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Getting Back to My Marketing Roots

I owe many of you an apology…especially those of you that have stuck with me through the years…


Because I have not scammed you, but I have done something worse…

I have “scammed” myself!

Yep, I have scammed, or lied, to myself for a few years now thinking that I could find a shortcut, a fast-track to wealth using the Internet.

I have written many articles and blog posts about finding “super” success with this program or that program or that strategy when in reality the things that have worked and have worked very well were not about techniques or strategies at all.

Yes, I still believe in doing things a certain way, but hear me out a bit longer…

I have found most of my success through giving to others. No matter what the program, no matter what the prize at the end of it all, my most successful marketing campaigns came from a time when I was focusing on helping people achieve within a program that I was a part of.

Sounds novel doesn’t it? Success through the service to others? Where have I heard that before? Hmmm

Anyway, I’m getting back to my roots, my roots of helping others achieve. Gee, sort of sounds like my tagline, right?

The Plan!

So what is my fantastic and awesome plan for getting back to those roots, for helping people into the magical world of online income generation?

Well…I really don’t have one yet…


I am working on it.

emsglogoSo far, I am thinking that I will start promoting my free training with the Elite Marketing Systems Group.

I will still be requiring that you join the All in One Profits program (it’s a whole 11.50 a month) and there is a reason for it…the training itself will be free.

So why require AIOP?

A couple of really good reasons that I can think of.

First, you NEED something to promote. We will have two somethings, the free EMSG training – that EVERYONE will benefit from! – and the All in One Profits opportunity.

aiop125image2Second, using AIOP as a common program, EVERYONE that is involved with our training will start from the same place and have the same amount of information that the next person does. This also allows for a training platform centered around a single program rather than generalized training attempting to help everyone with a variety of businesses…let’s just say it’s more efficient this way.

So yes, I will require that you get involved, after all, everyone needs a little “skin” in the game and if $11.50 is too prohibitive for someone then there is no way they can argue that they are serious about building an online business.

Business Goals

Our first goal will be to help each new addition to our program get a new member in their downline as quickly as possible…I hope that doesn’t sound too complicated…it shouldn’t, but this requires a commitment from everyone that is interested in getting going…and it’s important that people get their first sign ups right away.

And remember, signing up just one person will bring you $10 a month, which essentially makes your own membership fee $1.50…2 more and you are making money with the AIOP compensation program.

I will want to show people how to promote this program on FB or with inexpensive solo ads….(5 bucks an ad)….and some classified ad posting.

So it looks like facebook is the place where I am going to get all of this happening…primarily because it is so easy to use and everyone has an opportunity to get going from the same point. Facebook is a great place to network with other marketers and facebook is free!

For me, this is ultimately about getting back to my roots with very simple marketing techniques that work as well as helping others succeed online and make money themselves maybe for the first time ever. That’s exciting stuff to me!

So watch for some upcoming videos and make sure that you check out the Podcast as well…and remember…

I’ll see you at the top!


What is Your Why?

your whyReally, What is Your Why?

OK, I know you have all heard someone ask the question, “What is your why?” and maybe you’re like me and you wonder ifl people will just leave you alone about the why!!!!

The truth of the matter though is that you NEED to have a “why.”

Why? (not joking)

Because your why is what will keep you going when things get hard…your why is what pushes you through to the next goal when things get really hard…

Yes, I think many mentors probably wear this particular word out a bit, but you do need to know what your why is…

What Steve Jobs Said About Your “Why”

Steven Jobs, the co-founder and “brain” behind Apple, always had his “why” right in front of him at all times. He KNEW what he wanted to achieve. One quote of his that I like is”

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle. As with all matters of the heart, you’ll know when you find it.” – Steve Jobs

Mr. Jobs was always looking to do something more simple and elegant, greater than anyone else. He wanted to be the best. His “why” was to always do the best in whatever creative project he undertook or assumed. Why would you want to be different?

