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My Hotel Room and All in One Profits…What???

Hey guys…just a quick note and a video.

I’m still here and am looking to start plugging away at it all again pretty soon. I’ve been so busy with my plumbing business….and we have WAY TOO MUCH WORK right now, but I digress…I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time for anything else.


I’ve made this video and will start making a few more per week and get them out there.

The reason? AIOP or All in One Profits is just taking off with very little effort on my part and I am starting to get pretty excited! So I thought I would put some information out there for the rest of you that are interested in doing something with this wonderful program and the following video will start that process.

See you at the top!

Here in my Hotel Room!


Online Business Tools

online business toolsIntroduction to Online Business Tools

Marketers old and new have figured out a long time ago that to achieve success online, efficient and effective promoting is the secret and finding the proper online business tools to help you become efficient and effective is a valuable element.

So what are these awesome tools that you just can’t live without? There are quite a few actually, some that costs money and some that do not…and don’t start thinking that just because I am saying you need tools that this is just another ploy to relieve you of any extra cash lying around, although if you want to send it on…that would be cool.

What Online Business Tools Do You Need For Online Success

There are many tools out there that you can purchase that are not a necessity, but could be nice to have.

For example, I absolutely love my screen recording software, but to be honest it isn’t really software that every marketer just has to have and at $300+ dollars for the package, many new marketers may shy away – (quick note: You will have to INVEST in your business if you plan on growing.)

On the other hand, there are tools that I think just about every marketer will need. These tools are:

  1. Landing/Capture page
  2. auto-responder
  3. tracking tools
  4. social media tools (auto-posting)
  5. Blog

online business toolsCapture Pages Help You Build Your List

If you look around the Internet for very long, you will surely come across a page that offers free information for an ebook or software or whatever it may be and while the ebook is “free,” there is a little catch…you must leave your email address and maybe a name or even phone number. This is referred to as a capture page and is one of the most valuable online business tools that you can have to build your email list (more on list building in other posts).

Every successful program and marketer that I know use this business tool and the most successful marketers use multiple versions of this tool.


Because it works!

If you have identified a market, i.e. a group of people looking for your products, services or programs then you have found a group of people that are, at the very least, looking for information.

This is where you have an opportunity to shine with your online knowledge. You can make a video or an eBook targeting these visitors with information that they are already looking for and they can get it for FREE! Well, “free” with their email address.

You will need to start building your email list(s) as soon as you can because the list is where the money is at!

Selling the Easy Way With Online Business Tools

I know that someone out there, someone trying to sell you something of their own creation, has told you that you do not have to sell anything and I just have one comment to that…


You WILL have to sell, but never fear, if you are not the salesperson of the year there is a solution for you and that solution is called an auto-responder.

What is an auto-responder?

An auto-responder is an automated response – usually a series of emails – that is sent to you once you sign up for someones “carrot.”

Remember when you signed up for that free eBook or webinar with your email address? You are now on someone’s list and you will start receiving notifications and emails about the products or services that the eBook creator is promoting. It’s all part of the game.

The great thing is that the marketer – and eventually you – do not have to move a finger to get the “sales ball” rolling once they have created the initial emails. When someone signs up to the capture page for a free video providing some cool information they will start receiving YOUR emails from YOUR auto-responder.

Setting up an auto-responder is not that difficult and there are many different services out there from Aweber to Constant Contact and the like. Basically, all you have to do is create the emails that you will need and post them to your auto-responder. You will have links in many of these emails that will send your prospects to other affiliate sites or online programs that you are already involved with.

Of all of the online business tools out there, this is the one that you really need to have due to the efficiency of it. You can have many prospects that you are “selling” to without even knowing they are there.

Tracking Visitors: Online Business Tools That Chart Your Progress

You will want to track your visitors…how many come to your site and what actions they perform when they get there. I usually do this with many different online business tools, but I also make sure that I have specific tracking tools and programs associated with my blog or my capture pages.

There are free tracking tools out there and if you maintain a blog or website of any type you will want to make sure that you have some like Google Analytics. This tool enables you to see exactly how many visitors you have, how long they stay, what other pages they look at and more.

An analytics tools is a very important online tool that will help you determine what your target audience is looking for and provide the opportunity for you to create more of it.

socialtabsSocial Media Posting Services

There are tons of services out there that will allow you to auto-post your information to a variety of social media sites and this is great for a few reasons.

First, if you own a blog – which I highly recommend – posting your information to some well respected social media sites like facebook, twitter, pinterest and others will provide your site with some decent backlinks as well as drum up some visitors that are specifically looking for the information you are providing.

