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How To Generate Cash Quick: Big Ticket Programs Outshine Cheap Programs

generate cash quickAn AhHa Moment!

For a long time now I have been marketing different programs that I felt offered the average person a good chance to join because of the cost of the program. What I mean by that is that I have always promoted an “economical” program in terms of being able to get started, something with a  low start up fee.

What I have realized over the past few weeks is that this might not be the way to go.


If you want to learn how to generate cash quickly online one of the things that you can control immediately is the cost of a program and the higher the cost, i.e. big-ticket vs. little-ticket programs, the more quickly you can generate income.

Oh, this doesn’t just apply to how quickly you can do this, but also how much money you can generate.

For example…

If my income goal is to earn a six figure income from home what will be easier, a program that I sell for twenty five dollars or a program that I sell for a thousand dollars?

And let’s just say that I earn 100% of the cash generated.

A lot of people might think that I will do better with a $25 or $50 dollar program because many more people will sign up, and to a certain extent that sort of makes sense, but the reality is something different.

The Beauty of Math

Let’s say it takes me 50 people opting into my capture page for 1 conversion, 1 final sale of my $25 dollar product. In order to generate $2000 dollars a week I need 80 sales which is 4000 opt-ins.

Let me just say that I do better with conversions than that and for every 50 people that opt in I actually make 3 sales! Now we’re rollin’!

I still need 80 sales, but now I only need 1333 opt-ins to make this thing all work out! That’s much better!

Now because I’m going after the big money, let’s say that I am using some paid advertising methods and I’m generating leads at a cost of .50 cents per lead. Not bad really….

.50 x 1,333 = $666.50

So it costs me $666.50 to generate those 1333 leads. I’m not netting my 2k a week, but I’m knocking down some decent bucks here!

Now, if I apply similar marketing methods to generate leads for a business that generates a thousand dollars per sale, what do I need?

Let’s say I only get 1 sale per 400 opt-ins. That’s a .25% conversion rate which is a very low with a targeted market, but I’m doing this to make a point.

These leads cost me .50 cents as well and to make 2 sales I need 800 opt-ins, which costs me $400 dollars to generate for two sales of 1k per conversion.

I’ve spent less money and made more sales. If I spent as much as I did in my first example I actually would have made 3 converting sales and netted $2,400 dollars per week.

One more thing, because all I did was focus on paid marketing campaigns, I only worked 4 hours this week generating all of my leads – (about 3 hours writing ad copy and emails for solo ad campaigns) Maybe I actually spent ten or fifteen bucks on fiverr.com getting someone else to write the ad copy and I only worked about 30 minutes putting up pay per click ads and submitting my emails to the solo ad companies.

Consider All Things When Marketing Online

When you consider all things, generating cash online fast really comes down to becoming a more efficient and effective marketer.

One more thing…

…assuming that both programs have a market that desires your program or opportunity or whatever does what you promote have ANYTHING to do with whether or not you made money?

No it doesn’t.

If you would like to see a program that generates a pretty good amount of money for me then check out The People’s Program by clicking on the banner below. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call me at 254-433-8331 or send an email at mark@elitemarketingsystems.org

I’ll see you at the top!

About the author: A passion for helping others, Mark started marketing on the Internet in 2005 with very little success, but with a little determination decided that he was going to go “all in” when it came to making money online. Since then he has been able to stay at home and build his Internet Empire from scratch. Mark enjoys helping other entrepreneurs be all they can be. Connect with mark on

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