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Online Scam Busters: aka Self Righteous Know it Alls!

Yep, another rant…just what you wanted to hear, I’m sure!

This rant however has a bit of a theme to it…so it’s a structured thought of some sort? Well, not really, but I do believe it is time to come out and say what the hell is on my mind about these folks harassing people who are working hard to earn a living from Internet marketing.

I am, of course, referring to those self anointed online scam busters.

Now, some of you have seen that I started promoting The People’s Program again….yes, and no.

I mean, I haven’t really been promoting at all…nothing, really.

I am too busy trying to complete some jobs that I started with the plumbing business (don’t ask me why I went back to that this summer…it doesn’t make any sense to me!)

Anyway, I have been working on finishing up my obligations there, so I haven’t been promoting any business opportunity or activity at all.

I’ve even let my personal blogging go to the wayside a bit and I am seeing the repercussions of that choice – (be consistent!)

So now that I am coming back, and things are looking up, I have decided to start promoting TPP again.


Because when you know how to promote and market online, you can promote and market any activity out there and gifting is one of the best ways to generate a lot of cash very quickly.

So where do these online scam busters come into play?

It seems that there is a group of these folks cruising YouTube…and probably other sites and search engines…making sure that there is no one promoting anything that they deem illegal or “scammy.”

While I do understand that there are indeed marketers out there that are scamming people, I think there is a broad difference between someone who designs or participates in a program that is designed to scam people out of money and a program that is designed to generate cash like TPP.

What is that difference? The intent of the design of the program itself. One can generate cash, the other will not work is was never meant to work for someone.

The main problem with The People’s Program (and other similar gifting activities) for these folks is that there is not a “product,” although I would suggest that the idea alone is a product.

Thin ice you say? Perhaps, but the design of the system does not require that people you bring into the activity do well to assure your own success, nor does the success of someone that invited you to this activity have anything to do with your success.

If you know how to promote and market your activity effectively and efficiently online then you will generate cash.

Oversimplification? No, I don’t believe that it is.

So, why do I have a problem with the idiot YouTube “vigilante” police? Because they equate people who are truly trying to help others with those that are interested in screwing people for a buck – and there doesn’t seem to be a line between those that are just trying to make it and those that really want to take money from “little old ladies.”

This irks me to the core. Primarily because I know that anyone can take a program like TPP and generate cash with it – IF THEY TAKE THE TIME TO LEARN HOW TO.

A scam is a system or business DESIGNED for the purposes of stealing money from people or is a system or business DESIGNED for the marketer to lie to people in order to get them to sign up and get involved.

Most businesses or activities are NOT designed this way, but because marketer is very good at sales and is able to attract people to their program does not make them a “scammer” or their program a “scam.”

Yes, most people will fail with their online efforts, especially the first time round, but why?

For the most part, making money with any program online requires that you learn the ropes to online marketing and business and most people do not do this.

Another problem is perspective. Many folks think that by creating a website and advertising that website in a few place that they are going to find success. Perhaps some will, but the truth is that finding success online – with ANY program – requires that you either work your ass off or pay someone to work their ass off for you and most people aren’t prepared or have the discipline to do this.

Am I throwing everything back to the newbie, wannabe marketer?

Yes, to a certain extent I am, but experienced marketers also are at fault here. We should make sure that people understand that it’s no “cake walk” out here and be honest with what is required to generate an income.

Is making money online easy? I think it is, but I am also comparing that with the fact that I have worked in the construction industry for 20+ years and I KNOW what hard work is. Telling people about a program where they can generate hundreds or even thousands of dollars a day to their mailbox is NOT that hard.

Easy or not, in order to become a successful online marketer there are skills that have to be learned and perfected including sales skills. There is also a level of self-discipline that many do not have to become a successful online (or offline) entrepreneur that many have not developed.

So the online scam busters out there should really take a hard look at the real reasons for people failing to make the grade in the work from home niche that they are so self righteously guarding.

And let me say one more thing about the scam busting society – I despise you. For the most part, you stand for so many things that I think are wrong with society and freedom in general. You don’t care about free speech or free enterprise. You believe that adults must be protected, but sometimes we need to use common sense and learn hard lessons…even expensive ones, but you would not allow that because we must be protected and who else is qualified but you?

