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All in One Profits Blog is up!

all in one profits blogAll In One Profits Blog Site

Hey folks, yep, if you didn’t know it I have an All in One Profits blog that I promote…or am going to start promoting…titled All in One Profits Opportunity.

This blog site is dedicated to the All in One Profits business opportunity (obviously) and will include information about the business as well as training videos, audios and some pdf files!

If you are not familiar with the All in One Profits program here’s the skinny…

All in One Profits is a tool suite AND business opportunity rolled into one. Now I’m not going to go all into here on this site, I’d just rather you check out the AIOP blog site.


I do recommend that you at least check out the program pretty well because all of the training I do with the Elite Marketing Systems Group is based on the AIOP platform.

And before you think, “Ah ha! He’s trying to get us!” The AIOP system offers everything you need to build your current business INCLUDING HOSTING YOUR OWN WORDPRESS BLOG for a mere $11.50 per month.

One you bring just 1 person into the fold, your per month payment is taken care of…well $10 bucks is as there is a $1.50 admin expense.

So, it’s quite worth it.

Anyway, check out the All in One Profits Blog by going to http://allinoneprofitsopportunity.com

all in one profits blog

You can check out the pertinent details about this program by clicking on the banner above or you can just check out the blog site itself.

I also am producing quite a few videos about the program – hopefully the scam busting crowd won’t try to close them all down – and I will post them on other sites other than just YouTube.

I highly recommend this particular program because it works. I haven’t actively promoted this site or program in some time and still generate leads and members on a slow, but regular basis.

In the coming weeks I will start promoting the all in one profits blog as well as the program itself using the AIOP suite of tools to do so and a few advertising sites I have found along the way (you may want to check out our free training!)

Anyway, check it out, if you like what you see then sign up, if not then have a good one and we’ll see you next time!

I’ll see you at the top!


12 Steps of Starting a New Online Business

Starting A New Online Business Begins with Research

When you are starting a new online business, the first thing that you need to think about is what type of business you want to get involved with…and with the amount of business opportunities out there this is no easy task.

There are a few factors that you can look at when deciding on a new online business. Some of these factors that will determine what type of online business you should start are:

  1. Do you want your business to be product or service driven
  2. Can you generate income immediately or is this a long-term process
  3. Low tier (low or small ticket) or Large tier (big ticket item)
  4. Do you need to build a team of distributors to earn big money
  5. Is your opportunity isolated to online marketing methods? Offline methods?
  6. How much time will be required to build your business? How many hours per day, per week, etc?
  7. How many resources will need to be tied up into this one opportunity?
  8. What is the risk/reward factor?
  9. How will this business affect your current relationships?
  10. Do you believe in this business? Does this business excite you?
  11. How long has this opportunity been around? Is it in pre-launch? Is it an established company with a positive history?
  12. Mentorship – Is there someone already out there

As you can see, when starting a new online business there are tons of things to think about and the list above is just a small sampling of the questions you could ask when it comes to your own unique situation.

With a Product or Without One, What’s Better?

There are many different business models out there that someone, with the right IM training, can find success with. Some of these models are product driven and some are not.

For those businesses that are product driven, you want to make sure that it is a product you like and believe in, something that you won’t have any problems getting involved with and that you can promote without any hesitations.

The litmus test for getting involved with a business with a product is to determine whether you need an opportunity with the product or could you just promote the product alone.

If the answer is yes, you can exist with just the product then you may want to give it a shot.

If, however, you do not want to just promote the product then I would suggest that you continue to look for something that you can put your heart into.

Starting a New Online Business and Building a Team

Some business opportunities require you to build a team of distributors and this will often time require that you have some serious “people skills.”

If you do not have a strong sales or hospitality background, are not a people person then I can promise you that it will be a struggle for you to build this type of business opportunity.

On the other hand, if you are one of those folks that have never met a stranger then you might want to jump right into this type of business opportunity.

Most network marketing opportunities require that you jump out there and build a strong team of distributors before you start seeing that big money, but if you don’t have any problems building an organization of marketers then you might want to start researching different network marketing companies.

Your Available Resources

One of the things that a lot of people don’t think about when researching a business to get involved with is the available resources that they have for such things as advertising and promoting.

Once someone understands how much an opportunity might cost to get involved with they forget that this expense is usually just the start.

As mentioned above, there are additional costs when starting a new business, even when it comes to starting a new online business.

These additional costs might include creating or outsourcing marketing materials and, of course, advertising your business. Even if you are planning on using a lot of free marketing methods, you may have some costs in terms of tools for promoting your articles and videos on a larger scale.

Summing It All Up

As you can see, when you are starting a new online business there are many factors to consider and taking the time to develop your own “must have” list can put you in a position to find the right type of business that will fit your needs.

Finding something that you are passionate about is also important because starting a new online business can be a struggle and can require a lot of your time so all of that can become a LOT of work if you are that passionate about what you are doing.

If you do have a lot of interest in the opportunity you are promoting then building your business may not seem like work at all.

Using the 12 steps above is a good starting point when you are looking to start a new online business and, as you can see, there are additional factors that you may want to consider as you build your own unique, custom search list.

The upside is that the lifestyle possibilities for those that find success with a new online business can be unlimited.

The real question is what do you want? Once you figure that out….all I can really say is go for it!



Finding a New Program to Join

A New Program…Again?

Yep, I’m on the hunt.

I’m on the hunt for a new program that I can promote without having to worry about some jackass telling me I am breaking some obscure, gray area law that seems to be the whole and entire reason why there are people out there that lose money.


People have everything to do with their own failures and their own successes. Very seldom is it a program.

And while I’m still on that same rant, I am still going to find a program (yes, a less controversial program than gifting) to show folks that it ain’t about the program!

