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7 Tips for Blogging Success

7 tips for blogging successIn an effort to alleviate some of the economic pain that so many are feeling with the lingering and slumber world economy – especially individual’s personal economy – many are coming to the Internet looking for ways to supplement or even replace their income.

While everyone will not find success on the Internet, others will.

Over the last few years of successfully marketing different products and systems online, I have learned a few tips that may help the new marketer or someone that is struggling trying to figure out just what is “going wrong” with their marketing efforts.

Find your passion

Once you get involved with something that you are passionate about, a lot of the struggle of finding inspiration for articles or videos often times goes right out the window. If you have a passion for arts and crafts, create a blog for arts and crafts, not something catering to the latest electronic device that you know nothing about.

Finding your passion is more than just enjoying what you do, it makes what you do online much more enjoyable and you more productive as an Internet marketer.

Develop your skills

If you haven’t figured it out all the way just yet, this stuff isn’t easy and you aren’t going to learn everything you need to know overnight. Understand that there are skills, methods and techniques like keyword research that you will have to learn and develop.

Take your time and become proficient with one particular method of marketing before moving onto another one. Over time you will have a lot of “tools” that you will be able to utilize for your marketing efforts and believe it or not, one day marketing and promoting your products, services or opportunities online will come with much less effort than is required today.

Seek out a Mentor

Finding a mentor that you can follow is huge. A mentor is simply a guide or a coach that can take you through the Internet marketing jungle and show you the pitfalls that can discourage a new marketer as well as the short-cuts you can follow for Internet success.

If you don’t have a mentor, no problem, you can find plenty of experienced marketers online by going to YouTube or simply typing in a subject (key phrase) that you are interested in into the Google search engine and start looking for bloggers that are ranking well for multiple key phrases and research their blogs a bit more to find information regarding traffic generation, blogging, lead generation, social media, etc.

As I said, you can do this with YouTube as well. Find those “tubers” out there that are ranking very well with their videos and are producing content surrounding your niche. How do they do it? Ask them, you will find that many marketers will simply tell you how they rank well.

Learn Something New

Becoming a successful online marketer is a process. The Internet, if nothing else, is dynamic and fluid changing constantly. Once you learn how to rank your blog or website on the first page of Google, don’t worry, Google will change something that may or may not affect your site. Time to go back to the drawing board!

Because what works today on the Internet may not work tomorrow, it is crucial to keep your pupil hat close at hand. As marketers of the Internet, we must also be students of the online world as well. Make sure that you carve out a bit of time each week to learn something new.

Be Realistic

You are not going to become a huge success overnight. Your video, most likely, will not go viral within a few days of you posting it; it can happen, but chances are you will be just like everyone else and will have to work your butt off to generate views to your awesome video.

Knowing the realities of the Internet is just good advice and if you forget, I assure you that you will get “knocked down” by low rankings or poor traffic results to keep you focused on your end game.

Set Goals

Part of the Be Realistic point, but setting goals will help you keep your eyes on the prize. Set simple, achievable goals as well as yearly and even long-term multi-year goals. You need to know where you are going before you head in any direction.

Be Consistent

You will be rewarded by consistent and persistent efforts. When you first come online and set up your blog or website, you will not see it anywhere near the first page of Google. As a matter of fact, historically it will take multiple blog posts before you see any rewards from Google or Bing in terms of search engine rankings.

Typically, I tell students that it will take 20 to 30 blog posts before the search engines give you any real attention, so just be aware that it will take some time. I recommend that you post on your blog at least three times per week; if you can post every day, even better. Once you have twenty-five posts on your blog and you start seeing a few of your blog posts ranking well then you can post two or three times per week with no problems.

Take Action Today – aka Take Action Now

One of the biggest problems I see with new marketers “making it” is in their attempts to make everything “perfect” before they post a blog. What you need to do is write your articles and post your articles. Things will never be perfect and right now it is simply more important to get out there and post something. Remember, you are not going to rank well at first anyway, so it is more important to get your blog posts onto your blog.

