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Empower Network Is a Scam: Everyone Knows This, Right?

empower network is a scamI Didn’t Join Because The Empower Network is a Scam…Or is it?

OK, for whatever reasons that I have I still have not joined the Empower Network and the reason why is because the Empower Network is a scam. Doesn’t everyone know this?

Apparently not (and this might be a really good thing!)

For the life of me, I still don’t know how people come up with the idea that a particular business model or opportunity is a scam based on the evidence of a persons own failure within an organization of any type.

“Of course that business is a scam. I joined it and never made a dime.” – This is usually how the whole idea of businesses being nothing more than scams probably comes about…some loser that never learned, wasn’t willing to learn on their own or whatever the circumstances may be signed up to a business, never really did anything to promote it and wondered why they didn’t make money with it. Oh, I know, because this thing is really a scam dressed in biz op clothing!

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Empower Network is a Scam When Someone Doesn’t Make Money? That’s a Personal Problem!

Most businesses with a reasonably designed compensation plan of some sort are not scams. Yes, some are better than others and some out there should probably never be put into motion as a business in the first place, but this doesn’t mean that these business opportunities are scams.

And while I’m on this little rant – just because you don’t make any money with a business opportunity does not officially make it a scam….dork!

Now, with that off of my chest how many people out there really believe that the Empower Network is really a scam?

I guess I should go with a little bit of a review here and so…here is comes…

First: If the Empower Network is a scam then how are new people making so much money with this program?

Look, I always throw this out in many of my trainings – especially when I am discussing a business with a network marketing business model of some sort, but the deal is this: Making money online has very little to do with a particular business model or business. Making money online has more to do with your ability to promote and market you business to a market of people.

Scam = I Didn’t Make Money So The Business Must be Flawed, Not Me!

So does that mean that the Empower Network is not a scam then? What that statement really means is that there are really not as many so called “scams” out there as people would like you to believe. Just because a person didn’t make money with a particular business model or business opportunity does not mean that the whole business model or opportunity is a scam…it just means that the person talking about all of this needs a bit more training.

One of the gifts that you can give to yourself when it comes to the Internet is to learn how to market and promote your own opportunity online. If you have not joined a particular opportunity then maybe you should look at the Empower Network by clicking HERE to see if it is something you may want to check out for yourself.

Remember, you will hear people tell you that the Empower Network is a scam, but since there are people everyday that are receiving money and making the system work shouldn’t you really question their motives for trying to “save” you?


How to Build a Squeeze Page That Gets Results

Learn How to Build a Squeeze Page and Generate Leads

Learning how to build a squeeze page is one of those skills that most successful online marketers master in a short period of time.


Because a well developed squeeze page can deliver a ton of leads for anyone that is building a business online, so it’s pretty important stuff that I’m talking about here. The question for most is, “how do I build a squeeze page?” For others, the question might be, “What the heck is a squeeze page?”

What is a Squeeze Page?

A squeeze page is nothing more than a web page that asks for a name and email address usually in exchange for something that the prospect is looking for. Sometimes the page will provide a video with information about a product that will be delivered once the information (name, email address, phone, etc.) is submitted.

how to build a squeeze page that gets results

The above squeeze or “capture” page is an example of a very simple squeeze page with a video and you need to learn how to build a squeeze page like this one to generate leads.

In the video of the above capture page, I give about a one minute presentation on what I am offering, in this case free online marketing training. People that are interested (my target audience) may submit their information and in return, I will send them information about how to get the marketing training that they are looking for.

How to Build a Squeeze Page Using Simple Web Tools

People new to the Internet and new to promoting an online business want to create capture pages that they can promote their business, once they learn how quickly they can generate leads with them and while I could sit here and write a complete eBook explaining a couple of different ways to build capture pages, but…

…you can use a very simple program to start promoting a business opportunity right away, this program is called All in One Profits and for $10 bucks a month you can generate as many squeeze/capture pages that you require and many more to test out. Within a very short period of time you will create a capture page that actually starts drawing in many leads per month.

This is the program we at the Elite Marketing Systems Group uses to teach people, new and experienced, how to start generating their own leads because buying leads very seldom works.

Now Start Building Your Pages

I can give you all of the resources you need to generate all of the leads you will ever need to promote your business. I can show you how to generate these leads without calling people on the phone, without harassing your friends and family and without feeling like a loser.

What I can’t do is take the action for you. You must take the proverbial “bull by the horns,” get out there and start creating your pages, get the domain name and forward it to your pages and then start promoting that link in as many places and as many ways as possible!