And what in fact qualifies you to “protect” the so-called “weak?” How do you know you are correct in your assumptions? Why not let people be free to choose what to do with their money and their time?

I think this is not about helping people or curbing the tide of illegal activity, but rather something a bit more sinister. I believe that it is all about control. You want to control outcomes and you think your way is the best way….a bit egocentric I think, but I truly believe that this is the case.

And why do you want that control over others, over what people have to say and express? What do you get from that? How do you benefit?

You say that it is about feeling good for “helping” people stay away from the scamsters?


You do it because you are unable to create anything on your own. You do it to feel better about your own failures. You do it because rather than embrace freedom and common sense, you seek a society filled with conformity and sheepish behavior.

And for every person you “save,” how many people who could have succeeded been averted from going out there and pushing themselves and found success? How many dreams have you crushed with your actions?

What you fail to realize is that MOST people who are marketing online successfully started off knowing nothing about the Internet or online business. Most of us were fed up with our jobs, with our bosses or with a way of life that no longer suited us.

Most of us just wanted to achieve something that others were unwilling to work towards and unwilling to sacrifice for.

When I first joined The People’s Program I had never marketed a thing on the Internet, but I was determined to “figure it out” and I’m still “figuring it out” to some extent.

This is what is required to find success. To be willing to go out there and be different, to walk away from the norm and choose to learn what has to be learned and do what has to be done.

We do these things not according to some “code” that YOU develop and approve of. We do things according to our dreams and visions and we HELP PEOPLE along the way. We become of service to others and rather than tear people down we try to build them up and tell them that they CAN do something, that they CAN succeed if they are willing to pay the price.

Unfortunately, you believe that the price is too steep and that you should not take a risk on a program or opportunity that isn’t guaranteed and that is where the scam really lies, In people coming to rely on what you have to say about this business, that opportunity or this activity when you have not succeeded with anything yourselves other than your criticisms.

For those of you that are willing to do the hard things, that are willing to walk away from your “comfort” zones and change your lives, we are here to help you and we will not quit on you and we will do what we need to do to make sure that you get your chance.

If you are truly in search of a way to generate cash online then I invite you to the world of gifting and also to a group that offers you online marketing training for free…yep, for free.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and you are ready for a change then welcome to the club! Join us, learn from us and let’s make those dreams become a reality.

I’ll see you at the top!


generate cash quickAn AhHa Moment!

For a long time now I have been marketing different programs that I felt offered the average person a good chance to join because of the cost of the program. What I mean by that is that I have always promoted an “economical” program in terms of being able to get started, something with a  low start up fee.

What I have realized over the past few weeks is that this might not be the way to go.


If you want to learn how to generate cash quickly online one of the things that you can control immediately is the cost of a program and the higher the cost, i.e. big-ticket vs. little-ticket programs, the more quickly you can generate income.

Oh, this doesn’t just apply to how quickly you can do this, but also how much money you can generate.

For example…

If my income goal is to earn a six figure income from home what will be easier, a program that I sell for twenty five dollars or a program that I sell for a thousand dollars?

And let’s just say that I earn 100% of the cash generated.

A lot of people might think that I will do better with a $25 or $50 dollar program because many more people will sign up, and to a certain extent that sort of makes sense, but the reality is something different.

The Beauty of Math

Let’s say it takes me 50 people opting into my capture page for 1 conversion, 1 final sale of my $25 dollar product. In order to generate $2000 dollars a week I need 80 sales which is 4000 opt-ins.

Let me just say that I do better with conversions than that and for every 50 people that opt in I actually make 3 sales! Now we’re rollin’!

I still need 80 sales, but now I only need 1333 opt-ins to make this thing all work out! That’s much better!

Now because I’m going after the big money, let’s say that I am using some paid advertising methods and I’m generating leads at a cost of .50 cents per lead. Not bad really….

.50 x 1,333 = $666.50

So it costs me $666.50 to generate those 1333 leads. I’m not netting my 2k a week, but I’m knocking down some decent bucks here!

Now, if I apply similar marketing methods to generate leads for a business that generates a thousand dollars per sale, what do I need?

