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Experimenting and Testing

Just wanted to sort of update everyone and let you know that I have been out here testing a LOT of methods of website/program promotion and there is some fantastic news!

If everything continues to go right, I will have a working system up within the month that ANYONE can use to start making some real money. If the numbers work the way the way I think that they should, you can generate a six figure income within just a few months working very little.

Now I know this sounds like a bunch of b.s., and you that know me know that I am not into hype, but I’ve re-discovered (I’m sure it’s not new) a way to generate tons of highly targeted visitors and convert those visitors with very, very little effort.

The system I am talking about will take about a day to set up…say 8 hours…and then after that will require about a 4 hour a week “maintenance” commitment.

This should revolutionize everything we do at the Elite Marketing Systems Group and insure that EVERYONE that gets involved will make money!

As I get closer to the “launch” date, I will send everyone and email!

See you at the top!


Tools to Build Your Business

Online Tools to Build Your Online Business

No matter what it is that you are promoting online, there are tools that you should take a look at and the All in One Profits program is one of those gems in the rough that you might want to get involved with to help you promote your online business or opportunity.

The following video will go over the All in One Profits tools that you might want to use to build your business.


How Rich People Think Differently Than Average People

Do the Rich Really Think Differently Than Average Folk?

Do rich people really think differently than those that are not wealth? The answer is a big fat YES!

I’m always talking about mindset and what not, but today I found an article that really gets down to it, so I’m going to post a link to the article here….under this awesome video!

Watch the video…comment if you’d like…and I’ll see you on the next one!

 Check out the article by clicking HERE!


Is Link Building Dead?

link buildingHas Google Killed Link Building Off for Good?

So, is link building really dead? Does it no longer work?

Ah, well….No

What has happened over the last year or so is that Google has become much better at creating an algorithm that is able to recognize good content versus crap, spam content.

And as a marketer and someone that is trying to stay on top of the Google search engine results, I’m telling you that change is something you need to make friends with.

I doubt if all link building will ever be a thing of the past, but I can tell you that linking to a main site with thinly built blogger blogs is probably a thing of the past…and quite frankly should be.

Link Building Still Works You Say?

Link building, to some extent, will always be a viable method for ranking your site on the search engines…there’s just no way around this, but how Google does this (and make no mistake about it, Google is still the big internet boss man) is different than before.

Google is actually getting pretty good at detecting spammy, weak content.

The lesson here is DON’T DO CRAP!

I have built some of the spammiest and crummiest blogs online for the work from home niche…I will not lie about it. When I first started marketing online this was the “standard” and how we ranked well for specific keywords and phrases.

We would build huge “link farms” or “blog farms” in order to get a good number of links back to our websites as this was how Google determined if a site was popular and therefore if they should be rewarded with a first page or number #1 ranking on their search engine results page.

At one time I had over fifty blogs dedicated to doing nothing more than generating links back to my main blog site. Today, I’m a little more careful.

No apologies for the past here, but I must admit that I am interested in aiming a bit higher and creating content that has value to it…a LOT of value. I mean c’mon, the main reason we did this stuff in the first place was to build and audience and…

…dare I say it…

…make money!!!

Yep, slimy capitalists! I’m one of the biggest and I have absolutely no regrets about that either, but I don’t want to digress here into some political diatribe.

I do want to use the Internet to make money. The reasons for this are my own, but let’s just say I like freedom and am not interested in economic slavery.

Back to the lesson at hand….build great content and work on that first rather than building links from one poorly ranking site to another and then back to yours.

And like I said, I’ve been a big offender in the past and it’s tough getting out of the spider’s web once caught, but it can be done.

link buildingBuilding Links That Work

OK, so the first step is creating good…no, great content. What’s next?

Well, Google still looks at the links coming in from other sites to yours, but not as much. The one area where they really have changed is in the “social approval” from the average users out there.

That means more g+ likes, more facebook likes, more facebook sharing, more comments on social sites AND your site, twitter retweets, etc.