For example, this title “Online Business Tools” is designed to attract visitors like you that are looking for specific information about what online business tools that you may need to work successfully online as a marketer. I will post a link to this blog post in articles and on many different social media sites for additional visitors and backlinks.

I have other articles on backlinks, you can check those out at a later date, but I assure you that you will want links from other sites coming back to your content.

Social media posting services are nice because they also allow you to be efficient. It’s much easier to push one button and post to multiple sites than to post to every single one of them….it’s a “no brainer.”

Online Business Tools Include a Blog

Today when you go to a traditional website, you will often find links to a companies blog and more and more companies are creating blogs for their companies or for specific product lines and there is a reason.

Blogs are one of the online business tools that will help you site get to the top of the Google search engine results when posted to in a consistent and regular manner.

The reason for this is because Google and some of the other search engines reward online marketers with higher rankings when their content is fresh and original.

In my classes I tell all of my students that setting up a blog is one of the best ways to get out there and to get noticed. With a blog you can write about many different topics within your niche and start building an audience of people that will look at you as a professional and expert.

Oh, by the way, when you immerse yourself in your niche and start writing blog post after blog post, you WILL achieve that expert status fairly quickly.

I believe that a blog is one of the most important online business tools that you can have and with all of the options out there today, there are many that you can start for free (google’s blogger and wordpress.com) or you can get your own unique domain name and host your own blog site.

No matter which direction you choose with your blogging platform, the important thing is to get out there and post. Get your information out there, get yourself out there now!

online business toolsOnline Business Tools Help You Succeed

There are many tools out there that can make your job as an internet marketer much easier and with the right tools and the right training ANYONE can easily succeed online.

One of the best programs that I have found that offer most of these tools for a very low monthly price ($11.50) per month and ALSO have a money making opportunity included is called the All in One Profits program.

I use this program to generate my email list, but also as a way to teach my students at the Elite Marketing Systems Group.

The All in One Profits program will provide the tools you need at a good price as well as help you learn to generate your first online dollar or add to the income your are already creating. If you are not interested in the money making program, that’s fine too…with just 1 referral, the online business tools you need to succeed are free due to the unique comp plan that AIOP offers.

Check AIOP out today by clicking on the banner below.

I’ll see you at the top!

online business tools


Just a Quick Update…

Just wanted to let folks know that I have been focusing on some personal family type stuff for a few weeks, but will be returning in a short while.

Starting next week (I think!) I will be hosting a conference call about the future of the Elite Marketing Systems Group. Not sure right now what I am planning on doing since we received some more not-so-good news…and yet, life must go on!

I appreciate all that everyone has done and said. I just want to get out there and continue this whole Internet “experiment,” but time is precious and I feel like I need to spend quite a bit of it with my father right now.

Will send out emails just as soon as I figure out the next move…

See you at the top



Strategies for Promoting Your Articles and Blog Posts

Promoting Posts and Articles Rather Than a Blog

In last weeks post I discussed the ease at which some folks seem to hit the first page of the websites with their blogs, but in today’s excerpt I’m going to put out specific strategies for promoting your articles and blog posts that I have used over the last few years that have worked and still work for me.

Many want to know what the exact difference between a blog post and an article really is. At first glance, one may think that a blog post and an article are exactly the same, but a blog post doesn’t necessarily have to be an article.

On a blog you can post a video, an article, an audio or place images and these are all considered a “post.”

An article on the other hand, CAN be placed on a blog in the form of a post, but most often you will see an article located online in an article directory like ezinearticles.com or articlesnatch.com for example.

What’s Better, A Blog Post or An Article

I’ve marketed my blogs, products and business opportunities using many different methods and to be honest I can’t say that a post or an article is so terrifically better than the other… if each are promoted properly!

This statement is important because at different points of your marketing efforts there are times when one method of marketing may seem to outperform the other method only to have the other overcome the former later on down the road. You may find one method working well for one particular medium and another working for the next.

The best thing is to test, test, test.

You will also want to make sure that you have some sort of analytical tracking tools to find out what is working better for what and then adjust your promotion methods accordingly.

To be honest, I have created large amounts of traffic from writing articles (still my favorite method of marketing),  but I have also created a lot of traffic by doing nothing more than writing blog posts. What’s better is doing what works for YOU!

Methods for Promoting Your Information

There are some simple strategies that use when I am promoting articles and blog posts.