Let’s say I only get 1 sale per 400 opt-ins. That’s a .25% conversion rate which is a very low with a targeted market, but I’m doing this to make a point.

These leads cost me .50 cents as well and to make 2 sales I need 800 opt-ins, which costs me $400 dollars to generate for two sales of 1k per conversion.

I’ve spent less money and made more sales. If I spent as much as I did in my first example I actually would have made 3 converting sales and netted $2,400 dollars per week.

One more thing, because all I did was focus on paid marketing campaigns, I only worked 4 hours this week generating all of my leads – (about 3 hours writing ad copy and emails for solo ad campaigns) Maybe I actually spent ten or fifteen bucks on fiverr.com getting someone else to write the ad copy and I only worked about 30 minutes putting up pay per click ads and submitting my emails to the solo ad companies.

Consider All Things When Marketing Online

When you consider all things, generating cash online fast really comes down to becoming a more efficient and effective marketer.

One more thing…

…assuming that both programs have a market that desires your program or opportunity or whatever does what you promote have ANYTHING to do with whether or not you made money?

No it doesn’t.

If you would like to see a program that generates a pretty good amount of money for me then check out The People’s Program by clicking on the banner below. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me at 254-433-8331 or send an email at mark@elitemarketingsystems.org

I’ll see you at the top!


Most People are Wimps

most people are whimpsYep, going off on an emotional twist tonight…I’ve pretty much gotten to the point where I’m just sick and tired of the bullshit.

Yes mom…I’ll try to keep my tongue civil.

Of course, I am right, there is a lot of bullshit to get sick and tired of

If you are on this blog looking for ways to generate income I’m going to assume that you have a bit of courage on your side, that you are not the type of person that would bow down to the boss man and you are the type of person that leads the way when it comes to entrepreneurship! Right?

Well, statistics show that most people are not that type of a person. Most people like and hunger for security versus an opportunity to break free of the norm, break the chains of slavery and move out into a world of financial and time freedom.

I like to call this “Absolute Freedom!” It’s as close as any of us will get I believe anyway…

But I must say, with all of these assumptions that I have made I can only come to one conclusion and that is that most people are either too damn scared to do what it takes to succeed online (or offline), i.e. they most people are wimps…


People are lying to me and telling me what they think that I want to hear.

I’m about to launch a fantastic opportunity again…yes, I’ve been involved before…and it is the cash gifting activity.


Because it works. It is probably the number one way that I EVER found to generate a LOT of cash very quickly.

I’ve never had a problem with gifting as I think it’s more honest than just about any other form of biz ops out there.

I mean let’s get this straight…

People come online to make money, not to fiddle with pills or lotions and potions…People want $CASH$!

So here’s the deal.

I’m going to start walking away from all of these bullshit programs – that may even be the All in One Profits program – and start building up the gifting activity hardcore! You can either join me or not.

If you do join me, I will do whatever I have to do to make sure that you generate as much cash as possible. I will turn the Elite Marketing Systems Group into a cash gifting university! We will teach people how to generate hundreds and even thousands of dollars a day

We will walk away from the “herd” and forge ahead creating awesome lifestyles!

Yes, it sounds weird, but I can promise you, with the right marketing and the right advertising, we will be pulling in a bunch of cash.


Or are you scared?

See you at the top!


How to Make 10,000 Dollars a Month Online

Make 10,000 Dollars a Month Guaranteed!

How many times have you been clicked on a link promising something like “Make 10,000 Dollars a Month Working Two Hours a Day or Less?” I can tell you right now, if you haven’t seen something like that online so far…get ready because you will.

Yes, most of the time that you see a lead in or headline like that above you can almost guarantee that it is nothing more than a headline designed to attract you to this person’s latest biz op. The question is, can you really make 10,000 dollars a month with most opportunities?

Want Success? Find Out What Your Consumer Wants!

Learning to generate income, whether it is 10K a month or 100 dollars a month is a process and it starts with your ability to attract the right consumer.

Who are you creating and producing content for? I hope that you are targeting your target audience. I hope that you are wisely choosing key phrases that draw people to your site and to your products or services.

