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An Argument for Network Marketing

This is the second part of a two part series about network marketing. In this edition, An Argument for Network Marketing, I discuss the benefits of network marketing and why you would want to get involved with mlm in the first place.

Network marketing is not for everyone, that’s for sure, but the business model is sound and for those that are willing to develop the skills necessary for marketing your mlm program online, there is a ton of potential.

Love network marketing or hate it, this business model is here to stay. If you are one of those folks that aren’t interested, will never be interested then the good news is that you do not have to get involved with any network marketing business. If you are a fan of mlm, I am a fan, then finding a good company with a good mentor may be your biggest challenge.


Marketing Your Business With Online Classified Ads

marketing your business with online classified adsMarketing Your Business With Online Classified Ads Is Available to Anyone!

This blog post is going to get right down to the bottom line and we are going to talk about marketing your business with online classified ads, specifically free online ads.

I know that there are many marketers out there telling you that you can make a fortune marketing your business simply by posting a few free ads here and there and if you can learn to successfully post and promote your business with craigslist then you have it made!

Once again, this is the approach that many marketers are using to take advantage of the “simple and easy” greed emotion that many newbies may have and let me throw this out right now:

You can successfully promote your business with these types of ads, but you will have to develop and refine some skills and you will have to work…hard!

Goals You Should Have When Using Classified Ads to Market

There are a few goals and objectives to keep in mind when you are looking to promote using online ads, the very first one being that you must keep in mind is what you are after.

Think about it, what are you after with your ad? Traffic to your site, of course, but let’s get more specific. When marketing your business with online classified ads, your main goal should be to get prospects to click on your link taking them to your capture page or your blog post. That’s it. You are not going to go out there explain your business opportunity or the super healing properties of your latest jungle juice. The only thing you want is for people to click on the links within your ad.

Why is this?

Most people on the classified ad site that you are posting your ad on are skimming through the ads. These people are not there to get the whole story on your ad, your job is to get them to another site or a video that does the explaining for you and that is where you will work your “sales” magic.

So…the first thing that you need to master is a creating headlines. After that you will need to focus on your ad copy within the body of the ad.

Developing Required Skills When Marketing Your Business With Online Classified Ads?

For the most part, when you are marketing your business with online classified ads there are a few things that you have to keep in mind, things like creating an awesome, eye-catching headline is extremely important and those that can do this well will get their ads opened up. Remember, most people are just skimming through the classified ads site, they are not necessarily planning on making a big purchase, they are “browsing” and you need to stand out.

One you find that headline then it is a matter of creating the body of the ad.

Once again, don’t try and explain anything here. This is where you are to put very simple, concise details about getting more information. You want to be direct and you want to generate enough curiosity so that they will click on the link you have put within the ad – the main objective.

You may want to post an image within the body of your ad and make it “click-able.”

Start Generating Income with Classified Ads Today

Probably one of the best things about marketing your business with online classified ads is that you can start immediately. You can start today and it could be possible to generate income tomorrow, plus you don’t have to be that skilled to do it.

My recommendation to you is to create many different headlines, at least 10, create the body of ads as well – remember to keep them simple – and start marketing your business with online classified ads right now!


Is Network Marketing a Scam?

is network marketing a scamThe question is this: Is Network Marketing, MLM, a scam?

And I want to hear all of your opinions on this one because I know it brings out happy thoughts or angry thoughts in just about everyone that has ever entertained the idea that they could create this huge money making empire from Amway or some other big mlm outfit.

With all of that out of the way, I really want to answer this question…is network marketing a scam?

The Argument Against The MLM Industry

First of all, we know all of the hyped up “lies” or exaggerations of results and in my own little humble opinion, if you have to exaggerate how well you are doing with a particular business opportunity then there is probably something wrong with the opportunity or the business model, the marketer or all of the above.

Just for kicks, let’s go through the list of lies that we are told about the network marketing industry:

1. MLM is easy. Bullsh*t. Crude answer, I know, but that’s more of an honest answer than that is an honest statement. Nothing online, no businesses what so ever, multi-level marketing included was ever easy to build.