The methods I use for promoting posts and articles are:

  1. Consistency – Be consistent with your writing and your posting
  2. Post links on social media sites – Make sure you post to your facebook groups, twitter and other social sites. Use hootsuite, linksalpha or some other one-click service to get your info out there. Do not forget Google+
  3. Post in forums – Post links to your articles or blog posts on the forums within your niche.
  4. Email marketing – If you have built any sort of a list then send out links to those on your list.
  5. Videos – Develop videos and post them on YouTube and other video hosting sites with links back to the post or article
  6. Power point presentations – create power point presentations and then post them to slideshare
  7. Squidoo – I still like squidoo and I still think that the high page rank is worth the effort, so start building those lenses now.

Never Stop Learning

There are tons of strategies for promoting your articles and blog posts and many bloggers out there that are using a variety of promotional methods and techniques. What you need to do is find out what it is that works for you.

Don’t ever stop seeking out those that have more experience than you and never stop learning something new.


There are tons of reasons why I love promoting articles and blog posts – and I pretty much promote these the same way.


Ranking Your Blog On The First Page

ranking your blog on the first pageRanking Your Blog on the First Page is Your Key to Riches!

I know what you are thinking, if you can just start ranking your blog on the first page of Google, or Bing or whatever all of your internet marketing problems will be solved!

The truth, however, is a little bit different. Yes, I push to get my sites on the first page of Google and I can do this with quite a number of key phrases (check out the title of this post and see where it is located in the next week or two…I’ll bet it’s on the first page if not at the top on Google!)

Now, because you can get a site on the first page of Google and even in the #1 spot you are doing something right nd people will think that this is awesome, but it does not mean that you are done or that you are going to get all of the traffic you will ever need. What it DOES mean is that you hit your mark with one key phrase.

All you have to do to start ranking your blog on the first page now is find about 50 or 60 more of those key phrases to rank in the top 3 spots on Google and though that may sound like quite a feat, it isn’t that difficult with tools like Jaaxy, Market Samurai or even Google’s free keyword tool.

With these tools and the right training, just about anyone should be able to find plenty of key phrases that they can use to generate traffic quite easily.

ranking your blog on the first pageRanking Your blog on the First Page with Key Phrases

So how in the world does finding some really cool key phrases help you get to the top of the heap when it comes to ranking your blog on the first page of Google or any other search engine?

First off, understand that key phrases are NOT all the same.

Anyone wanting to learn more about how to market their information online needs to learn the whole process of keyword research. Now I, and many others, still call it keyword research rather than key phrase research, but what you are really looking for are key phrases, long-tail key phrases to be exact.

Why long-tail key phrases?

Because when done correctly, utilizing key phrases – long-tail key phrases – can ensure that you will rank very well on the search engines and be able to drive that traffic to your site.

Since I am not going to go into detail about key phrase research, here are a couple of videos that can help you understand how to perform this key phrase research.

(Free Google Keyword Tool) http://youtu.be/c3ibaP_K6Tc

(Jaaxy Keyword Tool) http://youtu.be/1zFrpNqZuDE

I use these videos to teach folks how to market online so that may be something YOU are interested as well – if so, sign up for my traffic generation newsletter or fill out an application for the Elite Marketing Systems Group. Click HERE for more information!

What To Do With Key Phrases to Generate Targeted Traffic

OK, admittedly this blog post is going to run long, but you should understand that I use the following methods everyday and these methods work…period!

So without further ado, let’s keep it going.

Here are the techniques that I use to rank my own blog on the first page of Google. (**A quick note: Google is still the number one search engine in North America, so that’s what I will focus on here.) Ranking well on Bing and Yahoo, as well as some of the other larger search engines out there may require more work or different techniques, for the most part you really want to make sure your site is ranking well for the big “G!”

Ranking Your Blog on the First Page With Consistent Content

If you are serious about ranking your blog on the first page then you need to understand that you are going to have to work. You need to start generating content (content around those long-tail key phrases) on a DAILY basis!

You will hear a lot of people say that posting daily is not that big of a deal, but I disagree. Yes, eventually you will rank your site on the first page of the main search engines if you post less, but when you first start your blog you need to post every single day.

What do you need to write about? Anything that has something to do with your niche.

Go to other people’s blogs, look up articles and “steal” ideas from these locations to form a post or create a video to post on your blog and create that content. Once again, make sure that you are creating content that is within your niche and based on those key phrases that we discussed earlier.

Being a consistent blog poster is probably the number one “secret” to generating the search engine results that you are looking for. Google simply rewards sites that have content and are “active” and the best way to promote that activity is by posting every day.