Where to Start Looking for a New Program to Join

First things first, we must start looking for the program itself.

I think this calls for a google and bing search, but I also have to develop some parameters, a guide as to what type of program I need to think about getting involved with.

Should it be a low-ticket item? A network marketing program? Something in direct marketing perhaps?

There are a LOT of choices, but I think for this one we will go with something very, very low-risk in terms of capital that is at risk and something that is product driven.

Either an affiliate program of some sort or network marketing.

So, I am off to start the process of finding my “perfect” business. Well, probably not perfect, but good enough to make some money business.

Let’s see how I do!

See you at the top!


Changes to Elite Marketing Systems Group and More!

Closing down EMSG

Hi folks!

While it has been an honor serving and helping everyone out there that I can, I must say that I have come to the decision to shut down EMSG and my YouTube channel associated with this group.

It was my sincere wish that I could help as many people as possible with our free training, but the truth is that I am tired of fighting and arguing with those that have been harassing me in the last 2 months.

I thought I would be willing to fight this out for as long as it took, but I am wrong. I can’t fight what I can’t see and these cowards always kept themselves “in the dark.”

With that said, it’s been a lot of fun and I hope you folks will continue your efforts to find your niche and find the information you need for online success. I will still be here, but just promoting my own programs rather than teaching.

Good luck to all and if you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to call or contact me.

Wouldn’t That Be Nice??? Me, Close Down EMSG…NEVER!

I know that drivel above sounds good to some folks….you know, those asses that believe that they need to monitor everyone’s personal decision to get involved in something they disagree with.

I will not promote gifting on the EMSG site or even this one…why? Because it’s too damn important to help people try to earn a secondary income or to help them build an income from scratch and these hall monitor types will be more than happy to go through this site and make sure that ANYTHING I have created that even comes close to violating the TOS of this hosting account will be reported.

Yes, these folks are this perverted.

Shouldn’t I Embrace RealScam.com and It’s Members?



Because they aren’t really interested in exposing real scams, rather they are interested in harassing people that are genuinely interested in generating income for themselves through a variety of programs – they even went after Mary Kay – rather than going after people that are truly interested in screwing people out of their money.

I don’t like this type of person. I’m not saying there are people out there that do not take advantage of people and if they went after those folks I probably would be a bit more sympathetic, but there are some folks out there that they have tried to destroy and have sunken to the lowest of lows because they feel that what they are doing is morally right…I just disagree with them and their tactics of lying about people and people’s intentions. (How would they know what someone’s intentions were anyway?)

Yep, some of these folks I have had on the phone crying about the way they have been treated…but here’s the deal…to hell with that bunch. We keep on moving, we keep pushing….and in the end we will win!

Have fun gang…and I will see you at the top!



Marketing Online with a Blog

marketing online with a blogI First Started Marketing Online With a Blog

I have been using blogs to market my opportunities ever since I first started promoting anything online.

At first, I didn’t really know what I was doing…not really sure that I know now either, but one thing is clear and that is that I still use blogs to promote my business opportunities and to promote myself as well.

What I like most about setting up blogs has to do with me more than the promotional abilities of the blog itself. You see, I like to write. I enjoy writing and I can generally put out a lot of information in a fairly short amount of time.

This “content creation” is great for blogs since many rankings on the main search engines out there have a lot to do with consistent posting.

Yes, you need to be creating some quality content, no doubt about that, but you really need to be very consistent – and at times persistent – with your blog posting.

Marketing Consistently With Your Blog

So how do you go about being a busy blogger?

It’s not as difficult as you may think. I would advise anyone starting out with a blog to just start writing and not to worry about how much you write or how long those blog posts are…you just want to start posting.

Yes, as time moves on you will want to start posting more quality type of content and probably writing about 500 to 700 words or more, but at first it’s just important to write and post. Be consistent!

Blogs Rank Well on Google

Marketing online with a blog is great for another reason and that reason is…

…google rewards bloggers that post consistently with fresh and original content. You can literally take a new blog and start ranking well on Google within a couple of weeks.

You may not rank well for all of the key phrases that you are going for, but with additional promoting you can see your blog rank well for a number of phrases.

This is one of the absolutely best ways to generate targeted leads.

marketing online with a blogMarketing Online With a Blog is Cost Effective!

Blogging is free!

Yep, you can create a blog at WordPress.com or Blogger.com and start blogging away until your heart is content.

While I prefer to purchase a unique domain name, like markgrahammarketing.com or makemoneyonlineanywhere.com, and apply these domains to a WordPress.org site…that’s .org NOT .com…it isn’t 100% necessary.

For many, starting a blogger blog works well enough, after all, it’s about using this blogging platform to provide information for your product, service or opportunity and generating targeted visitors to that information.

A free or hosted blog will do this for you.

Why do I choose a hosted blog? Because I like to have the control over my content and I don’t want to wake up one day, find that I have violated some obscure Google or WordPress.com rule and lose all that I have worked for.

Yes, it has happened to me before (with a YouTube account).

marketing online with a blogTake Action and Setup That Blog Now

Marketing online with a blog can be a effective means for you to get your information or opportunities out there to the cyber world.

As I stated early on, I have used blogs for my programs and I have generated plenty of traffic from them.

There are some tools that I would think about using if you are going to be marketing online with a blog though. Tools like the Unique Article Wizard and a keyword research tool like Market Samurai or Jaaxy.

While the tools aren’t a necessity, they can and do make life quite a bit easier.

For me, just being able to write and get the information out there is what is most important and I just enjoy marketing online with a blog for any niche that I am promoting, but blogging isn’t for everyone.

If you do find that you want to start promoting your business with a blog then I would suggest that you not wait any longer, grab a blog at blogger.com or wordpress.com and start writing.

Marketing with a blog can be a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun getting your ideas and stuff out there!