7 Tips for Blogging Success Work if You Do

The more you act, the more articles you post, the more videos you produce and upload the faster things will happen. It doesn’t matter what niche you immerse yourself into, Internet dividends are paid to those that have a plan and work a plan.  Understand that I am not telling you to create junk; your content should have substance and contain value for your (potential) readers.

Follow these above guidelines and you will find success online no matter what the niche. As you continue this process, you will become a better writer, podcaster or video creator and you will be rewarded for your efforts with targeted and qualified traffic and leads.

7 tips for blogging success


can you make money bloggingIs it actually possible to create an income online and can you make money blogging…not just  a few bucks, but a pretty steady income that momma would be proud of? Probably not, but that isn’t any reason to stop now, is it?

Yep, I’m going to spill the beans, I’m going to throw the Internet marketing world under the proverbial bus by telling you the truth.

Can You Make Money Blogging? Before I throw this all out there, you may want to ask what it is that I get out of it? You know, what’s my angle?

Good question actually, why would a person that derives a lot of their income from blogging tell his audience that you probably can’t make money blogging? The answer is simple really…to make more money.


Yep, I write an article like this one and title it Can You Make Money Blogging and then I throw the whole Most People Probably Won’t just to see how far you will go into this blog looking for why you can’t make money blogging or finding where I am coming from – my point of view – and then setting out in the blogging wasteland to prove me wrong. Hurray for you! That’s cool, but you probably are going to struggle every single step of the way. You are probably going to question everything you are doing and you will eventually start finding reasons for why things aren’t working out…

…and that is where MOST will fail.

Can You Make Money Blogging Without The Struggle?

You see, what I know is that most people aren’t uncomfortable enough to really push through the pain and frustration that you will surely face and have to deal with in your efforts to step away from the crowd, to break free so to speak. Most people are slaves to their emotions, their egos and their comfort zone.

Oh sure, your job sucks, but so what…

After all, it pays the bills, right? (Ding, ding, ding last stop for the quitters!)

Success does not come to people easily, so if you are looking for an easy way, stop now and save your time, easy doesn’t exist.

Go Forth and Grab It Up

When it all comes down to it, success doesn’t show up at all – you have to pursue it, track it down, aggressively hunt it down like a dog and grab it up. Success is available to all, but you do have to go and get it.

So how am I going to make more money by writing this particular blog post? Because people want to know. People want to know why they aren’t going to succeed or perhaps why they can succeed. (By the way, the whole whether you can or not is up to you, it’s YOUR CHOICE!)

OK, so how am I going to make money here? I mean, you folks are reading the post and I still have no jingle in my pocket. Now it is time to monetize.

You see, I have told you that MOST people will fail, not that you will fail. Most people are looking for a get rich quick opportunity that doesn’t exist, but what if I could show you a way where you can succeed, or at least point you in the right direction?

What if I can provide you some training that will actually help, that will actually provide you a method, a technique for blogging success? What would that be worth to you? Would you buy it?

Let’s say that I could teach you how to replace your income, help put you in a position to walk away from that cubicle and live the life that you have only dreamed of till now? Surely it would be worth a hundred dollars to you. Hell, you probably spend that much in gas every single week going back and forth to that corporate pile that you are getting more and more sick of every day.

There are many different ways to generate income online. You can promote affiliate programs, you can promote a referral program or a network marketing opportunity. You can even promote your own products. Once you generate enough traffic you can sell advertising space on your blog or even place some adsense advertising and generate a bit of income.

I add to my bottom line using simple methods of marketing and blogging that produce an income that just about anyone would enjoy.

Can You Make Money Blogging Without The Tips and Secrets You Need To Succeed?

So how do I do that, what are the “secrets?”

There are no so called secrets. There is hard work, persistence and consistent striving towards your financial and Internet goals. It doesn’t come overnight, but it can come. There are no guarantees, but if you take the time to educate yourself, purchase the training, spend the time it takes to learn and then implement the methods you learn, then perhaps you will find online blogging success.

If you are truly interested and believe that you can make money blogging then figure out what it is that you wish to blog about – choose a niche to work in – and start blogging.