2. You don’t have to sell anything – No selling involved? Really? Then how do you generate income with your products? They don’t move off of the shelf on their own. Don’t be ridiculous, of course you are going to have to learn how to sell something, that does not mean you have to turn into super sales force guy or gal, but you are going to have to find ways to promote and market your opportunity, products or services, whatever it may be.

3. You will build your business from your warm market – OK, translated this means you are going to be hitting on your friends and family. We all know how well that works and if you are unfamiliar with marketing to your “warm” market I suggest you do it, at least once in your lifetime. You will find out how fast uncle Fred and aunt Mary become part of your “cold” market!

Those that are successful within the network marketing business usually go through their warm market list within a few weeks and when that happens then what? Oops, you get to be a sales person – yippee!

4. You are in business for yourself, not by yourself – I don’t know about you, but I have been in many, many different opportunities through the years and I have yet to find the “mentor” that will sit down and teach me this stuff inside and out. I don’t necessarily think this is because my sponsors didn’t want to, but I felt that they didn’t have the knowledge or skill set to pass on to me. Much of the time I always felt alone in my business and I was told that I needed to read this book or buy this cd or dvd and I just needed to commit and continue to build that warm market list.

Is network marketing a scam? I often wondered about the viability of network marketing in those days, that’s for sure!

5. We provide training – I’ve already used the b.s. card, so I’ll just have to pass on this one. As with #4, most of your sponsors haven’t a clue about teaching you or anyone else about how to market your business. Most that are successful have years of sales experience and corporate sales training.

The so called “training” that many mlmer’s claim to provide is, at best, lacking in substance and structure. I’ve even been involved with some companies where there was not a sales or marketing director and all of the marketing was left up to the upline.

6. Our product sells itself – No, it doesn’t. I touched on this in #2, you are going to have to learn how to market and promote your products, your opportunity and yourself. Just the way it is! I don’t care how unique your jungle juice is, if you aren’t out there talking it up and sharing it with others, chances are you aren’t going to sell any and you are going to find it difficult to recruit others into your business.

7. We’ll build your business for you – Really? I’ve always heard of this, but I have NEVER seen it actually happen. My advice to you is to learn how to market on your own. Yes, you need to find a mentor, hopefully someone in your organization, but you also need to learn how to sell your products your way because that’s what is going to work best for you.

8. You don’t believe enough – I don’t even know what this means and I find it repulsive and offensive at the same time. People have spent money that they may not have, have attended all of the meetings and functions that they were told to attend, read the required books from their upline’s reading list, bought all of the tools that their sponsor told them they needed to build that business and when they ask for help (remember #’s 4 & 5!) they are told that their belief level isn’t high enough, it isn’t good enough. Can you say jackass?

Is Network Marketing a Scam or A Business Model That has Been Abused by Participants?

I could probably come up with quite a few more, but you get the picture. Does this mean that network marketing/mlm is a scam? No it doesn’t. Like any business model out there online there are going to be the ups and downs that you are going to face – just part of life. The problem with the mlm model has been that those promoting the business have often told people how “easy” network marketing is, or how anyone can do it and that’s just not true.

In my next post I am going to give you the argument for network marketing and why it is a very good vehicle for Internet marketers and why building your mlm business online is a much better option for many people out there!

If you are interested in getting the training you need to build your network marketing business – or any business online – make sure you check out the Elite Marketing Systems Group! Click on the link above and fill out an application if you are interested…or…click HERE for more information!


are you getting all of the information

Are you getting all of the information about how to market your business online from your “Mentor?”

You know the drill.

You go to a capture page where you watch this super, awesome video of this successful online marketer and they tell you that if you just get involved with them then they will show you everything that there is to know about marketing your program online.

If you just stick with them and their program, you will almost have a guarantee of online success!

