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Testing New Traffic Resources

This one is just an update as to what I am working on folks.

I’ve been working on trying to find good, strong traffic resources and not just any type of traffic either. I’m talking solo ads and using third party folks to generate traffic.

testing new traffic resourcesTraffic from China? No Good!

So here’s the deal. I’ve been going to fiverr.com in an effort to find someone over there that has a good traffic source, good for affiliate marketing and for marketing just about anything related to the internet marketing business and work from home niches.

Now these are tough categories in the first place and to be honest with you, five bucks is not a great deal of money to pay for any type of traffic whether it be from a good source or a not so good source.

The fiverr “gigs” that I have ordered so far –  this is a two day period – have produced over 6000 clicks to three different URLs.

I posted a link to a video, a buzzfeed post and an affiliate offer. I focused 2 solo ads on the affiliate offer and these 2 gigs brought me well over 3,200 clicks in a 24 hour period with NO SALES WHAT SO EVER!


Most of the traffic is from China and maybe even robotic. It’s like throwing five dollars out the window just because as this traffic will NEVER pan out.

Social Media Responses

I can’t really say that the other two gigs were any better. I got quite a number of responses, almost 1,800 clicks to my buzzfeed post, but I didn’t get any responses to my offer from here either. I suspect that much of this traffic was bot traffic.

Once again, this is a real bummer in terms of purchasing traffic/clicks and was equal to me just burning the money up with no results.

Testing New Traaffic ResourcesBack to the Drawing Board

I will never give up!

This is my mantra for the moment, because I know that I will find a good, inexpensive source of traffic out there somewhere. I just can’t believe all of the gigs on fiverr related to traffic are this poor, but I will be more vigilant in terms of who I purchase gigs from and how much research into these gigs I perform.

A second thing that I should mention is that I did not set up my own lead capture page to send any of this traffic to and I will be doing that with my All in One Profits splash page. I will create the splash page using the AIOP tools and will video everything including results good or bad.

Eventually, I suspect that we will find a decent source of traffic on fiverr and when that happens you will be the first to know!d


Making Money Online the Easy Way

Making Money Online Requires Listening, Learning and Realizing

Today I realized something about marketing and making money online the “easy” way…yep, even I, Mark “the Hard head” realized something today!

I say that I realized it, not learned it for a reason. I have heard over and over through the years about some of the methods and techniques that I was reintroduced to today and for whatever reason I have chosen not to take the plunge into using some of these methods.

The difference today is how this will effect not only me, but also all of the team members and the future prospects of the Elite Marketing Systems Group.

Don’t start thinking that all of the things I have been exposed to today is negative. On the contrary, much of the information that I have been re-introduced to is very positive because I know that it all works.

So why is there a problem at all? Why am I writing this post?

Because, while I’m ready to get out there and show people exactly how to implement marketing strategies, techniques and methods, I also want to make sure that students and members are getting the best and most up-to-date marketing methods available.

With all of that said, I’m letting everyone know that I will be putting the EMSG training on hold until I have the “Ultimate” training package put together and can show people how making money online the easy way is an actual statement of fact.

Stay tuned to this website and the Elite Marketing Systems Group website for updates and some awesome training videos coming up!


Finding Success in 90 Days

90 days to mlm success90 Days to MLM Success

I don’t always write about network marketing, but I did write an article today about 90 days to mlm success based on the premise that you can succeed in the network marketing industry within a few short months.

I don’t necessarily think that 90 days is going to do be the end all and be all of online marketing, but I have found that in 60 to 90 days of consistent and persistent effort applied towards an mlm or some other online business model usually produces significant results that just about anyone can achieve…

…anyone that is willing to put forth the effort that is!

Why 90 days?

Why 90 days to mlm success, or any other success for that matter? I’m not sure what the deal is here, but 90 days seems to work very well with the search engines, especially google.

If you are producing videos about your business opportunity or your niche industry then 90 days will start to get you ranking very well within the YouTube community. Just something about that 90 day period.

How Does it Work?