Learning how to build a squeeze page is one of those game changing skills that every marketer needs to have in their toolbox, but it ultimately is up to you to take the next step, get the training and move your business efforts to the next level.


Are You Being Rewarded For Your Time and Efforts?

Reward Equals Success – Take the Little Ones and Move Forward!

Are you being rewarded for your time and efforts in terms of building your blog or promoting your online business? If you aren’t, chances are that you are thinking about quitting if you haven’t already.

I just read a cool article on Social Triggers about rewards. In an article about why most bloggers fail, Derek Halpern discusses some of the psychological factors about why people quit their blogs and one of the biggest reasons? A lack of reward.

You see people aren’t really all that afraid of work, especially when it comes to building their own business, but they still are going to have to have some type of a reward associated with busting their butts on their website.

Without a reward it becomes very tough to continue with your efforts.

If you are not getting any results from your efforts and I’m talking weeks of poor results, not a few days, then you are likely in need of a change. If something isn’t working then move onto a technique that does bring the results you are looking for.

Anyway, I hope you like the podcasat….see you on the next one…


See you at the top!



This podcast deals with how solving other people’s problems equals your online success and I have found this to be quite true.

What’s the number one way to become successful online? Solve the problems that other people have.

As an online entrepreneur and mentor, solving other people’s problems equals your online success especially when you are talking about any sort of business opportunity that requires coaching and mentoring – and what online business doesn’t?

People come online with all sorts of expectation, many unrealistic, but soon learn that there are many different skills that they must acquire and become proficient with to succeed online. Many people just quit, but many more decide to at least “give it a try.”

While I’m not really into “giving it a try” all that much – I’m an advocate of doing – solving other people’s problems in terms of helping them learn how to set up a blog, generate some traffic, create capture pages, etc. is a perfect way for you to be able to use the skills that you currently possess and help out a budding online entrepreneur.

“I’m not an expert though. What do I do? How can I help?”

I get these questions quite often…and believe it or not, I used to feel this way. I used to wonder how I could show people how to generate an income when I had not found my own success, but I kept on writing and creating content and eventually I learned how to get on the first page of Google and quite often found the number one position for my key phrases.

So is the answer to “fake” your success….no, it’s not (honesty really is the best policy here.)

The solution to this problem is very simple. Those individuals that have a challenge or a problem are the folks you need to send to someone that DOES have the information and does have the experience to be considered at least a proficient teacher if not an expert.

People that struggle with how to market their business online can go to the Elite Marketing Systems Group and learn some simple methods for building capture pages and posting these pages to generate leads. These folks can promote their own business or the EMSG system – either way a person can start generating leads almost right away.


Training You Need to Succeed Online

Are you getting the training you need to succeed online?

A lot of folks are coming online with a perception that generating an income online is going to be simple and that you don’t really need to work that hard, but these men and women are going to find a surprise waiting for them called reality.

training you need to succeed online

FREE Online Marketing Training!

What is the Training You Need to Succeed Online?

Getting the specific training you need to succeed online can be a dicey proposition.


Because there are so m

any different business models and businesses in general, trying to find a “one size fits all” sort of training doesn’t always work.

You can join a business that will require that you learn how to recruit people, like a network marketing business, or you can start a business that requires you perform a lot of research. The training you need to succeed online may vary quite a bit from one business to another.

The Training You Need to Succeed Online Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

If you have been online for any length of time, you may have noticed that there are some common strategies that just about all businesses use and ironically enough some of these are very simple.

One of the techniques that I use when training folks to market online is a capture page/email technique.

What is this technique? It goes something like this:

  1.  Create a capture page for your business
  2. Develop an email campaign that you attach to your capture page
  3. Post links EVERYWHERE!

This is all there is to it.

With the right tools and about a week to put it all together, you can start generating leads right away. The great thing about this particular method is that, other than posting the links, your efforts are on auto-pilot…at least the email portion.

And don’t just think your emails need to be all text, mix it up. Use links to videos, podcasts, articles…whatever it may be, pack information in your emails, information that offers value.

Getting Your Online Education Will Provide Big Returns

The training you need to succeed online, the education you obtain, is going to help you succeed online over and over and over.

Many don’t realize this, but marketers with the developed skills can generally find a product, service or business opportunity and within a few weeks or a couple of months start generating income from whatever it is that they started marketing. This is how powerful getting the right training can be.

Everyone coming to the Internet world is going to need this knowledge. No one comes here with the skill set necessary to go out and make a lot of money – we all need training of one sort or another and those that embrace this idea are already a long ways down the road to online success.