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What I’ve Learned About Internet Marketing Through the Years

It’s Been a Long Road!

I’ve seen that look in the mirror.

That whole, “I’m gonna crush it with my new blog, my new YouTube channel, my new whatever starting today!”

I love that look!

The reality? While I still love Internet marketing for so many reasons, mainly I just like getting my own opinions out there, the reality of Internet marketing is that there is always a LOT of work to do and a LOT of changes that are going to take place in a very short period of time.

Once you start marketing anything, whether it’s you and your own brand, a business opportunity, an affiliate product, or a service, you have to understand that what you are doing that may be working today may not be working in a few months…

…or even a few weeks!!!

Yes, the Internet can change that quickly.

And once you believe that you have made it to the top get ready, because you are about to be knocked onto your ass!

My Crash of 2011-2012

My own crash began around 2011 and I couldn’t be honest with you or myself for that matter without talking about the Google algorithms and how they affected me and my businesses back in 2011.

Let me set this up.

First, I was awesome….yep, I was a “guru,” or so pe0ple thought.

I had a large following of people on my blog.

I was teaching a lot of classes about blogging and how to rank your blog posts on google.

And I had many first page results, which also promoting my business opportunity and specifically resulted in me generating a lot of cash.

There were days when I would earn $800 per day and I just thought I was the bomb!

I had arrived.

Unfortunately, Google’s infamous penguin update arrived not long after I did.

I woke up one morning and had gone from #1 on page 1 with many of my key phrases to page 26 somewhere in the middle of that page.

I was devastated to say the least!

With one little update, my rankings tanked right along with my income.

And when I say my income tanked, my income stopped immediately!!!

I Hate Everything and Everybody!

With the penguin “crash,” I decided that I was done with Internet marketing and making money online.

I hated the Internet with it’s false promises of “Rock star status and money.”

A pipe dream to be sure, I had busted my ass to get where I was and got knocked down hard.

I had a family to support and a wife to keep happy (she wasn’t) and so, like a good little lamb, I went back to work.

But I missed being online…in the same way a heroine addict misses his bump.

It was inevitable that I would be back!

On the Road to Recovery

About a year ago, I decided that I would start to make that trip back, but…

…I wasn’t about to let Google or anyone else have so much control over my potential income.

I was going to learn paid marketing! To hell with organic marketing!

I learned about fb advertising and although I have quite a bit to still learn, I have had some decent results.

I have also looked into different online business opportunities and feel that I am moving away from many of the “get rich quick” programs that I was attracted to in the past and am looking more into the world of e-commerce.

Yes, there are still some programs that I promote, including the American Bill Money program….which I Love….but I am more interested in finding something¬† seemingly more tangible.

I still like the digital products that so many business opportunities build themselves with, but I see a lot of opportunity right now with building a shopify store or becoming an amazon fba seller.

To be honest, there are tons of opportunities out there ripe and ready for those that are willing to take a little initiative and action to make something happen.

What I Have Learned

While I have still “paying” for my education it would seem, I can also tell you that there are some very specific lessons that I have already learned about marketing anything, tangible or not, online.

#1 – Be Consistent!

This is probably the number one thing that most people miss.

It doesn’t matter if you are promoting a postcard marketing opportunity like American Bill Money or a new shopping site with cool camping gear, you must be consistent with your marketing efforts.

If you need to develop ads on fb and instagram then that is what you do until you are satisfied with your ROI

If you need to send out 200 postcards per week to achieve the results that you are looking for then do that – and do it EVERY WEEK for AT LEAST 120 days!

#2 – Stop trying to be perfect, rather get out there

So many people sabotage themselves by not getting anything out there until it is “perfect.”

This is stupid. Nothing you do is going to be perfect.

Nothing you do will please everyone, nothing you do will please you 100% of the time.

The most important thing is that you get out there.

Take action. Do it today! Procrastination will kill you!

#3 Never stop learning

Never, ever, ever stop learning.

The internet moves way to fast for you to sit on your butt and do nothing.

Yes, you can develop systems and implement those systems and achieve remarkable results, but…

Do you know how to set up a sales funnel?

Do you know how to write good, or even average sales copy?

Do you know how to persuade people through a video?

Do you know how to build your instagram following?

Your YouTube subscribers?

Your email marketing lists?

There is ALWAYS something to learn….ALWAYS!!! Get off of your ass and learn it.

There is also always something new just around the corner that could launch your business into outer space, so keep your eyes open for the opportunity to learn something that your competition does not have time for!

#4 Don’t ever quit

This is something I should have headed 5 years ago. I should have never stopped what I was doing.

You see, the one thing that doesn’t change over time and the fact that the more content you create, the more content there is out there online.

And people are always looking and will find much of that content.

The more you have out there, the more people that there will be to “stumble” across something you have created.

Just make sure that you are creating content that you will be proud of one year from now or ten years from now.

The Internet is still just in it’s toddler stage and there are more and more people coming online everyday looking for answers, looking for opportunities.

Are you going to fill the void?

Are you going to be there with an answer, a solution to their everyday problems?

That’s where I will be.


About the author: A passion for helping others, Mark started marketing on the Internet in 2005 with very little success, but with a little determination decided that he was going to go “all in” when it came to making money online. Since then he has been able to stay at home and build his Internet Empire from scratch. Mark enjoys helping other entrepreneurs be all they can be. Connect with mark on

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