You know what? I’m not sure how the whole 90 day thing works because I’m not a technical guy. Not technical and don’t want to be. I’m a doer and a guy who likes to build online opportunities up.

What I suspect is this:

  • Consistent effort is rewarded by Google whether it is with blogging, article marketing or video marketing. Google loves active websites and fresh content so your “stuff” rises in search engine ranking pages (serp’s)
  • 90 days seems to be a period of time where articles and videos start to get a lot of traction in terms of organic and maybe not-so-organic linking, which causes your content to rise in popularity and start to generate quite a bit of traffic and start building an audience.
  • 90 days of consistent effort is probably more than what 95% of all marketers will ever do so your brand becomes more and more known and “solid,” you are that marketer that people are seeing more and more of.

Online Success in 90 Days Not a Magical Secret

If you are serious about wanting to build a direct marketing business or a network marketing business online you can and you can do it – or at least lay down a solid foundation – in 90 days or so. Yep, maybe 78 days or possibly 111 days.

The key here is not to ever give up! Be consistent…be persistent. You WILL see results if you put forth the effort, develop the content and get out there and promote for 3 months.

If you aren’t willing to put forth that solid 90 day effort then I would have to say that you probably aren’t going to find success with anything out there. Dare to be different, dare to lead and dare to succeed.

See you at the top!


Free Internet Marketing Tools

free internet marketing toolsPromoting Your Business with Free Internet Marketing Tools

There are tons of free internet marketing tools online that you can use to promote just about any business online. The difficulty can be sorting through all of the tools out there and finding which ones actually work.

I have been using specific tools for a few years now and have had some pretty good results in terms of getting my blogs to rank well on the Google search engine.

What Are the Free Internet Marketing Tools That I Use

There are some specific tools that I use to generate traffic to my site and to get “things” out there on the Internet.

While I talk about free internet marketing tools, there are a couple that I do pay for, but the costs are ridiculously inexpensive.

For example, socialmonkee.com is a tool used for submitting bookmarks and costs $7 for a basic membership which will provide 750 potential backlinks to your sites. The $7 is a lifetime membership, so it’s a one time cost.

Another great tool for generating some quick leads is imautomator.com, which will also provide 25 links per submission. This tool costs me $4.99 per month and is also more than worth it.

Now, as far as the free internet marketing tools that I use, hootsuite.com is a fantastic tool for submitting to social media sites like facebook, linkedin and twitter.

Turning Web 2.0 Sites Marketing Tools

If you haven’t figured it out yet, YouTube and some of the other hosting sites out there can be fantastic tools for marketing (video marketing) as well as excellent research tools.

Squidoo is an excellent site for promoting an opportunity online and creating squidoo “lenses” takes just a bit of time and returns big results in terms of both potential prospects AND high page rank links  – squidoo currently has a page rank of 7!

Traditional Marketing Tools

While I know that article directories are not necessarily considered tools, there are free internet marketing tools like Free Article Submission Tool. This tool is a tracking tool that will help keep you organized as you manually submit your articles to different article directory sites helping you get the biggest bang for your buck!

Marketing online can be challenging, but once you learn how to become efficient and more importantly, effective, online marketing can be very satisfying. Using free internet marketing tools is just another way that you can promote your opportunities online and start generating income from home.


Watch Me Build a Business Step by Step!

I’m Going to Build a Business Step by Step and I’m Going to Show You How To Do The Same Thing!

I’m finally gonna do it! I’m going to build a business from the ground up, step by step and you can look over my shoulder and watch my every move. You will see some of my mistakes – yep, I still make them! – and you will see my victories as well!

The key here is that you can see exactly how I build businesses online AND you can use this same information to build any business online that you want!

You know the Chinese proverb, “Give a man a fish and feed him for the day, Teach a man to fish and feed him for life.” Hopefully, that is what I am going to be doing with this video series and hopefully, you and others like you will be “fed” for life!

I will be providing snippets of this video training here and there, but to see the whole series from start to finish, go to the EMSG Application page and sign up! Get going now and learn how to promote your business online!

Hope you enjoy the video!