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Online Scam Busters: aka Self Righteous Know it Alls!

Yep, another rant…just what you wanted to hear, I’m sure!

This rant however has a bit of a theme to it…so it’s a structured thought of some sort? Well, not really, but I do believe it is time to come out and say what the hell is on my mind about these folks harassing people who are working hard to earn a living from Internet marketing.

I am, of course, referring to those self anointed online scam busters.

Now, some of you have seen that I started promoting The People’s Program again….yes, and no.

I mean, I haven’t really been promoting at all…nothing, really.

I am too busy trying to complete some jobs that I started with the plumbing business (don’t ask me why I went back to that this summer…it doesn’t make any sense to me!)

Anyway, I have been working on finishing up my obligations there, so I haven’t been promoting any business opportunity or activity at all.

I’ve even let my personal blogging go to the wayside a bit and I am seeing the repercussions of that choice – (be consistent!)

So now that I am coming back, and things are looking up, I have decided to start promoting TPP again.


Because when you know how to promote and market online, you can promote and market any activity out there and gifting is one of the best ways to generate a lot of cash very quickly.

So where do these online scam busters come into play?

It seems that there is a group of these folks cruising YouTube…and probably other sites and search engines…making sure that there is no one promoting anything that they deem illegal or “scammy.”

While I do understand that there are indeed marketers out there that are scamming people, I think there is a broad difference between someone who designs or participates in a program that is designed to scam people out of money and a program that is designed to generate cash like TPP.

What is that difference? The intent of the design of the program itself. One can generate cash, the other will not work is was never meant to work for someone.

The main problem with The People’s Program (and other similar gifting activities) for these folks is that there is not a “product,” although I would suggest that the idea alone is a product.

Thin ice you say? Perhaps, but the design of the system does not require that people you bring into the activity do well to assure your own success, nor does the success of someone that invited you to this activity have anything to do with your success.

If you know how to promote and market your activity effectively and efficiently online then you will generate cash.

Oversimplification? No, I don’t believe that it is.

So, why do I have a problem with the idiot YouTube “vigilante” police? Because they equate people who are truly trying to help others with those that are interested in screwing people for a buck – and there doesn’t seem to be a line between those that are just trying to make it and those that really want to take money from “little old ladies.”

This irks me to the core. Primarily because I know that anyone can take a program like TPP and generate cash with it – IF THEY TAKE THE TIME TO LEARN HOW TO.

A scam is a system or business DESIGNED for the purposes of stealing money from people or is a system or business DESIGNED for the marketer to lie to people in order to get them to sign up and get involved.

Most businesses or activities are NOT designed this way, but because marketer is very good at sales and is able to attract people to their program does not make them a “scammer” or their program a “scam.”

Yes, most people will fail with their online efforts, especially the first time round, but why?

For the most part, making money with any program online requires that you learn the ropes to online marketing and business and most people do not do this.

Another problem is perspective. Many folks think that by creating a website and advertising that website in a few place that they are going to find success. Perhaps some will, but the truth is that finding success online – with ANY program – requires that you either work your ass off or pay someone to work their ass off for you and most people aren’t prepared or have the discipline to do this.

Am I throwing everything back to the newbie, wannabe marketer?

Yes, to a certain extent I am, but experienced marketers also are at fault here. We should make sure that people understand that it’s no “cake walk” out here and be honest with what is required to generate an income.

Is making money online easy? I think it is, but I am also comparing that with the fact that I have worked in the construction industry for 20+ years and I KNOW what hard work is. Telling people about a program where they can generate hundreds or even thousands of dollars a day to their mailbox is NOT that hard.

Easy or not, in order to become a successful online marketer there are skills that have to be learned and perfected including sales skills. There is also a level of self-discipline that many do not have to become a successful online (or offline) entrepreneur that many have not developed.

So the online scam busters out there should really take a hard look at the real reasons for people failing to make the grade in the work from home niche that they are so self righteously guarding.

And let me say one more thing about the scam busting society – I despise you. For the most part, you stand for so many things that I think are wrong with society and freedom in general. You don’t care about free speech or free enterprise. You believe that adults must be protected, but sometimes we need to use common sense and learn hard lessons…even expensive ones, but you would not allow that because we must be protected and who else is qualified but you?

And what in fact qualifies you to “protect” the so-called “weak?” How do you know you are correct in your assumptions? Why not let people be free to choose what to do with their money and their time?

I think this is not about helping people or curbing the tide of illegal activity, but rather something a bit more sinister. I believe that it is all about control. You want to control outcomes and you think your way is the best way….a bit egocentric I think, but I truly believe that this is the case.

And why do you want that control over others, over what people have to say and express? What do you get from that? How do you benefit?

You say that it is about feeling good for “helping” people stay away from the scamsters?


You do it because you are unable to create anything on your own. You do it to feel better about your own failures. You do it because rather than embrace freedom and common sense, you seek a society filled with conformity and sheepish behavior.

And for every person you “save,” how many people who could have succeeded been averted from going out there and pushing themselves and found success? How many dreams have you crushed with your actions?