Your “why” is the reason for you getting out of bed and heading off to work everyday.

No, you might not be where you want to be at this moment in time, but you still have your dreams…yes?

Of course you do!

And if you’d like to think about it this way, your “why” is nothing more than your dreams and goals, your motivation for putting each foot in front of the other in an uphill climb to greatness.

Your Sense of Purpose

I’m a huge Tony Robbins fan as I imagine a lot of people are.

On his blog he discusses the importance of your purpose.

“Having a sense of real purpose, like compelling reasons, will provide you with the drive necessary to make your desired result a reality. ” – http://training.tonyrobbins.com/what-is-your-purpose-the-secret-to-meeting-your-goals-and-objectives/

“…will provide you with the drive necessary to make your desired result a reality,” that is a most powerful statement, but very true.

We must first have the vision, we must first know where we want to go…the “why” is simply the fuel to keep us after our dreams when things get hard – and they will!

Without a sense of purpose, without that passion in your life, chances are that you won’t make it to the next level, that you won’t push on when you are up past your normal bed time.

Not having a “why” gives you a great reason for sitting in front of that TV, for putting other things in front of your dreams.

However, for those with a big why, a compelling reason to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals, they become very difficult to stop. So difficult as a matter of fact that even the universe will make way to ensure that these individuals arrive at their destination!

There is a foundation that success builds upon and your “why” is the corner stone of that foundation.

Now go find yours!



Are You Efficient

Are You Efficient with Your Marketing?

Are you efficient when it comes to your marketing efforts? Do you try to squeeze in as much work as you can when you have “down” time?

I sort of wondered about this particular question this morning…and even decided to do something about it today when I was driving into the DFW metroplex area. From my home, it normally takes me about an hour and fifteen minutes to get into Fort Worth, TX and I decided that I would be very efficient today. So, what did I do? I took my iPhone5 and dictated the first four chapters of a new eBook into it!

Now, I’m not saying all of this to toot my own horn…although I’m proud of the accomplishment…but I did come to a point where I decided enough was enough and I needed to get busy with something rather than just take in the scenery all the way in.

Are You Efficient with Your Time?

While being efficient with your time on the road is awesome, there are probably a lot of ways that marketers are NOT efficient with their efforts. A lot of times we get stuck in a rut so to speak with our promotions and our overall general techniques.

One of the things I decided to work on this week was a logo for my new site http://millionairemoneymachine.com

I went to fiverr.com to find someone that could make a logo for me, as well as someone to make an eBook cover for me for my eBook 3 Steps to Internet Marketing Success and not only did I find someone to do both, but I was extremely satisfied with the work that they did…here are the results:

For the millionaire money machine logo I went with:

are you being efficientI like this one…it looks really freakin’ cool! Of course, all for $5 bucks!

The eBook cover turned out well too….


I think I also went with someone else to get a 3D version of this for banner ads and other promotional type of images. It looks like this…

successformulaI think that all of these images are really cool and for $15 dollars ($5 dollars each) I think I scored a home run here. You will soon start seeing these images in a LOT of different locations soon!

Outsource Work for More Efficiency

The point here though is that I’m not a super technical guy. I’m definitely not a graphic designer, but I was able to contact people that are and these folks did a bang up job and helped me look very professional. I didn’t spend any time working on any of this and because of that I was able to work on other things like editing the eBook I was going to use these images with! That is efficient.

Whatever your business, project, idea or product, make sure that what you spend your time doing will end up being time well spent. Time is the only commodity that we can never get back, so spend your time well.


Keeping it Simple

I made this video real quick from my hotel room…in the video, I discuss keeping your efforts simple….there are 3 basic steps that you need to master and once that is done you can then move on and find additional ways to market your business opportunities or products.

See you at the top!


Just Getting Started

I know when you are just getting started with your Internet marketing efforts things can seem a little bit overwhelming…

In this video I discuss some things that a new marketer really needs in order to get their online business off of the ground and headed into the right direction!