So, you sign up and sure enough, there is a LOT of information that they provide. These folks might even have a training program that you can take advantage of and it has a lot of information that you can actually use, but there is a little bit of a problem when it comes to implementing all of the steps to put it all in motion.

Those difficulties of getting all of this new found information in an organized and coherent manner are real and if you think that successful marketers are giving away all of their information to the newbie crowd, think again.

One source of frustration for many new marketers out there is not only the amount of information that is involved, but haphazard way that it is all put together, but understand that much of the time this is done on purpose. If you don’t need the marketing guru anymore then you could possible run off somewhere else and we just can’t have that!

A lot of marketers will provide information, but there always seems to be something missing – and there is. What is missing is the order in which many of these methods can be utilized.

For example, to generate traffic you are always told to “post your link” in many different places. What you are not told is that many of those places are not interested in you posting a link with an affiliate format to it.

A what?

You know, the links that are www.profitmakingmachine.com/id=fred – Fred may post his link everywhere, but I would be willing to bet that many of his links are being “ghosted” by the very sites he is posting to.


Who knows, but for whatever reason many sites do not allow or at least frown upon affiliate structured type links. The solution to fix this is quite simple, you get a unique domain name like fredsprofitmachine.com and you forward it to the profitmakingmachine.com/id=fred site. Problem solved, but this type of information usually isn’t voluntarily offered up by the gurus out there that are “mentoring” you.

So why do online coaches and mentors do this? A few reasons actually.

First, if a successful marketer teaches everything they know to a student the outcome is that the student goes out and becomes a successful marketer and takes a portion of the market that the mentor was working.

Secondly, marketers know that if they have a student then they can probably sell them different programs and tools over a long period of time. The longer the student is kept in the dark the more money can be generated over a long period of time.

Are there exceptions to this rule? Yes, network marketing. Now I know you are sitting there thinking, “Are you kidding me? Is this just a sales pitch for mlm?” Not even close. As a matter of fact, I will have to write about this at a later date because when I get into explaining why the network marketing industry is so good online if it is done right, you are going to scratch your head and probably agree. It’s just a matter of common sense.

So now that you do know – or have some suspicions confirmed – the next step is determining how you can find a mentor that really will show you how to market online and the secret is this (also why we look for good network marketing programs): Find someone that will benefit from teaching you what they know and helping you move to the “next” level. Pretty simple, huh.

Are you getting all of the information about how to market your businessSo how do you find that type of person? I would love to tell you that it is easy, but it will take a little effort on your part. Since you are here, however, I can tell you that this is exactly what we do with EMSG, we teach people how to market their programs online. There is no charge and you are not obligated to join anything. You can join the All In One Profits program since you will need the tools and is quite affordable ($10 dollars a month!), but you don’t have to.

Just understand that when you are promised training and help you need to perform do your due diligence by asking for student feedback and exactly what you are getting in return for the time you put into it. After all, you can always earn more money, but you can never get your time back. It’s precious, so guard it against those that would steal it!


Adding 500 Visitors A Day to Your Blog For Free

adding 500 visitors a day to your blogSounds cool, adding 500 visitors a day to your blog – especially if you can do just that for free! The question is, can you actually do that and before I spurt out, “hell yeah,” understand that anything I propose is a direct result of my own blogging efforts and that I have surpassed the 500 visitor a day mark a few moons ago!

So to answer the question is adding 500 visitors a day to your blog possible, the answer is, you guessed it, Hell Yeah! Perhaps a better question is can anyone do it and that answer would have to be…hell no.

What? Not everyone can do it? Why not?

OK, before you grab the torches and pitchforks you need to gain perspective here and realize where I am coming from with this.

There are many people that for one reason or another truly believe that they can build a website, put some crap on it and viola! have a productive and income generating blog with tons of visitors.

Can anyone say bullsh*t?

Adding 500 visitors a day to your blog using free techniques requires work, not a ton of work, but work none the less. You are going to have to write and if you don’t like writing, well I guess go find something else to do, this post is going to focus on what has worked for me and what I like, which happens to be article and video marketing.

adding 500 visitors a day to your blogAdding 500 Visitors a Day to Your Blog With Articles

Here’s the deal. Ever since the Internet has been around people have been marketing their products, services or opportunities by generating content, namely through articles.