The popularity of your site now depends on you getting good content out to folks that are looking for it and their approval of it. That approval is shown through the sharing of your content through out the social media world, especially with facebook and google+.

With that said, what do we need to do?

There are still ways to game the system – and there always will be. For better or worse when there is a way to generate money there will always be a market for skills that most of us just don’t possess.

Admittedly, I pay for results and I spend more time looking for outsourcing resources that can generate content, likes, views, and comments for my sites than I spend on generating this approval from the common man, or woman, naturally.


Because I want to make money. I want to live a lifestyle that most will never know about and I am willing to do just about anything for that.

Now while this might seem to be a quick fix solution to a bigger problem, a quick fix solution simply equates to becoming a more streamlined and efficient marketer and while you purists don’t have to like this, you should just accept it.

As long as there is a way to make money online, there will be people looking for and taking the short cuts to those pots of gold.

So, there are still some sites and services out there that will promote your site and your site’s content that work. I’m not going to mention them in this post because…well, I want to reserve that for MY team and those that sign up to programs with me.

Web 2.0 properties are still viable options, sites like YouTube are still doing very well and if you can figure out how to rank well there then I can tell you that it is an excellent method for generating a LOT of visitors to your site or to your offers.

As far as specifics are concerned, if you want to know what I am doing to start ranking well and generating targeted traffic, sign up with one of my programs and I’ll be more than happy to show you!

See you at the top!


Using Fiverr.com

Using Fiverr.com for To Promote Your Siteusing fiverr

Just about every marketer out there, especially when they first get online and try their hand at marketing, will look to buy leads or to buy traffic for their site.

It seems ridiculous that you have been writing on a blog for weeks and you still only get about 5 or 6 visitors a day to your site. I mean you’ve heard of bloggers getting tens of thousands of visitors to their site on a daily basis…what are you doing wrong?

To be honest with you, nothing is really “wrong.”

Building an audience for a blog or any other site can be a monumental and tedious task and so a lot of people will opt to outsource much of this work.

The question is, do sites like fiverr.com that offer traffic for a price really work?

I’ve used fiverr.com a number of times for different reasons and while you can purchase traffic to your site, I prefer to use fiverr a little differently.

Yes, I still use fiverr to promote my sites, but not in the manner that you might think.

Fiverr.com and Website Creation

The folks at fiverr that are offering jobs or “gigs” as they are referred to, will do a variety of things for you for $5 bucks.

You can upgrade many of these gigs with extras, which will also cost extra.

I recommend using fiverr for things like splash page creation, WordPress creation and coding and things along these lines. You can have image files designed that can be used to promote things on craigslist and just about any HTML coding that you need done can happen for a very low price.

As far as straight up traffic generation, I prefer to do things a little differently when I use fiverr.

First let me say this, I don’t believe that you are going to get a ton of “real” visits to your site, your videos, your article, etc. from the fine folks at fiverr.

So why use fiverr?

Because sometimes just getting views to a site is enough to push it over the edge when it comes to Google or some other search engine ranking you on page 1 and if you are trying to rank on the first page for many different key phrases then you are definitely going to want to make sure that you are on the first page for most of them!

What I recommend is this…

…create web 2.0 properties such as YouTube, blogger and squidoo accounts. You can even do this with article marketing sites.

Once you develop the site a bit with an article or a video, go to fiverr and promote that video with views and maybe some SEO work. Within a few days you should be ranking on the first page of Google and possibly even YouTube for your key phrases.

Of course, you want to make sure that the key phrases you are going for get a decent amount of traffic in the first place.

Once you are ranking….and if you have put your URL in the description or in the author’s resource box (for articles, of course) then you should start getting some traffic headed your way.

Yes, this is a very indirect way of generating traffic and can take some time, but it is effective and generally speaking those visitors that you do get coming to your main site are the ones that are targeted and ready to go!

Remember, you also get the link juice from your web 2.0 sites as well and this will help your main site increase it’s ranking value on the search engines.

Good luck and check out my newest YouTube channel by CLICKING HERE….I’ve already got a video up that I am using the above technique with and am producing a video series showing my results….hope it all works out!