There are a few things you are definitely going to need, the first is a unique domain name. I purchase all of my domain names and even host those accounts with namecheap. These folks have always done a very good job for me and have always been very good with their customer service.

Once you setup your hosting with namecheap, you will receive information about your cPanel and you will then setup your WordPress blog.

You are going to also want to learn the proper methods for conducting your research, especially keyword research. I have videos that you can watch regarding keyword research (using both free methods and paid tools) on one of my YouTube channels.

Above all you will need to get the training that you need to learn the different methods and techniques that you need to start building an attractive blog, generating traffic to your site and monetizing your site using the strategies that work best for you. There are many books out there about blogging and many training programs that will help you to the next level.

Can you make money blogging? While most people won’t if you follow the above advice you will have a very good chance of succeeding.

can you make money blogging



Is Your Blog an Asset To Your Business?

Is Your Blog an Asset or Liability

When it comes to your business, are you thinking in terms of assets and liabilities and if you are you need to ask the question, “Is your blog an asset to your business or a liability that is dragging your business and/or you down based on customer perception?”

Let’s just take an average offline business. Let’s say, just for kicks, that you have created a blog in order to attract more customers or prospects to this business or perhaps you have decided to “go pro” online with your blog and you are going to generate a new audience, maybe even an international one. The question is whether or not your shiny, new blog is a benefit to your business efforts or a lead balloon dragging you down?

Don’t You would think, as a blogger, that I would just be all up there in your grill shouting about the benefits of developing your blog and your personal online brand, but think again. If you aren’t going to do it “right” then I wouldn’t do it at all.


You Are Recording Your Life – The Good AND The Bad

EVERYTHING you do – and I do mean everything if the all caps weren’t clear enough for you – gets noticed…online and offline. If you have some half ass blog out there with a poor design, lack luster headlines and content, I assure you that your blog is probably more of a liability that it is an asset.

On the other hand, if you have a clean, well-organized blog with epic content (see write epic shit) and this blog of yours delivers on value to your audience or prospective customers then guess what? You’ve done it! You are now expanding your audience and customer base by providing value and information to those that are looking for it. You are also branding yourself as the expert and someone that you can trust to deliver – that might be important, don’t you think?

OK, so this seems like very simple stuff, right? I mean, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to get all of this.

Well, here’s the deal.

You see, most people understand the concepts put forth above and they set goals to achieve the whole clean, well-organized blog thing, but this is where folks can get into trouble. The best, most well-intentioned business owner may be thinking that running a blog is pretty simple. How hard can it be? Don’t you just set up a site on blogger and throw an article or two on it?

What did I say about half-ass?

When you decide that you are going to create your whole online presence with a blog you need to understand that creating and setting up a blog that will benefit you and your business can be quite an undertaking and if you are going to try to do it yourself you probably need to study up on what other bloggers have done and are doing to create their sites and determine if you really have the time available to set it all up yourself.

While all of this does not have to be difficult, there are things to think about and one thing to consider is whether or not you should outsource some of the work of the construction and development of your site. This doesn’t mean you give up all control – or any control – it means that you are a leader that recognizes the need for delegating some of the details.

is your blog an assetTips, Methods, Techniques and Goals

There are some other tips that you should keep in mind when developing your blog as well. Those tips are:

  • Targeting Your audience – It is always important to deliver your information to YOUR audience, those that are looking to get involved within your niche or purchase your products. Keyword research goes a long way here!
  • Set goals for your site  – Set a goal for 100 unique visitors a day. Revise your goal as you achieve it and increase the number of visitors that you wish to see come to your site.
  • Update the Design – I still like to see people putting up simple and clean blogs, but as your audience increases you also want the look of your blog to evolve as well. Make sure that you keep things clean for SEO purposes, but also make sure that you have a unique and classy design that is attractive to your audience.
  • Find Additional Marketing Techniques – Set a goal of finding a new way to market your blog each week or month. If you are promoting with social media, cool, but don’t forget there are many other methods as well. Article marketing, video marketing, podcasts, forum posting, blog commenting, etc. all of these methods are proven to generate more traffic. CAUTION: don’t do too much too soon, make sure you become proficient with one method before moving on to the next new cool thing.
  • BE YOURSELF! I read a really groovy quote some time ago…I think it was A.L. Williams (insurance mlm guy) that said:

All you can do is all you can do, but all you can do is enough!

