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Falling Down on the Job?

falling down on the jobHey folks!

Just wanted everyone out there to know that I have not abandoned markgrahammarketing.com although it may seem like it! I have taken a bit of a break because of my father’s health and will be back soon to harass people about things like consistency!

I am working on a new post now that should help quite a few people in terms of finding ways to get onto the first page of Google or the other search engine results pages (SERPs). Of course, most of what I do know and use depends on you being pretty consistent with content creation.

In the blog post that I am working on, I will be discussing article marketing, video marketing and blogging as ways to generate qualified and targeted traffic. These methods are the specific methods that I have used in the past and still use to this day to generate traffic, leads and income, so stay tuned!

I am also on the hunt for more information…information that you want to see that you can find useful, so please let me know what you may be looking for and I’ll do my best to create an article, video or blog post with that information. Hell…I may just develop content using all three methods if the subject matter is pretty good!

Bottom line is this, don’t worry about me I will return with great vigor and excitement as we pursue making money online.

See you at the top!


About the author: A passion for helping others, Mark started marketing on the Internet in 2005 with very little success, but with a little determination decided that he was going to go “all in” when it came to making money online. Since then he has been able to stay at home and build his Internet Empire from scratch. Mark enjoys helping other entrepreneurs be all they can be. Connect with mark on

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