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Empower Network Is a Scam: Everyone Knows This, Right?

empower network is a scamI Didn’t Join Because The Empower Network is a Scam…Or is it?

OK, for whatever reasons that I have I still have not joined the Empower Network and the reason why is because the Empower Network is a scam. Doesn’t everyone know this?

Apparently not (and this might be a really good thing!)

For the life of me, I still don’t know how people come up with the idea that a particular business model or opportunity is a scam based on the evidence of a persons own failure within an organization of any type.

“Of course that business is a scam. I joined it and never made a dime.” – This is usually how the whole idea of businesses being nothing more than scams probably comes about…some loser that never learned, wasn’t willing to learn on their own or whatever the circumstances may be signed up to a business, never really did anything to promote it and wondered why they didn’t make money with it. Oh, I know, because this thing is really a scam dressed in biz op clothing!

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Empower Network is a Scam When Someone Doesn’t Make Money? That’s a Personal Problem!

Most businesses with a reasonably designed compensation plan of some sort are not scams. Yes, some are better than others and some out there should probably never be put into motion as a business in the first place, but this doesn’t mean that these business opportunities are scams.

And while I’m on this little rant – just because you don’t make any money with a business opportunity does not officially make it a scam….dork!

Now, with that off of my chest how many people out there really believe that the Empower Network is really a scam?

I guess I should go with a little bit of a review here and so…here is comes…

First: If the Empower Network is a scam then how are new people making so much money with this program?

Look, I always throw this out in many of my trainings – especially when I am discussing a business with a network marketing business model of some sort, but the deal is this: Making money online has very little to do with a particular business model or business. Making money online has more to do with your ability to promote and market you business to a market of people.

Scam = I Didn’t Make Money So The Business Must be Flawed, Not Me!

So does that mean that the Empower Network is not a scam then? What that statement really means is that there are really not as many so called “scams” out there as people would like you to believe. Just because a person didn’t make money with a particular business model or business opportunity does not mean that the whole business model or opportunity is a scam…it just means that the person talking about all of this needs a bit more training.

One of the gifts that you can give to yourself when it comes to the Internet is to learn how to market and promote your own opportunity online. If you have not joined a particular opportunity then maybe you should look at the Empower Network by clicking HERE to see if it is something you may want to check out for yourself.

Remember, you will hear people tell you that the Empower Network is a scam, but since there are people everyday that are receiving money and making the system work shouldn’t you really question their motives for trying to “save” you?

About the author: A passion for helping others, Mark started marketing on the Internet in 2005 with very little success, but with a little determination decided that he was going to go “all in” when it came to making money online. Since then he has been able to stay at home and build his Internet Empire from scratch. Mark enjoys helping other entrepreneurs be all they can be. Connect with mark on

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  • I did not join either. but in my opinion Empower Network is a scam and I did not base it being a scam on the fact I did not make any money with Empower Network, my reason for believing its a scam is to long to explain in a comment.
    We all have a right to our opinion right.

    • Mark Graham

      Yes we do! My point, with the whole “scam” thing, is that there are so many people out there calling things a scam when they really aren’t. Since I do respect your opinion – I’ve read some of your posts – I would like to expand on your reasons for deciding EN is a scam…. I’ll send out an email this week or so. Thanks for coming to the site!

      • Mark
        I have seen a lot of sales pages for Empower Network but I have yet to see a single Blog hosted by Empower Network. If I go to blobber.com I can read peoples post however I go to Empower Network and all I see is a sales pages, the question is what do you really get with Empower Network a blog platform? what is the functionality of the blog? their is a lot of questions but very little answers.
        Or is the whole Empower Network about the Money?

        • Mark Graham

          Yep, there are a lot of sales pages and opt in/capture forms. Since I provide free training to folks I do know where you are coming from…is the cost worth the reward? Not sure yet, still in the “review” process.

          As far as EN being “…about the money?” Of course it is. All money making opportunities are about the money. The question that I am concerned with is does the program work? The answer is, yes it does. People that follow the system, follow the training make money. Is it a lot of money? For some yes, for most no, but that’s just how the cookie crumbles. People that know how to market an online business will make money, those that don’t know how to promote their businesses will not make money. As I say over and over…programs do not matter, understanding how to effectively and efficiently promote your business does.

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