You want to know who is looking for that whole Make $10k a Month line? Just about anyone that has ever dreamed or fantasized of the stereotypical “internet marketing” lifestyle has probably clicked on a link promising to show them how to make 10,000 dollars a month with very little work. Probably more than once if you want my honest opinion.

The key here is to always focus on developing exactly what your audience wants and believe it or not, many people would love to generate 10k a month.

Setting Those Realistic Goals to Make 10,000 Dollars a Month

OK…I have told you why and sort of flirted with the how of selecting an obscenely obvious headline, but let’s really look at this and use our common sense to determine what it will really take to make 10,000 dollars a month online.

make $10,000 dollars a monthRecently, just a few days ago, I saw video on the website SocialTriggers.com about setting realistic goals. Actually, I sort of stole the whole headline from them as well, but I thought that Derek Halpern, Social Triggers owner, made a great point about one of his students telling him that she needed to make 10k a month even though she had not earned a dime from the Internet. If you would like to check out his video then CLICK HERE!

Where in the world do these people come from?

Just today, I was speaking with someone that was telling me that they wanted to generate income online, but wanted to market a very specific way and were not interested in any of that social media “stuff.” Now understand that this person called me to ask me for advice. They had been “working” online for quite a number of years, but were still not successful, but still did not want to touch that social media stuff.

Are you kidding me? It seems to me that if you were interested in learning how to make money online and you haven’t been doing too well over the course of a few YEARS that you might be receptive to trying something new.

Look…I make money online and I don’t really think it’s that difficult. It’s not super-easy, but it’s not very hard when you know what you are doing, however, learning to set realistic goals starts with having realistic expectations and a realistic perspective.

Over the next few weeks, I will start pushing a new opportunity pretty hard and I’ll bet that I can get close or actually make 10,000 dollars a month in my first month or so, but here’s the deal…

…I already know how to market online because I’ve been doing it for quite some time now.

And herein lies the “rub.” Learning how to market your business opportunity, service or product is what is required to make any money online at all.

I don’t know where the idea that because you are online marketing a business for some reason it would be easy. Basically, it works like this…

You build a website and all of the sudden people will come running to your site and you make a whole bunch of money.


The Internet is simply another medium where you can market and promote your business, but I promise you that if you want people to come to your site and see all that you have to offer then you are going to have to get to work!

Still Think You Can Make 10,000 Dollars a Month Online?

Let’s be honest…do you really think that you can make 10,000 dollars a month using the Internet?

If you said, “Yes,” then you are right!


…you aren’t going to generate that kind of money right away UNLESS you know what you are doing and this means that for most of you…if not all of you that come here…are going to have to spend the time and effort to get the training you need to generate that kind of cash.

However, if you are willing to learn and if you are willing to work towards your goal of generating cash online then your 10k goal is well within reach.

Everyone has to start somewhere and a great place to start is with free training that we provide at the Elite Marketing Systems Group.

Whether or not you will make 10,000 dollars a month, EMSG will for sure help you earn your first dollar and that’s the first step!


leads network marketing businessesLeads Network Marketing and Other Opportunities Require

No matter what you are promoting, leads network marketing and other businesses need can come in many different locations and those with the ability to find these resources and are able to convert these leads are the very folks that are finding success on the Internet as well as finding it offline too.

While this may seem like a “no-brainer,” this is the one area where marketers online seem to struggle a bit.

So…why so difficult? Leads network marketing companies and affiliate programs and everything else under the sun requires to survive are everywhere, but one needs to gain an understanding of the process of generating these “elusive” prospects – and believe me, it IS a process!

Free vs. Paid

While there are a number of folks out there that would love to sign up with their network marketing, affiliate marketing or direct marketing businesses and start making money, most of us realize that this isn’t going to just happen on its own.

Basically, there are two different paths the modern marketer can take when it comes to lead generation, free lead generation and paid lead generation. This goes hand in hand with free and paid advertising (of course).

Free leads network marketing companies and marketers can really use come from many sources, but one should understand that the term free only means free when it comes to a dollar amount or some other form of tender. Free marketing usually requires a significant amount of work.

leads network marketing businessFree Leads Network Marketing Leaders Draw From

There are a few places where many network marketing and internet marketing leaders can pull from and some require less work than others. There are a number of facebook marketing methods out there that can provide a large number of responses in a short period of time and these methods are fairly simple and easy to carry out.

