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Getting Started with American Bill Money

I made a video yesterday about getting started with the American Bill Money program, or ABM.

While you can bring a horse to water, you can’t make him drink is the adage that plays in my mind when I am promoting work from home opportunities, this one especially gets to me.


Because people SAY that they are looking for an easy opportunity and this, by far, is one of the easiest residual programs I have EVER seen.

*Approaching 15 years in business….15 years!!!

*The company does the selling

*You do NOT need to possess computer skills

*Send out postcards weekly to build your business

*Easy, Easy, Easy!!!

Check out the American Bill Money getting started video on my YouTube channel by clicking HERE!

american bill money

About the author: A passion for helping others, Mark started marketing on the Internet in 2005 with very little success, but with a little determination decided that he was going to go “all in” when it came to making money online. Since then he has been able to stay at home and build his Internet Empire from scratch. Mark enjoys helping other entrepreneurs be all they can be. Connect with mark on

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