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New eBook: Do it Now! Introduction

Writing a new ebook gang and I decided I would give you a tease with the introduction….so…here it is. Make sure you check out the Power Lead System by clicking HERE!

See you at the top!


This is the last podcast for 2017. In this episode I discuss the first step to becoming super successful online – even becoming an Internet Millionaire!

The secret? Branding!

While so many people are looking for ways to make conversions and sales for their programs, those that are “in the know” are making sure that they are no longer in the shadows of obscurity.

If you spend time creating a brand and becoming a known expert and professional marketer, you will easily fill your bank account.

NOTE: This is for long term thinkers only!


Are You Overwhelmed Yet?

Too Much Information!

I get it, there is so much information out there that you really don’t know which way to go!

You simply came online, did a quick search to find out “how to make money online” and now you slammed with different opportunities.

You’ve got one marketer telling you such and such works, while you have another telling you that’s the last thing you want to do.

And not only that, but for the most part you’ve just got way too much information coming your way and no real method of working through it to find out what is good and what isn’t.

I wish I could offer you some relief, but to be honest…I’m just another one of those voices trying to be heard.

Not a good statement really, especially if what I am focused on is helping people achieve success online, but I’m just trying to be honest.

Overcoming Information Overload

I know some of this is just going to sound self-serving on my part, but if you really want to quieten down the rhetoric it’s really the only thing I know of that will work.

First, you’ve found this blog post and, lucky you, I’ve actually been at this marketing thing for quite some time!

That’s good news because – and as I said above this is going to sound very self-serving, you don’t have to follow anyone else!

Find a Mentor

Yep, you’re done. I’ll give you all of the answers you will ever need!


That does sound like a lot of B.S. – probably because it is, but…

…think about this for a moment.

Focus on one person, one marketer at a time and as time goes by add more leaders and more experts as you yourself become more familiar with the way of the Internet.

And just so you know, you don’t have to follow or listen to me, but find someone to follow and focus on what they are putting out rather than get hit over the head day after day with all of the information coming from who knows where.

There is a lot of information online that is good, but there is a lot of it that is crap.

You will need time to figure out what is good and what is bad information. Like I saiid, add to your mentor base as you go.

Nothing is going to be developed overnight. You have time.

Tuning Out

It can be very difficult to tune out the world, but you must.

Once you start looking for people that you can relate to, that you agree with and that generally give you a good feeling overall then you will be on to something.

This will take a little time, but it is not as bad as what I am saying.

Use YouTube channels as a way to audition marketers and possible mentors. Find what resonates with YOU and above all, trust your gut!

Over time you can learn how to discern between those that are the loudest, throwing all kinds of theories out there in hopes that you will follow them to the next big biz op event…

…or you can actually learn how ways to figure out who is telling the truth and who is putting out information out there to actually help you rather than focusing on making another buck.

It may take some time, but it will be worth it.

As for step 2…start taking notes on everything you come across. You never know when YOU will be the one putting out the next blog post or creating the next YouTube channel!

See you at the top!


PODCAST: 12.27.17 Stop Deluding Yourself!

Whether you are building your business online or offline, to be successful is going to require that you work hard, invest in yourself and be patient. These principles are not suspended because you are online and these are just some of the things you will need to deal with. You are also going to have to find your audience and design campaigns that will be a good fit for them. Stop deluding yourself into thinking it will all be quick and easy!


If you haven’t picked up Grant Cardone’s book, The 10x Rule, I will tell you now that I highly recommend it!

With that said, in this podcast I talk about some of the concepts that Grant talks about in the book focusing on success and how success is a duty, obligation and responsibility!

See you at the top!