I love, Love, LOVE facebook because it gives ANYONE the ability to tap into a very targeted audience very quickly.


Many folks coming online to facebook place a LOT of information on their business and personal pages – ESPECIALLY if they are attempting to use facebook for networking and marketing purposes.

It is easy to find people on this social platform that are listed as network marketers, internet marketers, mlm professionals, etc., etc. just by viewing their profiles. Many will state in their mini bio that they are promoting this company or that company, that they are “professional” marketers or “coaches.”

Since most marketers are really struggling to promote and market their business opportunity (about 95% are struggling to do so) because no one has really shown them how to do it, many are still looking for an opportunity! This provides you with a great opportunity as well.

I’m not going to say that everyone is looking for your mlm opportunity and I don’t recommend that you bash these poor souls over the head with your business either. The best method is in understanding why someone is struggling and how you can help them.

So Why Do People Struggle With Their Online Businesses?

This one really isn’t that hard for most people to understand. As a matter of fact, if you are reading this then you too are probably struggling to successfully market your opportunity or your products and why? Usually it has to do with technical know how and salesmanship.

Since this is probably the number 1 problem stemming from a number one fear (fear of rejection) coupled with the fact that most people are not trained in sales or are even interested in selling anything to anyone, it makes finding success a bit of a challenge. Even online success!

The next hurdle for many people looking for success online has to do with the fact that many are technically challenged when it comes to creating web pages, blogs, etc. You name it and there are hoards of people struggling to figure it all out.

The good news is that leads network marketing marketers need to survive and thrive with don’t require any of the aforementioned “stuff.”

Well, that’s not an entirely accurate statement. What I mean to say is that marketers don’t have to have incredible sales or technical skills and when you remove these obstacles, many can get going with much more confidence.

Back to the facebook lead generation technique.

How You Can Help

Let’s look at this whole marketing dilemma with a little bit of common sense.

If 95% or so of all marketers are struggling, it might be sort of easy to find people interested in what you have to offer if you become someone that provides a solution to the massive problem of lead generation.

Hmm…sort of takes “selling” out of the picture when you think about it. I mean, if all you have to do is send someone a message on fb, someone that is probably having difficulties with generating traffic or leads for their business, with a link that provides a simple method or a little information that will allow them to tap into the mighty leveraging power of the Internet to generate leads quickly and easily, you could probably find a little success in a very short period of time yourself.

Remember, this is only one way of providing help and this is the “free” way to do so. Other free methods include sending messages to people marketing on YouTube, twitter and other social accounts. People going to forums discussing different methods. People looking on craigslist or other free classified ad sites. The list is quite long.

Leads Network Marketing Businesses Will Never Run Out Of

While I’m a big fan of blogging, article marketing and video marketing (and I still get quite a number of leads using these methods) I think that the direct social marketing platform may be the way to go.

There are some specifics that you must get down, but once you learn the basic technique, you can use it over and over and over. The great thing is this technique is very simple, so most people will be able to duplicate it as well.

What is the technique? Using social media sites like facebook or google+ to track down folks with an interest in marketing or making money online and contacting them directly through that sites messaging feature. You still don’t bash people over the head with information, rather you set up a capture page that will direct someone to an ebook or a webinar or bootcamp, something that you can give away for free and something that will help people overcome a specific problem or give them specific training.

I go into this method in my 5 Day marketing boot camp, so make sure you sign up.

leads network marketing businesses Paid Advertising: Leads Network Marketing Professionals to Victory!

I’ve run a bit long in this blog post, so I’m not going to go into the paid techniques for finding leads…especially since many find quite a bit of success with the free facebook method. Why run away from a good thing?

I will create a new post soon though and I will get that information out to you. Until then, watch for my latest boot camp training and sign up. The information is packed with methods for creating traffic and leads including the facebook marketing method.

Leads, leads, leads network marketing professionals and others know that leads are the lifeblood of their business and once you learn to generate your own your business will take off as well.