How long should your blog posts be? Don’t worry about it at first…try to hit around 300+ words per post, but the most important thing right now is that you get out there and start posting.

If you find that you are struggling with generating the content the one word of advice that I can give you is to keep writing, keep posting. Practice makes perfect and the more you write the easier it will come.

ranking your blog on the first pageBacklinks From Authority Sites and More: Ranking Your Blog on the First Page with Backlinks

In the SEO (search engine optimization) community I have read articles by professionals describing elaborate and complicated linking methods that will help you reach your search engine rankings goal(s). I have heard other SEO professionals say that back links are not as important as they once were.

Since Google is not going to tell us exactly what they look for or what their algorithms are for ranking websites all we can do is base our knowledge on what our sites in the real world are doing, what are the sites that are ranking well do in similar fashion and sort of correlate our findings to come up with a working strategy.

In my opinion, links from other sites or backlinks, are worth the work, but there are some variables that we must consider.

First, ALL of the links coming from another site to yours need to be “worthy.” For example, a link from Bob’s blog is not going to make that big of a difference, but a link from ezinearticles.com can make a bigger splash. While Bob’s home blog may contain information about your niche, chances are that that sort of a blog does not have the credibility or authority that ezinearticles does.

Another thing to think about when creating backlinks is the current readership of the site you are receiving a link from. If an article directory already has a large audience then you should get some residual traffic and more traffic coming to your site seems to be one of the criteria for sites to rank above others, so this should help.

Links from social media sites seem to be more important than ever and if done right, you can generate a LOT of immediate traffic. Using facebook groups and twitter will generate traffic and “shares” and this is what the search engines like to see. Ranking your blog on the first page of the search engines seems to require a bit of twitter retweets, facebook likes and Google 1+ and while it may take a bit to set up these sites and profiles, social media marketing works well for me.

Ranking Your Blog on the First Page with Submission Tools

I must admit that I am not a big promoter of submission tools. I don’t like the spinning tools anymore and I’m very wary of “robotic” tools that submit articles to multiple sites.

With that said, I still use a service that has ALWAYS seemed to work well with content syndication and that service is the Unique Article Wizard. This service allows you to load 3 articles – 1 article plus 2 re-writes and then the service spins the content, author resource boxes, key phrases and will submit these articles 5 to 25 times per day for a couple of weeks.

Because UAW submits this information at a slow rate rather than throwing you a couple of hundred links a day provides a more organic type of link building that search engines like Google like. Just make sure that your articles are unique and that they offer value to anyone reading them. There are other features that I like about UAW, but you will just have to go by their site to check it out in more detail.

ranking your blog on the first pageBacklinks and Traffic from YouTube Rock

I can’t say enough about the traffic from YouTube and this is another authority/credible site to get a backlink from.

Back to the idea of traffic though, YouTube has become my favorite location for generating quality traffic and leads and these folks don’t just drop by my site, but they also are active once they come by. YouTube is a fantastic place to generate the extremely targeted traffic that you are looking for on a blog and when you are working on ranking your blog on the first page I would make sure that you are also creating videos at least three time a week.

One thing to keep in mind here is that you have an opportunity to expand your audience with each and every person that comes by your site and while ranking your blog on the first page of Google, Yahoo, Bing or anyone else is terrific – quality traffic that is super targeted for your niche is huge!

Make sure that whatever you put on your site – even if it is just a small post with a few hundred words – that it is high quality in terms of content. DO NOT CREATE AND POST JUNK! DO NOT COPY CONTENT FROM SOMEONE ELSE!

If you are going to do this, if you are going to take the time to create a blog and start building your online presence then make sure you do it with integrity and honesty. Do your best to generate content that has value and offers something to your audience. In the years to come, building a quality site is what people are going to remember about you and more importantly, what they are going to share with others about you.

Ranking Your Blog on the First Page Is Not a Secret

If you are looking for some secret hidden method in order for you to start ranking your blog on the first page of what ever search engine stop looking. The truth is that there aren’t any so-called “secrets” out there.

If you want to do something that most people (I suspect 90% or higher) are not doing then that is putting in the work. One must remember that the first word in the phrase work from home is work and just because you have a shiny new blog designed by the best web builder on the earth doesn’t mean a thing.

To really start ranking your blog on the first page of Google or anywhere else is going to require creating an active blog built on consistent blog posting of interesting and valuable articles, videos and audios that your niche audience will appreciate and return to get even more!

Once you put in the work and build up the content, you will find ranking your blog on the first page of most search engines is a breeze.