Make sure that you are the best you that you can be. The “right” people will find you.

In the end, if you can determine how much time your site will take up from your already busy schedule and use this information to form a plan for the construction, development and maintenance of your blog then you have a good chance at creating another positive source of customer generation and an additional branding platform for you and your products. If you decide that it will be too much of a burden then you can also make an intelligent decision to delay your Internet presence.

Is Your Blog An Asset You Can Be Proud Of?

Ultimately you want to make sure that whatever it is you decide is best for YOUR business and that when you do create a blog that you are creating another asset for your business and not something that is just going to take  time away from more productive activities.

is your blog an asset


content researchWhat is Content Research?

Believe it or not, before I write any post, any article or produce any video or podcast, I conduct content research. What is content research you ask? Simply put, content research is the research I conduct for inspiration and ideas about a specific topic.

For example, I will often write an article about traffic or lead generation and many times I will make a list. You know, the top ten reasons why the sky is blue, etc. For this type of research I will generally find information – specifics usually – from other online marketers and bloggers. For one thing, we can’t seem to really keep quiet about things and as we are all trying to rank for specific keywords and key phrases there are tons of articles that have already been written that we can pull ideas from.

Create Your Own Content

Now before you get any ideas, understand that I am not telling you to come out here and start copying everything that you read, that’s not the case. I do not like plagiarism and I will not tolerate my information being stolen the same way. What I am saying is that you may want to find some bloggers out there that you can relate to that you consistently read.

What? You are telling me to read other people’s blogs?

Yep, amazing isn’t it? This is one of the best methods for not only finding inspiration, but when you are reading the blog of a very good marketer – and there are no shortages of these blogs by the way – you are able to pick up some very valuable information.

Reading Other People’s Blogs = Great Content Research

The best example of this that I can currently give you is the SEOmoz blog site. I’ve talked about these folks before and they are a super group of professionals that post valuable information on a daily basis. I have learned quite a bit from these guys and use them as a resource for search engine optimization purposes as well as general blogging info.

There are other blogs that I read as well. Ana Hoffman’s Traffic Generation Cafe (http://www.trafficgenerationcafe.com) is becoming a good resource to find quality information and quality links to other bloggers for even more information!

Pat Flynn’s blog, Smart Passive Income (http://smartpassiveincome.com) is another favorite. Pat is a diligent blogger and like many that have been online for a while, started off with a completely different blog with a completely different mission and niche, but he found his “calling” with SPI. Pat has a tremendous amount of knowledge when it comes to blogging and Internet marketing in general and is a fabulous resource for those folks looking to add to their library and skill set.

Other blogs that I read:

Social Triggers

Think Traffic

Michael Hyatt

Pro Blogger

Top Rank – Online Marketing Blog

While there are other blogs out there that I do read as well, I will visit most (if not all) of these blogs on a weekly basis, some on a daily basis. It’s just a good idea in terms of learning more about my blogging craft and always provides for inspiration for my own next blog. These sites are great for content research and are actually shaping the way that I think of blogging and myself as a purveyor of Internet information and influence!

So what are your ideas? What methods do you use for your own content research?

content research


How Much Pot Are You Smoking?

how much pot are you smokingAh, the Frustration!

Sometimes I just want to bang the phone against my desk over and over and over and come back to the line and ask “Just how much pot are you smoking?!”

You know these folks…if not, let me clue you in (actual comments from prospective clients):

I want to replace my income if I can in the next month or so, but no, I’ve never marketed anything online (yep a dumb-ass for sure! Where is “Red” Foreman when you need him?)

I want to learn how to build a pretty large business online, but I don’t want to spend any money. Can I do that? (he was a misinformed idiot as well)

I’ve posted 3 ads with my links, but I don’t have anyone that has signed up to my program. What’s going on? Why isn’t this working? (do I really need to say anything about this?) [click to continue…]