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First strike with YouTube | Violating YouTube Community Guidelines

Just a Nice Guy Violating Community Guidelines

That’s right…I am now in the business of violating YouTube community guidelines. That’s what I do…I am a bad, bad boy.

Seriously, I did apparently violate one of YouTube’s guidelines and they have punished me with a “strike” against my account, which super sucks!

Anyway, how did I do this???

I really don’t know. And that’s the problem!

You see, if they would have let me know what I violated then I could have fixed the problem right away, although I’m not sure that would have done anything to satisfy. To me, that is one of the problems of this whole community violation….well…community.

Nice Guy Rewarded and a Process that Works!


YouTube has a process now where you can rebut the charge and, I am assuming this, have someone from YouTube itself review your video to find out if there really is a violation or not.

This is fantastic news for many 0f us since before there was never a way to find out, or as in this case at least get your video back online.

And since I have been dealing with the hall monitor trolls again on YouTube and elsewhere, (see my blog post: http://markgrahammarketing.com/online-scam-busters-aka-self-righteous-know-alls/), I am starting to wonder if one of those pond scum dwellers flagged my video.


Because just today YouTube has re-posted my video!

Wanna see what the fuss was about?

I’ll put it in below….See you at the top!


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