What you fail to realize is that MOST people who are marketing online successfully started off knowing nothing about the Internet or online business. Most of us were fed up with our jobs, with our bosses or with a way of life that no longer suited us.

Most of us just wanted to achieve something that others were unwilling to work towards and unwilling to sacrifice for.

When I first joined The People’s Program I had never marketed a thing on the Internet, but I was determined to “figure it out” and I’m still “figuring it out” to some extent.

This is what is required to find success. To be willing to go out there and be different, to walk away from the norm and choose to learn what has to be learned and do what has to be done.

We do these things not according to some “code” that YOU develop and approve of. We do things according to our dreams and visions and we HELP PEOPLE along the way. We become of service to others and rather than tear people down we try to build them up and tell them that they CAN do something, that they CAN succeed if they are willing to pay the price.

Unfortunately, you believe that the price is too steep and that you should not take a risk on a program or opportunity that isn’t guaranteed and that is where the scam really lies, In people coming to rely on what you have to say about this business, that opportunity or this activity when you have not succeeded with anything yourselves other than your criticisms.

For those of you that are willing to do the hard things, that are willing to walk away from your “comfort” zones and change your lives, we are here to help you and we will not quit on you and we will do what we need to do to make sure that you get your chance.

If you are truly in search of a way to generate cash online then I invite you to the world of gifting and also to a group that offers you online marketing training for free…yep, for free.

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired and you are ready for a change then welcome to the club! Join us, learn from us and let’s make those dreams become a reality.

I’ll see you at the top!

About the author: A passion for helping others, Mark started marketing on the Internet in 2005 with very little success, but with a little determination decided that he was going to go “all in” when it came to making money online. Since then he has been able to stay at home and build his Internet Empire from scratch. Mark enjoys helping other entrepreneurs be all they can be. Connect with mark on

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  • Mark dearie, the “idea” behind TPP is to deceive others and make a profit through the principle of the greater fool. That’s an inherently dishonest way of doing business, and one which the Federal Trade Commission strongly disapproves of.

    Also, speaking of scam busters, are you aware that you’ve been profiled at http://www.realscam.com/f42/peoples-program-part-2-a-2731?

    • Mark Graham

      Perhaps…dearie…but what is interesting to me is that I don’t really promote cash gifting…I stated not too long ago that I would start again, but I have yet to advertise anything in reference to my account with TPP although I do plan on it. I’ll keep you posted.

      When it comes to “deceiving others and make a profit…” Where are you and the other hall monitors seeing this? I am NOT interested in deceiving anyone…and remember that there is NO PROFIT when it comes a gifting activity. It’s just one person sending money to another – two consenting adults by the way – and while I can’t vouch for anyone else, I will tell you that I am not the least bit interested in telling anyone that they will “make money” with this program or any other program. I simply try to explain the basics of why some people make money while others do not. PROGRAMS DO NOT MATTER! Why do people not understand this?

      What continues to “stump” me is that when I go to the Federal Trade Commissions website – ftc.gov – and enter TPP or The Peoples Program in the search bar, I can’t find a single entry. You would think that with all of us that are out there promoting such a deceptive, illegal and unethical program that the FTC would be all over it, but I guess not. Well, thank God for the “scam” busting gestapo protecting all of us – oh wait….I am the greater fool…yet, I came online with no experience, no idea what the gifting activity was and still managed to generate gifts. I have since moved on and am able to generate income with just about any program online that has an active, available market. Hmm, sort of what I talk about in terms of the programs not being the determining factor in the arena of making money online – or offline for that matter.

      What’s more is that I haven’t vacated the internet and left people hanging. ANYONE can come to my free training site and participate in the training I provide. It’s NOT a gifting university as sir ego profhiggins has labeled it, rather it is generic training for anyone wanting to learn how to promote a business online…Oh…for free…you don’t have to join tpp or any other program, you just have to show up…you should try it.

      I would like to see the scam Nazis out there to do a bit more research about the men and women that they attack – and it is an attack by the way – and realize that there is a difference between those that will do and/or say anything to get a “sale” and those that really are interested in helping others. Yes, we stumble from time to time, but for the most part our hearts are in the right place and while we do want to generate income we do not want to do this at the expense of others or our own beliefs.

      Don’t believe me? That’s fine. I’m responding to this comment in order to educate others out there. You see, I’m tired of the self appointed out there trying to hijack the high road of ethics and morality based on limited beliefs about the motives of others. You see, I believe in freedom. Freedom of choice, the freedom for a person to spend their time how they wish and spend their money how they wish.

      I don’t promote cash gifting, network marketing, affiliate marketing or any other type of money making opportunity to children and the mentally challenged, rather I promote it to adults that I assume have the ability to discern what may be a good fit for themselves. I don’t try to sway their opinion one way or another because I don’t believe in “selling” someone on something. If I sell them today, I will just have to sell them tomorrow and that’s not what any of this is about and it’s not efficient with many different programs (MLM) out there.