Article marketing is still an awesome vehicle for the average, “who the hell are you” newbie to get some traction online. Articles have historically been one of the few vehicles that has always generated traffic to a site and has also been a huge factor in the search engines ranking factors and articles is one of the easiest methods for adding 500 visitors a day to your blog.

Isn’t Article Marketing Dead?

Do not believe everything you hear, article marketing is still alive and well and those marketers that have been around for quite some time and are still going to be around for quite some time are still cranking out those articles.

Yes, in a post penguin world we are more careful about where we put those articles and how we link back to our blogs, but writing articles is still at the top of the marketer’s “to do” list.

Adding 500 Visitors a Day to Your Blog By Producing Awesome Videos

If you are not creating videos then you are a bit behind in the times. If you are serious about adding  500 visitors to your blog (or more) then you are going to have to start creating video after video after video.

More than ever videos are hot and because people get hit over the head every microsecond that they are online videos are still a fantastic way to get folks attention.

Videos also seem to rank faster and higher than just about any other form of media out there. I can produce a video today and within an hour or so it will be ranking well within YouTube and on Google in a very short period as well.

Videos Are Personal and Help You Develop a Relationship With An Audience

One thing that I really like about videos is that you can show the world – or anyone willing to watch one of your videos – that you are just an everyday, ordinary citizen. You don’t have to have this huge production with props and sets. Sit in front of your laptop and start talking.

People like someone that they can relate to and video does it better than just about anything else and adding 500 visitors a day to your blog is much easier with video than without it – it’s also a quick way to post content to your blog!

Adding 500 Visitors a Day to Your Blog for Free Within a Short Period of Time is NOT Difficult

I’m not going to tell you that adding 500 visitors a day to your blog is easy, but it’s not difficult. I’ve talked about different forms of media now I am going to talk about a specific plan of action to get there…with both articles and video.

Now this is going to require dedication, discipline and “want to.” If you are going to achieve the 500 visitors to your blog site then you are going to have to commit to a proven formula, so here it comes…the 90 day formula that works every time it is tried.

Step 1

Using the Google keyword tool (free) or another tool (Jaaxy, Market Samurai, etc.) you need to find 90 long-tail key phrases that you will be able to write about or create a video about.

You need to write an article every day for 90 days. You can submit this article to ezinearticles.com or articlesnatch.com. You may also re-write each article a bit and post it to your blog and a third copy you will submit to multiple article directories. Just make sure that ezinearticles and articlesnatch get unique articles that are not posted anywhere else.

At first this will take you a few hours, but as you become more proficient it will take about an hour to an hour and a half.

Make sure you link from the article directories back to your blog.

adding 500 visitors a day to your blogStep 2

The second part to adding 500 visitors per day to your blog is through the video producing that I talked about earlier.

Yep, make a video everyday as well. This should be about a 5 min video or LESS and you upload it right away to YouTube. Don’t try to rehearse, just be yourself, turn on the camera and talk.

Upload the video to YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo at the bare minimum. Also make sure you put links back to your articles or blog posts in the description.

Step 3

Promote links to your blog post, articles and videos on your social media accounts (hope you are “friend-ing” people!). Stay with the main sites like g+, facebook and twitter. Post in groups on facebook as well.

You may also want to post on forums that are within your niche also.

Think you have what it takes to generate 500+ visitors a day to your site? Then go for it. As I said above adding 500 visitors a day to your blog is not difficult, but it does require work – hard work – yet the benefits will be huge when you start that flow of traffic. Make sure that you are creating good content and not a bunch of crap. People will come back when there is some value associated to your marketing prowess!

Have fun and start adding 500 visitors a day to your blog starting now!

Have a Question? Send me an email at mark@markgrahammarketing.com


adding 500 visitors a day to your blog