for Generating Traffic and Creating a Long-term Audience:

  1. Post links to blog posts in niche forums
  2. Write articles on high credibility/authority article directories with links back to your blog
  3. Sign up to facebook groups and post links to your blog articles/posts
  4. Post links on other social media sites
  5. Create web 2.0 sites with links back to your blog
  6. SEO – make sure your posts are optimized for the search engines
  7. Comment on relevant blogs
  8. Create content relevant to your niche
  10. Create good content that provides value (a lot of value)

There area  few other methods and techniques that I would incorporate, but the list above will be an excellent place to start and will provide a strong foundation for your blog to reach a lot of people within your niche and will help you become a recognized figure within your niche community.

Notice that in the above list #9 is in all caps and that is because consistency in your posting is extremely important. Not only will your consistent posting produce results with the search engines, but it will also give your readers a “schedule” of sorts, they will know that they can return every few days and find more information they can use posted on your blog.

Here’s an MP3 file that you can download that will go over just a few methods for generating a lot of traffic to your blog and developing a large, long-term audience that will (hopefully!) join you in business, buy something from you or subscribe to something you have!

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ZNZ Big Cash

znz big cashWhat is ZNZ Big Cash?

I have talked about the different ZNZ programs, ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash, and people are still wondering just exactly what they are.

Simply put, these ZNZ programs (ZNZ is short for Zip Nada Zilch) are referral programs where by a person that is qualified to promote these referral systems earn money each time someone they refer completes the sign up process. The commission for the ZNZ One program is $20 and the commission for the Big Cash program is typically $60 – $84 (depends on the monthly special).

Qualifying for the ZNZ Big Cash System

So how do you qualify for this money generation program? Simple.

Step 1 – Go to the site and select your prize. I recommend that you select PayPal.

znz big cash

Step 2 – You register for the big cash system by signing up to the program using an email address (I suggest you get an email address specifically for the znz programs)

znz big cash

Make Sure the Referral Id is 229355

Step 3 – Fill out your profile information. If you  have already signed up for another program like the ZNZ One opportunity then your information will auto-fill.

Step 4 – Select trial offers to try by going to the “offers” area of the site.

znz big cash

You can select the offers by cost if you are looking for the most inexpensive offers first.

znz big cash

This is it! Once you select enough offers to participate in that will provide you with enough credits to equal 1.00 credit, you are done! You must stick with the offer for 80% of the trial period, but once you do that, you can cancel your account. This tactic will enable you to sign up for the znz big cash program (or any other program offered by zip nada zilch) and become eligible for promoting this opportunity for free or inexpensively.

Marketing the ZNZ Big Cash Program

A lot of folks send me messages asking me how to market the ZNZ Big Cash program. Many people have seen different videos on the Internet and have seen different blog posts and articles where the marketer discusses how they are making thousands of dollars a week with a few classified ad posts.

This is a lie!

Marketing the ZNZ Big Cash program, for me anyway, is like marketing any other online income generating program. I typically will set up blogs, write articles and produce videos.

Yes, there are many ways to promote the ZNZ programs and I have at one time or another engaged in most of these techniques, but I still rely on the three main methods mentioned above.


Because they work! First and foremost, the methods I use work the problem most people have with them is that they are not designed for quick results plus you are going to have to promote these methods as well.

For example: If I produce a video then I have to push the URL for the video or my channel on the social media sites, with other articles or videos, where ever.

So why do I do this, why do I promote many different forms of media?

When using blogs, videos and articles to market the ZNZ Big Cash program I have a sales platform that will be around for many, many months or even many years! This is a big deal. The more of these types of things I have out there the more things I have out there passively marketing. Using this strategy I can make hundreds (or even thousands) of technological sales cogs in a rather large marketing/sales machine.

I have videos and articles that have been around for months or even years that are STILL promoting my sites, products and services and I promote not only the ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash programs this way, but EVERYTHING that I market online! That’s the key folks, that’s my secret!

What To Market

So now that you know how I market the ZNZ Big Cash program, what part of it do I market, that is to say, what URL or site do I promote?

znz big cashPrimarily, I promote my YouTube channel and a ZNZ capture page through a free marketing system known as the Internet Payday System. I have used the Internet Payday System for quite some time now and while I am not nearly satisfied as I would be with my own system, it IS free, which really means there is no immediate out of pocket expense.


…in the last month or two I have noticed changes with the IPS that includes a lack of notification of new applicants to the capture page. I have plenty of visitors still, but I am getting no indication of who is signing up and what their email address is. This is motivating me to develop my own system and to show others how to do the same.

As a new marketer though, what will you market?

I recommend that you market the Internet Payday System capture page and to do this by setting up a blog, setting up a video channel and making videos, writing articles, posting to social media and posting links in free classified ad pages like craigslist, backpage, usfreeads, etc. You can find a complete list by clicking here.

Does ZNZ Big Cash Really Work?

Does the ZNZ One and Big Cash programs really work?

They absolutely do! I have made a lot of money with these two simple programs and am continuing to generate income with both of them. The secret to all of this is being persistent and consistent with my postings and my content creation. I use a few marketing tools, but for the most part I stay busy promoting and creating content and you will have to as well.

Incentive To Sign Up For the ZNZ Big Cash Program – $30 Rebate to YOU!

Other than the initial incentive of generating an income from home, I offer an additional reason to sign up with the ZNZ Big Cash program with me (id 229355) and that is this:

For those that sign up to the ZNZ Big Cash program through my referral id number, 229355, and then go on to complete the trial offers to a point of achieving 1.00 credit with the program I will send $30 to through PayPal.

I will also make sure that I will provide some initial training that will allow you to start marketing your program online immediately following your qualifying to promote these programs.

So, you will receive the rebate along with the guidance needed to make money from home yourself…what else could be easier?

znz big cash

Sign up today and get going with ZNZ One and ZNZ Big Cash!