      Most people “profiled” in the realscam.com pages are most likely honest men and women that just want to earn a bit of income online and are interested in sharing something that they believe will work. I’m honored to be among many of them, so I owe a thank you to Professor Higgins. Yet, to call these folks fools is a bit much, but it is not surprising to me that someone of the “scam” busting ilk would assume those that do not agree with them and their philosophy to be a fool and it is just this arrogant attitude that energizes me to confront you folks head on because I for one don’t live in fear that someone might do harm to me in terms of giving me bad advice about a particular program or business model or whatever. I am a big boy and can handle the consequences of a bad decision.

      While I CAN see that there could be a need for people like prof. higgins and the like, I don’t believe in the abuse of power – perceived or real – at all. Abuse is abuse and I’m more than happy to fight against it.

      Now, I am off to spend my time more productively…trying to help others understand that it isn’t TPP or any other program out there that will be the factor as to whether or not they will generate an income online, but rather the marketing skills, persistence, patience and discipline that they will need to develop as they work towards their goal of financial independence that will assure them a place among the successful.

  • Instead of looking for the specific program, dearie, try look at the generalities.
    Such as this one.

    • Mark Graham

      Once again, I have gone to the FTC website and the FBI website, typed in The People’s Program and TPP into the search bar and there have been no returns. No, there is nothing specific. Why not? Do these enforcement agencies deal in generalities?

      The link that you provided is an example of an illegally designed “pyramid” program. It is the design of the program NOT gifting that is illegal. These program should be illegal because it depends on someone below you to do well AND you cannot surpass the person above you. The lack of independence is what stifles a program like the one provided.

      We are going to have to agree to disagree here. I don’t want you or anyone else telling me what I can and cannot do with my money. I am interested in what your agenda here is. Are you defending the helpless and hapless or is there something more? What motivates you to tear down good people that are simply interested in supplementing their own incomes and find TPP or ANY other program out there a good match for that? I personally know one person that has been targeted by your ilk and I know for a fact that this guy is a good person and is more than happy to help anyone that asks for it – Yet, he is treated as a leper by you folks and quite frankly I find it offensive.

      You obviously are not interested in getting involved with this program, which is fine, so why not leave it there? Look for my next post on this subject. There will be a video associated with it where I go into quite a bit of detail as to why a program like TPP could be a good fit for people – not for all people, but for some. OH…and I will also be providing free training to those that wish to learn how to continue the the process. Why don’t you come by and listen in on some of this training. I promise we won’t be teaching people how to roast their first born.

  • The link is an example of what? Mark, dearie that link was talking about why ‘gifting statements’ are illegal, not about pyramid schemes. Did you even read it or just skim it?

    • Mark Graham

      This is it Lydia…I’m not going to continue this debate on my blog…With that said, I did in fact read the information on the FTC website. I actually re-read it because I thought I missed something, but guess what…it’s about gifting clubs and illegally designed pyramid business models…or did you not read it?

      Like I said earlier Lydia…and I absolutely love the condescending “dearie,” which is so typical of you folks…we will have to disagree with our interpretations of the law. I don’t promote TPP like I would a typical business because it’s not. If someone wants to get involved that’s great, if not, that’s great too. The ONLY reason I promote TPP at all is because there are so many of you out there telling me and others we CAN’T do it.

      And I’m still puzzled as to why the FTC, FBI, SEC and whatever other alphabet organization out there does not shut down TPP or any of these other programs. Do you know why?

      I agree that if people are out there lying to people claiming that they are making such and such amount of money or promising that anyone that will join their organization are guaranteed to make money then I think these folks are in violation of the law or at least exposing the fact that they have no ethics.

      On the other hand, if I and other like minded folks want to throw our money out the windows then it should be our right to do so. We earned the income, we can do with it as we please.

      By the way, I originally was using TPP as a simple example of my rant about programs not determining whether or not a person generates an income online. I was not telling people that cash gifting – or any other business – was the golden path to riches.

      Lydia, I have gone overboard here explaining my position and am done. One good thing…since I have taken on you scam busting types I have increased my subscriptions to the site and my YouTube channel, so thank you.

      Before I end this however, once again I would like to ask you – I have asked others and have never received a response – what is your reason for “going after” alleged “scammers?” What is your agenda? Perhaps if I knew what the motivating factor was for you folks, I might be swayed to change my approach.

      For the record, I make money online from my other businesses. I love marketing online and I love helping people learn how to do this stuff and I am always looking to improve my own methods and training info. Gifting is sort of one of those projects that I do because so many of you are so vehemently outspoken about gifting and it just rubs me the wrong way. No one should tell me how I can spend my money or how anyone else can spend their money. I find it offensive and will always fight against that sort of controlling mentality.

  • Kay Cottle

    I made my first dollar online by listening to Mark Graham. Just Saying… I got away from online marketing due to health issues, I am actually typing this from a hospital bed. But as soon as I get out of this hospital I am going to start again and the best place for me is learning from Mark’s blogs and finding the right niche for me this time around.
    See You At The Top.

    • Thanks for the kind words Kay…I hope things are getting better for you and I’d like to see you out of the hospital soon!!!

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